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    i am 16 +4
    what keyboard and mouse brand is that?  
    does an ironman suit count as a vehicle?  
    just raise the prices on marijuana and then government will have money because so many people are addicted  
    i think it would be better to save a life than not try at all  
    just go to sleep  
    it seems more fun to be shoved into a locker +3
    that's okay if guys are attracted to me cuz it doesnt mean i have to be with them +1
    u can always steal internet from a neighbor +9
    i always get kicked out of places for doin parkour there +1
    i would need someone to push me off cuz i wouldnt have the balls to jump +2
    just take them back when u go their place +2
    well if i got caught then i would get in trouble  
    she is one of my friends so its all good +1
    just deactivate ur cell phone when u get home  
    being smart doesnt mean that u cant be popular +1
    a huge snowfall can close the school down so we dont have to go  
    okay so what the hell started the Big Bang Theory????? +1
    boost one prius and see where it stands against a laborghini lol  
    damn wrong 1 i wasnt reading  
    at least i win something +1
    that's why u put the bag over ur face  
    im already a loser so...  
    with a jet u can get around places faster  
    the near future can be like the next second  
    if u stop pollution we get to live longer so we have time to stop animal abuse +1
    wrong 1  
    its okay i got abs lol +1
    i have a better chance on got talent  
    then u do a barrel roll lol +1
    well if run on glass u get deeper cuts when u run on coals it will feel the same  
    bleach +2
    not really pikachu just has to electrocute it  
    It doesn't matter cuz my siblings would do the same 4 me  
    wrong 1 damn it  
    it doesnt seem that hard to survive unless they are able to run then ur screwed  
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