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If I can't choose A, then B. I'd rather not take a risk. 1 year ago  
Obviously. 1 year ago  
I'd probably have more chances of surviving there, since I just can't stand heat. 1 year ago  
I don't really care, though. 1 year ago  
I wish. 1 year ago  
A probably caused B, so yeah. 1 year ago +1
Obviously. While A could be reached by effort and perseverance, B is impossible to acquire. 1 year ago  
If WW3 happened it would at least kill as much people as WW2. Apart from that, is obvious that another 911 would kill a similar amount of people like the original 911, which can't be compared to the people who died in World Wars. 1 year ago +1
It will also help to exhaust the resources of food of the Earth very quickly. People would go crazy and get as much food as they can if food was free, and the resources of food sadly aren't infinte. 1 year ago +1
Definitely. I'd use it way more. The power of erasing everything I want sounds cool for me. There're many things of this world we would be living better without. 1 year ago +67
He wouldn't lose money, he would lose time. With all the money he has, I don't think he would waste his time grabbing the $100 bill. 1 year ago +3
Already knew both. 1 year ago  
Homosexuality nowadays is accepted by most people, but women's rights is not as accepted. I support both, but homosexuality is established and accepted in society, while women's rights aren't, especially in Middle East. 1 year ago +2
Depends for what I'm using it. If I'm going to kill someone or something I'd use a sharp weapon. 1 year ago  
I'm atheist, but if I was christian, I'd be breaking 2. 1 year ago  
What? 1 year ago  
Duh, I'd gain more money off of it. 1 year ago  
Obviously. I'd rather not risk to have a painful death. 1 year ago +1
I'm good with $1,000,000. 1 year ago  
Definitely. 1 year ago  
54 votes? Wow, I haven't seen rrrather that active lately. 1 year ago  
Nah. There're way worse games. 1 year ago  
At one point I'd earn enough money to move to the US and live there. 1 year ago +1
No. You'd be satisfied with yourself, so why does it matter. The reason of why you did that was to accomplish something you wanted, so why do you need other people to praise and congratulate you for it? 1 year ago +1
Obviously. You can distinguish pretty much every transgender you see, so yes. Now if you're talking about if it makes a change on the person's emotions or appearence, then the answer is still yes. Someone can be male and feel like a woman, and same otherwise. Nonetheless, the appearence of a transgender is difficut to explain. You should see one to reaize their qualities. For me, the feelings of wanting to be the opposite gender and changing your appearence to be "of the oppostie gender" are totally understabe and fine. 1 year ago +1
Lmao. This topic is so stupid I'm not even going to debate it. 1 year ago +1
Justin Bieber, in my opinion, is a talentless guy who is only talented on having girls in his back and at getting money from his songs, which aren't worth to hear because they're awful. He's also pretty uneducated. 1 year ago +2
Obviously. A game without/horrible story with at least a decent gameplay is playable. Now, a decent story with a horrible gameplay is just awful. 1 year ago  
Political correctness is often a lie. No one is totally respectful to every group of people. However, these people try to show that they're kind and don't mind any type of groups, but they're obviously lying. 1 year ago +2
A country which is judged incorrectly and hated because of their "people", since most of the people that aren't from there think that they're all terrorists. 1 year ago +4
I wouldn't mind. I'd just say I'm not gay or bisexual, so that he understands I'm not interested in guys. 1 year ago  
Easy Election. 1 year ago +1
Killing Donald Trump could actually bring very bad consequences. 1 year ago  
Depends. If the child has excellent grades on school he/she can start working and focusing on it. If he/she doesn't, he/she shouldn't. That would be bad for him/her since he/she is leaving his priority. You should never start something new if you haven't done something old. 1 year ago +1
I swear I saw a question like this one before. 1 year ago +1
Well, I didn't really expect a carefully thought question when I saw it was made by a guest. By the way, go skydiving seems more useful and entertaining than eating slugs. 1 year ago +1
Both are easy to pronounce if you aren't a complete retard. 1 year ago +2
Although the point of both options isn't clear enough and don't give much information about them, meeting my favourite celebrity would be more "useful". Being the most popular kid on school will bring consquences, like not enough knowledge or discipline or bad grades, since I'm the center of the attention. 1 year ago +1
I have the same probability of dying picking either option. 1 year ago +3
The fùck are you talking about? I thought I had an error on my comment, so I deleted it. 1 year ago  
No. Why did you ask that? 1 year ago  
So you're illegal then. 1 year ago  
It's because being fat is worse than being skinny (as long as the person isn't anorexic). Also, in this society, being fat is considered ugly. 1 year ago +1
So your preferences are based off of something that doesn't matter? 1 year ago +1
Booty. 1 year ago +2
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