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Do you think humanity is corrupted? YES! or NO! 3 years ago 70 votes 6 comments 0 likes
Would you rather be an ugly but happy or be pretty/hot but be depressed 3 years ago 52 votes 3 comments 0 likes
Would you rather live with your whole extended family or live alone 3 years ago 109 votes 10 comments 0 likes
Are you a... Good person or Bad person 3 years ago 438 votes 20 comments 0 likes

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Yeah, humans are ruining the world 3 years ago  
to an extent they can 3 years ago  
how is rap and hip hop related to New Orleans and Little Rock? 3 years ago  
well first of all Little Rock is just a city on the water in the picture whereas New Orleans has all these intersecting roads and by the lights on the road obviously there is a lot of traffic 3 years ago  
lol i almost did that 3 years ago +2
there's a character in the EU series named after me 3 years ago  
i would see if my crush is dreaming about me 3 years ago  
i would send my hologram to school 3 years ago  
COPY CAT! 3 years ago  
no movie has ever made me cry, only book do. but a video game? seriously people 3 years ago  
i like being the smart one 3 years ago +1
that looks scarier so common sense told me that it was more dangerous 3 years ago  
duh 3 years ago +1
my dad works for NASA and yeah you're correct 3 years ago  
i hate dogs sorry people, but diamonds don't tackle you, lick you, poop everywhere, or tear up ur pillows 3 years ago +1
come on people 3 years ago  
i hate both 3 years ago +1
so i could beat peoples butts in soccer 3 years ago  
soccer is the 2nd most popular sport in the world! 3 years ago +1
yep me too 3 years ago  
Sometimes the only reasonable sign of other intelligent life is that they haven't contacted us 3 years ago +1
come on humans are the worst species alive 3 years ago  
oops wrong one 3 years ago +1
cats are better 3 years ago  
i do not understand boys in the least bit 3 years ago +1
make everyone embarrassed.... >;) 3 years ago  
i would die honorably- fighting the feared Cat 3 years ago  
i hate lip gloss 3 years ago  
me too 3 years ago  
i hate coffee 3 years ago  
i hate football (at least the american kind) 3 years ago  
never said hunter of what 3 years ago  
animals live a much less troulbesome life 3 years ago +2
already do 3 years ago  
tarantulas aren't venomous 3 years ago  
i hate coffee 3 years ago +1
i am 10 3 years ago  
books are my movies 3 years ago  
yep 3 years ago  
already feel one of the two 3 years ago  
wow i am happily surprised at the percentages, maybe humanity isn't that corrupt after all 3 years ago  
im glad only 36% of us are that selfish 3 years ago  
sorry but people are the most annoying species on the planet 3 years ago  
and yet cats rule the internet... this does not make any sense whatsoever 3 years ago  
yep 3 years ago  
lol 3 years ago  
i don't like coffee 3 years ago  
im slapping whoever made this 3 years ago  
science, and don't make fun of us geeks 3 years ago  
what i was really trying to get out of this question was honesty, i think you accomplished this very well 3 years ago +1
I hope so 3 years ago  
i was going to say that 3 years ago  
me 3 years ago  
me too 3 years ago  
i look pretty without makeup anyway 3 years ago  
waht kind of question is this 3 years ago  
huh i seriously don't know (; 3 years ago  
why would anyone above thirty use this site? 3 years ago  
trolls 3 years ago  
it should have said... nvm im making my own question 3 years ago  
well, duh 3 years ago  
already am basically (not to brag) 3 years ago  
Hello that's my actual name! 3 years ago  
did anyone else immediately pick A by just looking at the pictures 3 years ago  
fun as heck 3 years ago  
NINJAS! plus you can zip around you large and strong opponent and punch him and he won't even be able to catch you, he'll be lumbering around like a walrus on land. 3 years ago  
im sorry Harry 3 years ago  
this is just obvious 3 years ago  
meh 3 years ago  
i have no idea, but in my perspective i am most defiantly real. maybe not to the creator of this giant simulation to experiment on the evolution of humans, but to me i am real. 3 years ago  
2000s pop 3 years ago  
me too 3 years ago  
depends on the context 3 years ago +1
me too 3 years ago  
have some fun with life 3 years ago  
2 hours with family 2 with crazy stuff 3 years ago  
yep 3 years ago  
i agree with both 3 years ago  
i'm sorry Aragorn 3 years ago  
lol 3 years ago  
100% 3 years ago  
REALLY?! I bet half of you haven't even read the books! And i read them when i was in second grade! i am disappointed in society. 3 years ago  
then the guy be hide you would save you 3 years ago  
i got the dvd 3 years ago  
me too 3 years ago  
that would be so fun to sit in thumbs up if you agree 3 years ago  
me neither 3 years ago  
it's called growing back 3 years ago  
no idea 3 years ago  
definitely not mutant! 3 years ago  
he so cute!!! 3 years ago  
sounds fun 3 years ago  
do those even exist? 3 years ago  
except not in the city in the forest 3 years ago  
yep 3 years ago  
i am kinda this person but i hate people who are always correcting me 3 years ago  
me too 3 years ago  
i don't know 3 years ago  
duh come on people 3 years ago  
i already am totally science rooted 3 years ago +1
you still have your phone (; 3 years ago  
