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    i alrady listent to my music full volume lol 2 years ago +1
    lol 2 years ago  
    Goku all the way lol 2 years ago  
    i guess lol jk 2 years ago  
    WHAT ARE THOSE!!!! lol 2 years ago  
    i hat both but star wars is my choice lol 2 years ago  
    the jet has more chance of an incident 2 years ago  
    i admit i am 50%+ selfish 2 years ago  
    apple all the way! 2 years ago  
    none 2 years ago  
    lots of people dont notice me but lots of people also hate me lol 2 years ago  
    in between lol 2 years ago  
    none, gross! 2 years ago  
    dogs are awesome! lol 2 years ago  
    it has a cooler pic lol 2 years ago  
    i hate french class lol 2 years ago  
    i hate tests! lol 2 years ago  
    i think ownageokay meant to say "serious" lol 2 years ago  
    tumblr sucks really bad! 2 years ago  
    im not answering that question, are you crazy? lol 2 years ago  
    minute to win it is awesome!i also chose it because i basically have no talents lol 2 years ago  
    pikitten lol 2 years ago  
    MEAT!!! lol i love meat and bow and arrow hunting! 2 years ago  
    lol 2 years ago  
    i chose a random one 2 years ago  
    go messi!! 2 years ago  
    no sun=no vitamin D=slow death, i think lol 2 years ago  
    RED! lol 2 years ago  
    just write instead of actually saying it lol 2 years ago  
    same lol 2 years ago  
    lol 2 years ago  
    lol 2 years ago  
    purell you would have a better chance of not feeling like total sh** lol 2 years ago  
    justin bieber sucks!!! 2 years ago  
    red is my favorite color lol 2 years ago  
    i want a BMW i8! but not yet lol 2 years ago  
    CANADA!!! Canada is way better and btw Americans i feel bad for you because trump being elected 2 years ago +1
    it doesnt matter to me 2 years ago  
    and mutton is lamb or sheep meat btw, just because some people were curious 2 years ago  
    chicken rocks!!! 2 years ago  
    the office is good but my choice is better 2 years ago  
    meh 2 years ago  
    meh 2 years ago  
    with an acoustic you cant play billy talent properly! lol 2 years ago  
    root beer and cream soda! 2 years ago  
    are people stupid thats alot of money for just one person!!! 2 years ago  
    with fame you get money and other stuff! 2 years ago  
    i would rather being just eighteen, so technically adult 2 years ago  
    im afraid of heights but i also panic when i get to a certain depth 2 years ago  
    i already ruined a white shirt i dont care, but thats why i dont have any more white clothes lol 2 years ago  
    i like my b day better but christmas is good two 2 years ago  
    being deaf wouldnt effect me i just dont want to hear the haters! lol 2 years ago  
    lots of people already hate me i dont mind tho lol 2 years ago  
    only if i wasnt afraid of height tho 2 years ago  
    snow isnt a problem, rain is tho lol 2 years ago  
    im afraid of heights so i chose elevator lol 2 years ago  
    patriots suck!! 2 years ago  

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