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    i dont want to force anyone loving me because i want them to love me by the way if u guys chose option 1 that meand ur showing everybody that ur ugly because no one liked u 3 years ago  
    If you could always have another kid what about your first child.He or she does not get to be hsppy and explore his or her life.She or he did not get time to be happy in the world,but his or her siblings get to i do not think that is fair.Kids need a happy life not a unfair guys will just let your child die and say I can always get another one,but sometimes it is hard to get one. 3 years ago  
    they didn't say i cant bring dozens of blanket 3 years ago  
    i pick guido just to se3 the comments i rather die than be this people 3 years ago  
    i do not even know what circumsed so im outta here 3 years ago  
    if im the boss of the centipede then yes lol 3 years ago  
    big bang looks like a firework 3 years ago +1
    with that thing created the world the freak bros 3 years ago +1
    what the freak is big bang anyways 3 years ago +1
    i ammmm 3 years ago  
    i wanted to pick the future 3 years ago  
    I do not even knoe them so i vote random 3 years ago  
    dont matter how you look 3 years ago  
    i dont even like sex 3 years ago  
    ya it says dir so basically yea 3 years ago  
    i do not even like vegetables wow 3 years ago  
    what the heck 3 years ago  
    bruh hell no dont even try 3 years ago  
    same 3 years ago  
    none i just had to choose one 3 years ago  
    wow 3 years ago  
    If i have 3 super powers 1.bring back my family and my friends 3 years ago  

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