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    i think by doing this is u r much closer 2 world peace  
    neither would i  
    then u'd b the luckiest person when it comes 2 gambling  
    a can sleep through anything  
    u could always hav really warm clothes and find ways 2 stay warm but its really hard 2 stay cool in extremely hot weather  
    i would feel disrespectful  
    at least u hav a better chance of living i think  
    well no the whole world but my family at least  
    i wouldnt hav wished 4 money anyways  
    how is this even a question  
    how is this even a question  
    dude, what the heck?  
    black attracts heat and makes the car hotter and u can see dirt on a black car a lot batter than dirt on a white car  
    i keep my window locked +32
    as long as i dont fall  
    at least the tiger isnt venomous  
    im 13.....  
    at least it was an accident  
    that aint no middle class house!!!  
    pain? blood?!?!  
    "lets hav a breath-holding contest" "k" *stays under twice as long* "is she dead?"  
    candy is candy  
    um how is this even a question  
    jerk she has feelings  
    how dare u offend adam sandler :o  
    u 30% ppl, get ur priorities straight!!!  
    i die faster  
    i dont like potatoes and 2liters isnt that much  
    life on earth is very short compared 2 the after life  
    u can take it anywhere  
    watermelon, oranges, strawberries vs onions,celery, potatoes.....hmmm thats a toughie*says sarcastically*  
    ill take the bus  
    ive got netflix and utube AND INTERNET  
    popularity wont help u get a job  
    pigs r like dogs(but smarter) monkeys r like ppl....enough sed  
    ima girl...  
    u wouldnt get such a servere punishment  
    i work better alone annyways and i think we'd just end upkilling eachother  
    u would have it made  
    i guess 10  
    i think blind would b cool cuz u can imagine everything  
    if a "grolar" bear bites u, u still hav a chance of living  
    i hav no significant other!!!  
    i cant giv up sleep  
    at least ur not freezing 2 death  
    itd b 2 much 2 rule  
    if u can write and speak, u can read and listen  
    i was like "the other option could be a goddess, im still going 4 granger"  
    *raises hand*  
    the holocaust lasted so much longer  
    i think its just that this particular baby monkey is so adorable  
    im planning on adopting so....  
    animals include humans  
    at least ill b comfortable  
    im always thinking of songs anyways besides i hav AWESOME dreams  
    i get away with lying anyways  
    flying and teleportation and invisibility r almost the same things and flying is just awesome and reading minds is just 2 awesome  
    i never liked star bucks  
    world war three would be much easier to end and a lot less scary  
    100 puppies is way to many lives 2 end  
    well i wouldnt say its best 2 die quickly but we r nearing overpopulation much 2 rapidly  
    my head phones r broken and only one side work so im used to it  
    its would YOU rather +2
    if u hav a pause button u can literally liv a whole day or a YEAR if u want in no time at all  
    thats wut i was thinking  
    immortality must get boring after a while...  
    u could solve world problems if ur super smart  
    y would u date some1 u dont luv, even if they r famous?  
    then u win twice :D  
    if chemical reactions in the brain=love  
    well wut if u were rushed 2 the hospital and u were in pain the whole time till the designated date  
    if u kno the date u can throw a party or giv an inspirational speech b4 u die or something. if i knew the cause i would b terrified whenever im doing something similar 2 my death cause (ex: death cause-car crash, wut im doing rite now-driving)  
    well just cuz u dont hav a car doesnt mean u wont die in a car crash. i mean, u couldve been kidnapped and thrown in a trunk and the kidnapper couldve crashed. bam, instant death  
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