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Would u rather get shot in the arm and live? or get bitten by a shark and live? 7 years ago 420 votes 13 comments 0 likes
Would you rather have poison ivy? or have an allergic reaction? 7 years ago 330 votes 30 comments 0 likes
Would u rather be stuck in a house with someone u hate or stuck in a house alone 7 years ago 523 votes 10 comments 0 likes

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i am 16 6 years ago +4
squids dont have legs 6 years ago +5
air hug 6 years ago  
well u can dive head first 6 years ago  
no dont start this... 6 years ago  
2 words: final fantasy 6 years ago +1
mirror shield b*tch! 6 years ago  
i feel as though i found her but i let her go 6 years ago  
idk 6 years ago  
we wouldnt be able to experience actual life 6 years ago  
well with learning, friends, and five senses we will have the ability to have the first choice 6 years ago  
goku is a little more overpowered than ichigo 6 years ago +1
i would finally be able to get an A in my Latin class 6 years ago +7
ive been going super sayian since i was 6 6 years ago +1
what keyboard and mouse brand is that? 6 years ago  
date a rich person 6 years ago  
are they going to make another season? 6 years ago  
ur going to need a dart to pop it (: 6 years ago  
that must really hurt if u pop one of those bubbles. especially the one on the top left 6 years ago  
what is filled in those bubbles anyway? i cant imagine what lol 6 years ago  
well if u do make sure u stand back a few and pop them from a distance, dont want anything from inside those bubbles to splash all over you 6 years ago +2
can i take a picture of myself so i have my original form? 6 years ago +4
dont have a pet 6 years ago  
i have something to care for other than my family and they will know that i will always be there 6 years ago  
ask her to buy it. (: 6 years ago  
there is no such thing as a dominant/better sex 6 years ago +4
code geass anyone? (: 6 years ago  
why not? u have to try one. i think it will change ur opinion lol 6 years ago  
ps2 has kingdom hearts 6 years ago +1
i can say to myself i learned something before i died 6 years ago +1
forever alone=forever available 6 years ago +5
lightsabers and the force... 6 years ago +2
Oppan damn it get it right 6 years ago  
i would throw an amazing party lol 6 years ago +1
or i just like dragons... 6 years ago +6
im forever alone 6 years ago +4
its alright if they get married just not in the church 6 years ago  
didnt say u could cook it 6 years ago +1
does an ironman suit count as a vehicle? 6 years ago  
idk level 100 mewtwo against yoda's jedi powers? 6 years ago  
better be saturday cuz i dont do anything on that day 6 years ago +1
the grim reaper collects the person's soul 6 years ago  
why an Asian??? 6 years ago +4
just raise the prices on marijuana and then government will have money because so many people are addicted 6 years ago  
i would achieve more in those 2 weeks than relive the same day over and over agin 6 years ago  
i can screencap my dreams so i can remember them 6 years ago +3
crossbows take to long to reload 6 years ago  
i think it would be better to save a life than not try at all 6 years ago  
neither i would try to make my group bigger 6 years ago  
i have an ipod so its useless to have an iphone 6 years ago  
my friend would do the same 6 years ago +2
dbz u have a better chance of dying lol 6 years ago +3
as long as i dont know theyre watching 6 years ago +1
i can get people to hold me lol 6 years ago  
its only 5 bucks. you cant get much from it 6 years ago +1
they didnt say repeatedly 6 years ago +2
come at me bro! 6 years ago +3
GOTTA CATCH THEM ALL!!!! 7 years ago  
haha yea i 4got i put arm 7 years ago +1
well the clown in the picture that one is scarier but a regular clown is not too bad 7 years ago +4
just go to sleep 7 years ago  
it seems more fun to be shoved into a locker 7 years ago +3
that's okay if guys are attracted to me cuz it doesnt mean i have to be with them 7 years ago +1
my child is my future 7 years ago  
u can always steal internet from a neighbor 7 years ago +9
money is power, power= whatever u want 7 years ago +4
i always get kicked out of places for doin parkour there 7 years ago +1
