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What matters most to you? Body (not including head or face) or Face 7 years ago 295 votes 8 comments 0 likes
Would you rather have this puppy or this puppy 7 years ago 1,622 votes 28 comments 0 likes
Would you rather eat your puppy or your parents 7 years ago 414 votes 25 comments 0 likes
Would you rather get cancer from the sun or smoking 7 years ago 304 votes 6 comments 0 likes
Would you rather One Direction or Justin Bieber 7 years ago 482 votes 25 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Be the richest person in the world and never leave your ten story mansion and have everyone hate you or Be poor and live in a cottage and have lots of friends that love you 7 years ago 2,168 votes 27 comments 0 likes

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whos alex w? 6 years ago  
i hate coke 6 years ago +2
lol, im also 11, my IQ says im 14 6 years ago  
or chilli chocolate (which i personally dont like) 6 years ago  
both 6 years ago  
what? 6 years ago  
YES! totally agree 6 years ago  
who r they? 6 years ago +1
cant you read? "NOT INCLUDING HEAD OR FACE" 6 years ago +2
WTF? 6 years ago +1
u people r gay, if u like this sh*t 6 years ago  
THATS A CHICK?! 6 years ago +3
SKIP! 6 years ago +5
Well he's more real then you'll ever be. 6 years ago  
ummm... well, that was a really stupid comment for you to post, dude, there are soooo many good singers out there, and LOADS are better than me, they cant all become well-known, i just enterlocan compatitions 6 years ago  
At least you would get to see france from above! 7 years ago +1
REBEL!!! 7 years ago +2
in australia wendys is an ice-cream parlour!!! 7 years ago +4
pepsi is just a cheap phoney for coke 7 years ago  
and im a vegetarian 7 years ago +1
drake=sexy!!! 7 years ago +3
never seen disaster movie, love sucker punch 7 years ago +1
i have gorgeous eyes (so i've been told) 7 years ago +1
i just love poler bears 7 years ago +1
doesn't mean stupid people are funny 7 years ago  
5% ARE TOTAL IDIOTS 7 years ago +4
without russia i wouldn't be alive, im not gonna help invade it 7 years ago +1
cant stand either 7 years ago  
i sing 7 years ago  
IVE WALKED ON THUMBTAKS BEFORE, not even a scar 7 years ago  
FUN 7 years ago  
ILL BE RICH!!! 7 years ago  
EMINEM 4 EVA!!! 7 years ago  
paid for eating pudding? don't mind if i do! 7 years ago +5
FTW!!! IM A GIRL 7 years ago  
you do know me 7 years ago  
dude!!! i was gonna comment that! 7 years ago  
YUM!!! ill make some pancakes to go with that 7 years ago  
i would be scared shitless. but is says would you rather. and i would rather not to be scared, soooooooo. yeah 7 years ago +2
right 7 years ago  
that is one sick looking apartment! 7 years ago +7
WHO RUN DA WORLD? - GIRLS!!! 7 years ago  
P.S. they are the same dog!!! 7 years ago +11
i already have and adorable puppy 7 years ago +1
i don't know what the pics have got anything to do with it but eminem rules sooooo....... yeah 7 years ago  
vite??? 7 years ago +4
3% are idiots 7 years ago +1
stop writing things about soviet russia!!! 7 years ago  
EMINEM IS DA BOM!!! i know every one of his songs 7 years ago  
NYE!!! 7 years ago  
skip 7 years ago  
die jb, DIE. ( doesn't even deserve capital letters) 7 years ago  
im a good friend 7 years ago  
something we AUSTRALIANS got 7 years ago +4
AN INSPIRATION TO ME AND MANY OTHERS OUT THERE ( A shout out to all the little monsters) 7 years ago +1
KAKA 7 years ago  
would he hit a girl? 7 years ago +1
titanic all the way bro!!! 7 years ago +1
RETARD!!! 7 years ago +1
OMG SAME!!! 7 years ago  
at least my remains wouldn't drown 7 years ago +1
Girl+kick in the balls+no balls=no pain 7 years ago +4
pink EVERYTHING always tastes better!!! :) 7 years ago +2
what is it? 7 years ago  
who says it hot there??? (well i guess if im ther it must be hot) hehehe :) 7 years ago  
30% now 7 years ago  
peeta!!! 7 years ago  
im a girl. uh... 7 years ago +3
we have no damn accent!!! only PURE aussies. my accent actually sounds a little american and im aussie 7 years ago  
what can i say, im a greedy b*tch 7 years ago  
I LOVE CUCUMBERS!!! hehehe :) 7 years ago  
skip... :) 7 years ago  
no burger king in Australia, only McDonalds and Hungry Jacks (Hungry Jacks is Australias Burger King) 7 years ago  
we speak english!!!!! duh! P.S. no accent 7 years ago  
VAMPIRE!!! I VANT TO SURK UR BLOOOOD!!!!!! 7 years ago  
i am 11 7 years ago  
WTF is Ms Sirois 7 years ago  
wahooooooooo!!! im rich 7 years ago  
i sing, cant have a bad throat 7 years ago  
wolves r cute (especially that one :) 7 years ago  
im a girl, don't need and don't want super streangth 7 years ago  
i do it al the time to the guys at my school so... 7 years ago  
they're both sh*t 7 years ago  
