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Would you rather Drink Spoiled Milk or Eat a Rotten Burger 26,470 votes 62 comments 0 likes
Who won the first presidential debate? Mitt Romney or President Obama 6,879 votes 128 comments 1 like
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Both plz.....  
Hell Yeah!  
Of course I tend to choose the lease likely option. +1
about 20% lied. +2
Can i do both? +4
Nutella is unicorn sh*t +1
So a guy or a girl? +2
I'm a Guy..but the amount of publicity...yea I'm an attention whore. +1
Sell them by skull candies and have some left over cash.  
np dude  
Yo Sexy body.  
I thinks its hilarious that you use the internet to determine your value in life "bro"  
You admitting I'm right "bro'?  
I love how you saw me post the question about the first one get 6,000+ votes then immediately post questions about the next two smh D.A.  
F*ck you.  
Doesn't matter had sex +2
Im a Guy. +4
Good Choice Of a Question  
Its easier to heal a broken heart than a broken spine.  
My father taught compassion is for the weak. And mother died of cancer. I have no loved ones. However I'm scrawny and weak I couldn't handle physical pain.  
Heck Ill post Myself.  
Fear Me,But Follow  
Macbook air cost more.sell it buy alienware pc.  
Fukk Yeah 6 yr old babes.  
I have an IQ of 152,I'm Debate team Captain, and Head Speech man for our school if you think you can psychologically hurt me.Bring it on. +2
F*** Canada  
Said the boy from Nevada.  
My Question's on the homepage *woot *woot*  
I only picked because of Age of mythology +2
Hard choice both are too much fun  
That's why hitler got mad in the first place smh  
Grow Up  
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