i would need someone to push me off cuz i wouldnt have the balls to jump 7 years ago +2
freezing to death you go to sleep 7 years ago  
just take them back when u go their place 7 years ago +2
well if i got caught then i would get in trouble 7 years ago  
she is one of my friends so its all good 7 years ago +1
just deactivate ur cell phone when u get home 7 years ago  
being smart doesnt mean that u cant be popular 7 years ago +1
a huge snowfall can close the school down so we dont have to go 7 years ago  
okay so what the hell started the Big Bang Theory????? 7 years ago +1
i would be able to fix every mistake i made which is a lot 7 years ago +4
i would torture nicely lol 7 years ago  
GUSHERS!!! 7 years ago +3
i would be the best lawyer ever 7 years ago +5
i wanna see how im doin in the next 10 years... i hope im not already dead 7 years ago  
well clearly the girls in the picture 7 years ago +1
boost one prius and see where it stands against a laborghini lol 7 years ago  
damn wrong 1 i wasnt reading 7 years ago  
at least i win something 7 years ago +1
that's why u put the bag over ur face 7 years ago  
im already a loser so... 7 years ago  
with a jet u can get around places faster 7 years ago  
the near future can be like the next second 7 years ago  
if u stop pollution we get to live longer so we have time to stop animal abuse 7 years ago +1
wrong 1 7 years ago  
mewtwo is stronger 7 years ago  
i figured u would make a question like this 7 years ago +3
money is power 7 years ago  
underwear it's hotter lol 7 years ago +3
my friend has that dress an she looked hot in it 7 years ago  
just cheat 7 years ago +1
anything but a ratatta 7 years ago +2
bass makes a face 7 years ago  
wrong 1 7 years ago  
dude u get ur own pokemon 7 years ago +3
its okay i got abs lol 7 years ago +1
i have a better chance on got talent 7 years ago  
then u do a barrel roll lol 7 years ago +1
i wouldnt last in my own nightmare 7 years ago +1
well if run on glass u get deeper cuts when u run on coals it will feel the same 7 years ago  
dude is that real? 7 years ago  
do a barrel roll! 7 years ago  
throw salt on the pole where my tongue is and im free 7 years ago  
bleach 7 years ago +2
well i can always put them in a huge container 7 years ago  
dont look at the penis dont look at the penis dont look at the penis aw i looked! 7 years ago +2
not really pikachu just has to electrocute it 7 years ago  
i meant the 1st 1 7 years ago  
just lock ur door 7 years ago +1
half it with the other bro 7 years ago +9
i think i would do okay parkour lol 7 years ago  
i remember that 7 years ago  
It doesn't matter cuz my siblings would do the same 4 me 7 years ago  
i try but im not smart enough 7 years ago  
i wouldnt have the balls to cut off my own arm 7 years ago +7
wrong 1 damn it 7 years ago  
PARKOUR!!! 7 years ago  
victoria secret for my gf lol 7 years ago  
i dont see snakes where i live so im good 7 years ago  
well i do parkour so i think im okay 7 years ago +4
well an actual person or some weird virtual character? 7 years ago +2
im ambidextrous 7 years ago +2
cut all the wires at once! lol 7 years ago  
i would wreck that ass 7 years ago  
cuz u could find cures that are unknown and can save other people from dying 7 years ago +4
seems like fun 7 years ago +4
wolf! 7 years ago  
sidekick because once the hero dies u get all their sh*t 7 years ago +3
bruce lee kicked chuck norris' ass 7 years ago +4
i get the picture for ketchup hilarious lol 7 years ago +5
so i can be way better at parkour and freerunning 7 years ago  
u can buy ur own island 7 years ago  
so i can learn to be the best hide and go seek player ever 7 years ago +1
i know i would have the best chance of survival so what the heck 7 years ago +1
up to heaven 7 years ago +5
i want to literally kick ass 7 years ago  
it doesnt seem that hard to survive unless they are able to run then ur screwed 7 years ago  
no one dates me anyway. i dont really care later on u get people more mature 7 years ago +4
I want my rematch with that spartan. I lost on deadliest warrior 7 years ago +2
girl on the left is hot 7 years ago  
filipino pride!!!! 7 years ago  
cuz then u can't feel pain when u get hit or something 7 years ago +1
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