already got both but macbook pro is better then macbook air 7 years ago  
WHY???!!! :( 7 years ago  
I'm sorry but you shouldn't go around calling people you don't even know idiots, I'm sorry that I didn't look at the question from your point of view but that doesn't mean that I am a so called " idiot". How would you like it if I called you an idiot, you don't even know me so if someone you don't even know calls you an idiot, if you have low selfs teem then you could think that everyone thinks your an idiot and then you might even start believing it yourself. Or what if someone else called you an idiot. Your family, friends just because you missunderstood something, how would that make you feel huh? Anyway I coulD go on but I think you get my point. So just remember that you shouldn't go around calling strangers, or anyone as a matter of fact, idiots, or any names. 7 years ago  
Yeah but in the pic they put a guy 7 years ago  
Hey, what's ur fave 1D song!!! Mines everything about u and stand up 7 years ago  
Yeah I heart 1D! 7 years ago  
Dude cool P.s. im a girl ( u called me bro ) 7 years ago  
OMG yes!!! 1D 4 life!!! 7 years ago  
Why don't u want to get to know me??? 7 years ago  
They're totally different!!! U can't compare 7 years ago +1
smart 7 years ago +4
hate u 7 years ago  
no duh cant live without my macbook pro @ryan, and i bet u cant either 7 years ago  
then u would no its not their fault, their just irrisistable 7 years ago  
got the cutest tiny puppy!!! i love you shelly 7 years ago  
im already white as snow!!! all my friends r really tan. tan would look hot on me. i hate being so lite 7 years ago  
Taylor=hottie mchottie! JB=gay freak 7 years ago  
NO DUH!!! 7 years ago  
had to skip it, im not cruel enough 7 years ago +508
hate both 7 years ago  
whats the difference??? 7 years ago +3
don't plan on changing 7 years ago +706
who are these people anyway 7 years ago +1
both ugly 7 years ago +4
what 7 years ago  
GO THE WEDGES!!!!! 7 years ago  
apparently einstein was a real ladys man:) 7 years ago +4
i live in melbourne, wanna see america 7 years ago  
done it before with NO medical attension 7 years ago  
im a girl... 7 years ago +1
it will just look like a pimple!!! 7 years ago +1
same!!! 7 years ago  
69%..... 69 :) hehehe 7 years ago  
Being a singer is my lifelong dream!! and im really good!!!! 7 years ago +28
U COPIED ME!!! 7 years ago  
scream with them and put on 1D woohoo!!!! fun and u get the best of both worlds 7 years ago +1
my dad isn't harsh 7 years ago  
i need my internet, i would die either way 7 years ago  
im for the music so neither 7 years ago +1
u wouldn't know 7 years ago  
i live in Australia america is amazing!!! 7 years ago +2
wrong one!!!! never give up my macbook 7 years ago +1
to many carbs 7 years ago  
i love singing and then i wouldn't no how good my voice was 7 years ago +1
u better have : ) 7 years ago  
i have a 4 leaf clover so every time im hungry i can just look at it 7 years ago +43
stupid question 7 years ago +1
and love potatos 7 years ago  
i hate coke 7 years ago  
im jewish 7 years ago +1
im a girl : NOT A LESBO, hate JB so bad. kill... Still i skiped 7 years ago  
hate bier love my guy!!! 7 years ago  
they sell jelly fish at famous restaurants!!!!!!!!!! 7 years ago  
HATE BANANAS probably even more than that twinkyie 7 years ago  
im just terrified or the pics 7 years ago +533
MMM CHANEL at least you'll smell niceeither way! 7 years ago  
..........skip........................(die) 7 years ago  
don't got a di*k im a girl hehehe:) 7 years ago +78
seen saw but never seen final destination so i got no fear of that happening to me cause i don't even no watt will happen 7 years ago  
thank god there is a skip 7 years ago  
girl 7 years ago  
GIRL but i love my HEAD hair!!! 7 years ago  
im normally standing up or walking around, no different if i never sit down again. I can be like a horse, sleep standing up 7 years ago  
thats easy, im a girl 7 years ago  
go glee 7 years ago  
why is it 50 50??? it should be glee-100 degrassi-0000 7 years ago  
screw all the peeps that picked modern family over glee! shame on you. 7 years ago +1
don't no hoo the other guy is 7 years ago  
h8 harry potter!!! narnia too but, not as much... 7 years ago  
never had a sip of alcohol, this is just what i heard 7 years ago +1
and 1D 7 years ago +48
i heart iced coffee!!! 7 years ago +1
I am an amazing singer, no joke and i pretty much suck at dancing but i hate opera 7 years ago +170
50 50!!! GO FUIT NINJA! 7 years ago +48
DAMN! wrong one 7 years ago  
IM A GIRL AND I WOULD RATHER A GUY TO HAVE A SMALL PENIS. all the guys our hearing that from a lady 7 years ago  
I THINK I GOT A CUTE FACE :) 7 years ago +2
body, i already have a beautiful face :) 7 years ago +219
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