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    jump off a building=die instantly 5 years ago +2
    LOVE DEATHNOTE! 5 years ago +1
    Only if it is fried 5 years ago +1
    SHOES 5 years ago  
    To everyone out there drowning is painful and is very slow. Falling off the empire state building is like skydiving and dieing instantly without pain. This goes to show that it would make more sense to die with no pain, instead of dieing with pain, and possibly being eaten my fish. I'd rather skydive to my death! 5 years ago  
    My cell is really important to me 5 years ago  
    OLD DISNEY WAS BETTER! 5 years ago  
    this can not be a question ever again! 5 years ago  
    this is a stupid question 5 years ago  
    Grades mean more to life 5 years ago  
    POKER! 5 years ago  
    god doesn't exist....if he did how come we never seen him?! EXACTLY 5 years ago  
    Dig out 5 years ago  
    Being an adult seems funn 5 years ago  
    JUMP DOWN! 5 years ago  
    Mud on pants looks like you pooped them 5 years ago  
    GET GLASSES! 5 years ago  
    I do this almost everyday 5 years ago  
    WHITE CHRISTMAS! 5 years ago  
    I could jump and land in FLUFFY SNOW! 5 years ago  
    SELL IT AND BE A MILLIONAIRE! 5 years ago  
    I tell them off! 5 years ago  
    It is not possible because if you can't see it, then you don't know what it is... 5 years ago  
    Put bag over his head and tape a Robert Pattinson mask to it! XD 5 years ago  
    RESPECT THE POUCH! 5 years ago +1
    [email protected] 5 years ago +1
    I can know what the answer to all my tests and quizzes! LIKE IF YOU [email protected] 5 years ago +1
    AVENGERS! 5 years ago +1
    I could see the Iphone 2,000 5 years ago +3
    I actually cry when I laugh so..... 5 years ago  
    I LOVE HAGANERO PEPPERS! 5 years ago  
    Having and overly attaches best friend is creepy. Like if you agree. 5 years ago +2
    THE PORTAL TO THE ANIME WORLD! 5 years ago +2
    WORLD PEACE! 5 years ago +1
    ANIME IS SOOOOOOO COOL! 5 years ago +1
    MONEY!!! 5 years ago +3
    It's not that bad.......ok it kind of is but still..... 5 years ago +1
    What the Frick is BAGGAGE!??!?!??! 5 years ago +3
    Romeo and Juliet is the cheesiest Twilight freaken story ever! It isn't even romantic. It is for those girly girls who are so freaken annoying, and Harry Potter is soooooo much freaken more romantic anyway. The only awesome Romeo and freaken Juliet is the one with Leonardo DiCaprio in it! 5 years ago  
    I never want to drink 5 years ago +9
    HAWT!!!! 5 years ago  
    Like that's a question.... 5 years ago  
    PIKACHU IS SOOO CUTE! 5 years ago  
    Superman is a punk 5 years ago  
    Ima burn u! 5 years ago  
    SPIDER PIG! 5 years ago +2
    It's a me MARIO! 5 years ago +34
    JB SUCKS! 5 years ago  
    DIGIMON SUCKS! 5 years ago  
    Nick changes sooo much since 2005 5 years ago +1
    EPIC SKYDIVING! 5 years ago  
    It's called a hearing aid. Old people get it. 5 years ago  
    I WANT MY MILLION! 5 years ago  
    Black Swan is soo much more intense 5 years ago  
    Linday Lohan is becoming a better person. 5 years ago  
    SPIDEY! 5 years ago  
    THRILLER! 5 years ago  
    Call of Duty is sooooooo much better. More graphics. KEEP UP WITH THE TIME PEOPLE! 2014!!! 5 years ago  
    PAY MY PHONE! 5 years ago  
    Only because he looks hawter 5 years ago  
    OBAMA! 5 years ago +3
    O BOMB A! 5 years ago  
    OBAMA! 5 years ago  
    Rather not remember anything.... 5 years ago  
    STab my enemy 5 years ago +1
    TEACHERS GET ON MY NERVES!| 5 years ago  
    I can always jump out of the plane with a parachute 5 years ago  
    Raj is cute 5 years ago  
    Don't most people already wear clothes 24/7 5 years ago  
    Bass looks like a unhappy face ): 5 years ago  
    Never said how much I had to drink 5 years ago +1
    I already do this 5 years ago  
    Put fudge on top 5 years ago  
    Euro is worth more than a dollar 5 years ago +4
    It's called going to the nail salon 5 years ago  
    you have just been stewed 5 years ago +2
    Tan people! 5 years ago  
    WINTER WONDERLAND 5 years ago  
    SNOW 5 years ago  
    JOKER! 5 years ago +1
    If you are a slave you can always run away 5 years ago  
    Move to another country and change your name 5 years ago +5
    I'M JUST A BIRD AND I'M ON FIRE! 5 years ago  
    POKEMON IS AWESOME! 5 years ago +1
    JELLO! 5 years ago +1
    Didn't say how hard I had to punch a baby.... 5 years ago  
    Less electricity bills.... 5 years ago +3
    DOGS HAVE FEELINGS and I bet some bums wanna die anyway so... 5 years ago  
    KIT KAT! 5 years ago +4
    Bangs=Cute 5 years ago +2
    LEONARDO DICAPPRIO! 5 years ago +1
    H8 ANDROID! 5 years ago  
    PUDDING TIME! 5 years ago  
    I hate Star Trek 5 years ago  
    Fish tails look better 5 years ago +2
    Jet is sooo much faster 5 years ago  
    LOVE=LIFE 5 years ago  
    GET MY MINECRAFT ON! 5 years ago  
    It didn't says what hair you had to lose.... 5 years ago  
    APPLE BOTTOM JEANS! 5 years ago  
    Jenna Marbles is soo much better 5 years ago +18
    Just chew bubble gum 5 years ago  
    BANANA MAN 5 years ago +1
    Drink perfume and you'll taste nice. FRENCH KISS 5 years ago  
    TAYLOR LAUTNER IS SO HOT! 5 years ago  
    I can sometimes see the future through my dreams... 5 years ago  
    If you lose friends, then you make more friends online! 5 years ago  
    NO MORE CANCER! 5 years ago  
    The ocean is so peaceful, it's already like heaven 5 years ago  
    KFC TIME! 5 years ago  
    I don't wanna be bouncin everywhere! 5 years ago  
    USA USA! 5 years ago  
    DO this all the time 5 years ago  
    Never wanna be like Hitler! 5 years ago  
    SLEEP WITH GUMMY WORMS! 5 years ago  
    Never said you can have toe nails with a milkshake! LOL 5 years ago  
    Well if you kill yourself it didn't say it had to be painless. However, if you get killed by someone you can suffer through pain, and then die. So basically I would rather kill myself painlessly. 5 years ago  
    I ate a cricket before and it seriously taste like Fried Chicken 5 years ago  
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