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    IM BLACK!! on no stereotypes. 7 years ago  
    I just might die Tommorow for all I know my line of work ain't safe. 7 years ago  
    poor Plato they put dat niggga to death for expressing himself. 7 years ago  
    HEIL HITLER! jk 7 years ago  
    I feel like a badasss in a suit 7 years ago  
    HE HAS A DOG! 7 years ago  
    HEIL HITLER! 7 years ago  
    I'm not a veggie. 7 years ago  
    I wish I knew my dads 7 years ago  
    wolf gang? 7 years ago  
    winning 7 years ago  
    I can't Get near The cops if dat cunnt wants to get the cops I'll bust my gat 7 years ago  
    this is typical in the projects. 7 years ago  
    my mupet! 7 years ago  
    WTF DATS DAT FAGGOT BEIBER 7 years ago  
    I would help em cause I've been where they are. words bond I had to hustle till the break of dawn had to afford this appartment 7 years ago  
    n iggas in italy! 7 years ago  
    da fuq n igga? 7 years ago  
    they need a world series 7 years ago  
    I prefer a deal goin wrong and I wins up dead on the streets god forbid 7 years ago  
    aww he hated blacks... I'm fcked 7 years ago  
    tupac ain't here :'( 7 years ago  
    i 7 years ago  
    ZACH!!!! MY F UCKIN MONEY 7 years ago  
    n igga workin on da streets gets you lots of dough 7 years ago  
    pit f uckin poision in his drink 7 years ago  
    GULF WANG! 7 years ago  
    obamas my n igga 7 years ago  
    wolf gang kill em 7 years ago  
    you need to realize Germany was week from ww1 they would believe anything a man said. their came hitler and the third reich. they took over influence. you shouldn't be angry at a country for one mans evil 7 years ago  
    nah f uckin posers 7 years ago  
    dats da sh*t their 7 years ago  
    my n iggas in Paris can 7 years ago  
    PRE NUP POWER UP 7 years ago  
    I would give some not all 7 years ago  
    b itch like to see dat n igga even try to get me in da locker 7 years ago  
    gimmie dat chicken suit 7 years ago  
    B? :( 7 years ago  
    EWW NO WHAT THE HELLL MAN 7 years ago  
    downtown as fruits 7 years ago  
    not after I'm done with her 7 years ago  
    your a human too you know... 7 years ago  
    WOOH little nigggas in the comments calm yo a$$ 7 years ago  
    FIDEL! 7 years ago  
    rob a bank... no one notices me... FRW 7 years ago  
    where was spiderman on 9/11? 7 years ago  
    rob the b itch dry pre nip or not then go with the friend 7 years ago  
    chicken scratch! 7 years ago  
    greasers! f uck dem socs 7 years ago  
    you can't be dealin in da light 7 years ago  
    NEMO CALLED IT! 7 years ago  
    I hear dark chocolate is the biggest in taste 7 years ago  
    I think even girls clicked fox 7 years ago  
    I would kill the mother f ucker either way. But at least rape I can help her cheating there's no reason I would should forgive 7 years ago  
    BOB SAGET?! 7 years ago  
    what the he|| did I choose I dropped my iPod and it chose for me 7 years ago  
    take a good hard look at da motha f uckin boat 7 years ago  
    either my handwriting is soo bad 7 years ago  
    fucj that I'm 14 I ain't goin down 7 years ago  
    NY orange is normal 7 years ago  
    only if my grandmas were alive... 7 years ago  
    take dem monster 7 years ago  
    my bday is December 29 so it's all so close 7 years ago  
    wolf gang wolf gang cats is barkin call Tyler to bounce and the guns is sparkin 7 years ago  
    since my old phones broke I have a piece of garbage Nokia so let loose it and get an iphone 7 years ago  
    en italia molto chibo! 7 years ago  
    I love battlefield but I only have 15 gigs I can't have. 4 gig update everytime I try to play 7 years ago  
    WOLF GANG I would go to type te creator and say wolf gang puck 7 years ago  
    i can hold my breath underwater for 1:19 just sayin 7 years ago  
    Pepsi taste like coke when you have ice inthe glass and the ice melted thus making it watery 7 years ago  
    ik on an iPod right now so I gotta give jobs respect 7 years ago  
    50 50 yeah niggga peal 7 years ago  
    :( 7 years ago  
    ey I don't need sal to be breakin my balls allright 7 years ago  
    WHAT THE F UCK 7 years ago  
    20,000 a year will really get you far 7 years ago  
    exactly monkeys eat yo freakin face! 7 years ago  
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