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    i am 10  
    books are my movies  
    already feel one of the two  
    wow i am happily surprised at the percentages, maybe humanity isn't that corrupt after all  
    im glad only 36% of us are that selfish  
    sorry but people are the most annoying species on the planet  
    and yet cats rule the internet... this does not make any sense whatsoever  
    i don't like coffee  
    im slapping whoever made this  
    science, and don't make fun of us geeks  
    me too  
    i look pretty without makeup anyway  
    huh i seriously don't know (;  
    why would anyone above thirty use this site?  
    it should have said... nvm im making my own question  
    well, duh  
    already am basically (not to brag)  
    REALLY?! I bet half of you haven't even read the books! And i read them when i was in second grade! i am disappointed in society.  
    then the guy be hide you would save you  
    i got the dvd  
    that would be so fun to sit in thumbs up if you agree  
    me neither  
    it's called growing back  
    no idea  
    sounds fun  
    do those even exist?  
    except not in the city in the forest  
    i am kinda this person but i hate people who are always correcting me  
    me too  
    i don't know  
    duh come on people  
    i already am totally science rooted +1
    you still have your phone (;  
    cancer is going to kill us all one day  
    the ocean is a beautiful but powerful thing, i wouldn't mind dying by it's power P.S. dont ask me why i wrote that  
    the hit song could be in the movie  
    You don't want to know the hings on my mind  
    Albert Einstein!  
    nobody else is as awesome as me!  
    then quit my job the next year cause i'd be rich and go on a dream vacation  
    smoothies... come on people only 35%, well i guess this is what happens to Americans...  
    monkeys are freaking cute as heck  
    i'm not a guy...  
    at least have some fun with it  
    im not christian,plus the big bang is freakin awesome  
    i'm more productive when i don't work in a group  
    if i'm correct like this comment. you have two big toes and it only said "finger" correct? So, the choice is kinda obvious  
    kids are so carefree, let's go run around like maniacs  
    for some reason i feel like dying in water is awesome  
    if you don't stain your jeans your using them wrong  
    my birthday is all about ME! plus i dont have to bye presents for the rest of my family  
    Sign language is awesome  
    stubbing a toe could bleed, and so could your tongue but it is less likely  
    i have always been forgotten  
    Friends are much more exciting plus your significant other is probably in you group of friends  
    Stay up all night.... (;  
    yep hi  
    At least you have scenery  
    not answering that  
    who said you couldn't be the second hottest?  
    Who said you couldn't win the lottery in your extended lifetime? Plus you have more time to win more lotteries  
    technically, this is impossible to do without seriously messing up the course of you lifetime and alternate realities, but it would be nice  
    but then it would cause a time lap and you would no longer exist to put it the simple way  
    i would get bored and tired after about an hour  
    imagine all the disgusting things you could discover by reading minds, most of wich you probably never wished to know  
    this is just obvious  
    nobody ever said your true love can't be rich  
    ok, i love Harry but to live in a world with so many problems, no just no  
    duh, if you look back at our history rulers cause almost every single problem  
    cool future gadgets MUST SEE  
    children are so much more creative than adults  
    you would still have the internet even if you didn't have a cell phone. plus an ipod is not a cell phone (;  
    bye bye chocolate ):  
    duh, i hate the city anyways  
    i had to i had to  
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