cancer is going to kill us all one day 3 years ago  
the ocean is a beautiful but powerful thing, i wouldn't mind dying by it's power P.S. dont ask me why i wrote that 3 years ago  
the hit song could be in the movie 3 years ago  
You don't want to know the hings on my mind 3 years ago  
Albert Einstein! 3 years ago  
i would be lesbian if i did that 3 years ago  
thank you 3 years ago  
i wish i did this more often 3 years ago  
already happens 3 years ago  
my teacher would laugh she's awesome 3 years ago +2
people have never really liked me, doubt this group will be different 3 years ago  
hey, never said at what age >:) 3 years ago +1
i never wish i made some of my memories... 3 years ago  
exactly 3 years ago  
i would laugh so much the whole time 3 years ago  
nobody else is as awesome as me! 3 years ago  
at least i tried 3 years ago +8
rainbow eyes are awesome!!! plus i make people do anything.. MWHAHHAHA 3 years ago  
if my head imploded i would either be in space or the deep ocean and that means i was an awesome person so.. yay for me 3 years ago +2
wow dishonest people 3 years ago +1
then throw it at people... >;) 3 years ago +1
lol 3 years ago  
the truth that i think they should stick their heads in a toilet 3 years ago +1
that would just be freakin awesome 3 years ago +2
im just a nice person like that 3 years ago +2
sneak up on people and knock them of their boats/feet 3 years ago  
just cool 3 years ago  
then quit my job the next year cause i'd be rich and go on a dream vacation 3 years ago  
you would explode in space so... yeah no thank you 3 years ago +1
this would be funny as heck when other people see it 3 years ago +1
throw them at random people!! lol 3 years ago  
i have depression too, don't worry you're not alone 3 years ago  
already do 3 years ago +2
smoothies... come on people only 35%, well i guess this is what happens to Americans... 3 years ago  
im not getting embarrassed unless i mean it 3 years ago +1
unfortunately... 3 years ago  
this is easy 3 years ago  
you get shot with a needle every time you get a filling so... 3 years ago +1
yep, that's why i picked this 3 years ago  
my dad's a whole lot more fun 3 years ago +1
imagine kissing someone... i just realized that 3 years ago +3
no idea really 3 years ago  
i personally have no idea so i guessed cause i want first comment 3 years ago  
lol 3 years ago  
Dude this is just sweet, plus i hate Elsa 3 years ago  
kinda already how i feel except the affect is wrong, im so caught up in my emotions that it feels like im trying to catch 100 of my notes pages while in a hurricane 3 years ago  
the sweet release of death... 3 years ago  
this would force me to keep my emotions in check 3 years ago  
im 11 3 years ago  
uhhh... heh heh 3 years ago  
monkeys are freaking cute as heck 3 years ago  
i'm not a guy... 3 years ago  
at least have some fun with it 3 years ago  
im not christian,plus the big bang is freakin awesome 3 years ago  
i'm more productive when i don't work in a group 3 years ago  
AND HER NAME IS KATNIS EVERDEEN, the girl on fire 3 years ago  
if i'm correct like this comment. you have two big toes and it only said "finger" correct? So, the choice is kinda obvious 3 years ago  
kids are so carefree, let's go run around like maniacs 3 years ago  
for some reason i feel like dying in water is awesome 3 years ago  
if you don't stain your jeans your using them wrong 3 years ago  
my birthday is all about ME! plus i dont have to bye presents for the rest of my family 3 years ago  
Sign language is awesome 3 years ago  
stubbing a toe could bleed, and so could your tongue but it is less likely 3 years ago  
i have always been forgotten 3 years ago  
yep 3 years ago  
Friends are much more exciting plus your significant other is probably in you group of friends 3 years ago  
Stay up all night.... (; 3 years ago  
yep hi 3 years ago  
SCHOOL'S CANCELED!!! ;D 3 years ago  
At least you have scenery 3 years ago  
not answering that 3 years ago  
who said you couldn't be the second hottest? 3 years ago  
Who said you couldn't win the lottery in your extended lifetime? Plus you have more time to win more lotteries 3 years ago  
technically, this is impossible to do without seriously messing up the course of you lifetime and alternate realities, but it would be nice 3 years ago  
agreed 3 years ago  
but then it would cause a time lap and you would no longer exist to put it the simple way 3 years ago  
i would get bored and tired after about an hour 3 years ago  
imagine all the disgusting things you could discover by reading minds, most of wich you probably never wished to know 3 years ago  
lol 3 years ago  
this is just obvious 3 years ago  
nobody ever said your true love can't be rich 3 years ago  
ok, i love Harry but to live in a world with so many problems, no just no 3 years ago  
duh, if you look back at our history rulers cause almost every single problem 3 years ago  
cool future gadgets MUST SEE 3 years ago  
children are so much more creative than adults 3 years ago  
you would still have the internet even if you didn't have a cell phone. plus an ipod is not a cell phone (; 3 years ago  
bye bye chocolate ): 3 years ago  
obliviously 3 years ago  
duh, i hate the city anyways 3 years ago  
i had to i had to 3 years ago  
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