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Did you/are you going to wait until marriage before you do the horizontal party with no pants? :-) Yes or No 5 years ago 135 votes 13 comments 0 likes
Is "Requiem for a dream" the most epic song ever? Yes... or No, this song is more epic *writes song name in comments* 5 years ago 109 votes 17 comments 0 likes
For the christians out there, if god wanted you to be a very bad person: kill steal rape etc to get into heaven and if you are a good person he shuns you and sends you to hell when you die. What would you do? Be a good person and go to hell or Be a bad person and go to heaven 5 years ago 122 votes 14 comments 0 likes
Do you prefer ALIENWARE or RAZER 5 years ago 87 votes 1 comment 0 likes
Which show is better? The IT crowd or The big bang theory 5 years ago 113 votes 14 comments 0 likes
If you were granted superpowers would you wear a costume befitting your power whenever you are on the prowl or just go casual whenever you are saving the day (maybe wear a badass mask for identity protection) 5 years ago 147 votes 3 comments 0 likes
Would you rather be omnipotent or have just enough power to get the job done 5 years ago 131 votes 7 comments 0 likes
Do YOU desire a zombie apocalypse? Hell Yeah! or Nah mate, that's stupid. 5 years ago 148 votes 17 comments 0 likes
Are YOU able to solve a rubik's cube? Yes or No 5 years ago 150 votes 15 comments 0 likes
Would you rather eat the Trippa Snippa Ingredients: Speed, weed, heroin, cocaine, mushrooms, pine-o-clean, petrol, battery acid, acid, salvia, some herbs and spices and some lettuce and tomato, vodka sauce, bam and the dirt is gone, Ajax spray and wipe, some chicken and cheese all wrapped in a tortilla. or drink Sassy's cocktail Ingredients: Vodka, scotch, some lemonade, and a hint of coke. Two shots of three year old petrol out of a lawn mower, small portions of heroin dust, grounded up mushrooms, dissolved acid strips, and a squeeze of lemon. 5 years ago 4,011 votes 72 comments 1 like
Would you rather Marry/ copulate interracially or Marry/ copulate with someone of the same race 5 years ago 186 votes 27 comments 0 likes
Who did you want to be the fleet admiral in one piece? Specify in comments or Specify in comments 5 years ago 151 votes 10 comments 0 likes
Would you rather read A song of ice and fire or Eragon 5 years ago 300 votes 17 comments 0 likes
Which version of Lord of The Rings is better? The books or The movies 5 years ago 98 votes 6 comments 0 likes
Should I purchase the Song of Ice and Fire book collection? Yes or No 5 years ago 112 votes 8 comments 0 likes
Would you rather read Skulduggery Pleasant or Divergent 5 years ago 94 votes 5 comments 0 likes
Do you pick your scabs? Yes or No 5 years ago 136 votes 9 comments 0 likes
Does it annoy you when a question is asked regarding having your gentals mutilated and females just say "I'm a girl" despite the situation being totally applicable to them Yes or No 5 years ago 113 votes 4 comments 0 likes
I you had just discovered a book and TV/ movie series that has already been completed; would you rather Read the books first or Watch the movies/ TV show first 5 years ago 115 votes 19 comments 0 likes
Do you prefer the eldredge knot or trinity knot 5 years ago 151 votes 1 comment 4 likes
Do you prefer Ties or Bow ties 5 years ago 151 votes 8 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Have a fulfilled life and achieve all of your dreams but have nothing to show for your life or Not achieve all the things you wanted and have some unfulfilled desires but you will be remembered for what you've done 5 years ago 122 votes 3 comments 0 likes
Would you rather have Branch of sin (hemokinesis) or Conquerors haki 5 years ago 91 votes 7 comments 0 likes
What caused 9/11? Muslim hijackers suicide bombing into the world trade centre. or A US false flag attack to get the people enthusiastic with the goal to go to Iraq/ Afghanistan for oil. 5 years ago 132 votes 12 comments 0 likes
For the religious people, do you believe God created the universe, earth and people just as it says in the bible or God created the big bang and in turn allowing the creation of stars, planets and life to evolve without interference post big bang (use the big band + evolution) 5 years ago 89 votes 12 comments 0 likes
Who would win in a fight? Hancock or Superman 5 years ago 119 votes 5 comments 0 likes
If these two worlds were to clash which would arise as the victor Comic book characters or Anime characters 5 years ago 113 votes 13 comments 0 likes
In you opinion is God (assuming he exists) Good or Evil 5 years ago 135 votes 33 comments 0 likes
Who would win in a fight? Spawn or Allucard 5 years ago 93 votes 7 comments 0 likes
Who would win in a fight? Dr Manhattan or Spawn 5 years ago 112 votes 4 comments 0 likes
Who would win in a fight? Hulk or Prototype 5 years ago 124 votes 7 comments 0 likes
Would you rather live in a world proficient in Magic or Science 5 years ago 160 votes 7 comments 0 likes
Is One piece the best long anime? Yes or No 5 years ago 124 votes 17 comments 0 likes
Would you rather eat the Nikyu nikyu no mi (Paw paw fruit) or Gura gura no mi (Tremor tremor fruit) 5 years ago 181 votes 2 comments 0 likes
Would you rather win by knockout or submission 5 years ago 113 votes 1 comment 0 likes
Are AMV fights better than the actual fight the way the show does it? Yes, the music enhances the experience or No, the conversation, timing and original sound is superior 5 years ago 75 votes 5 comments 0 likes
What was/is/will be more important for the human race Physics or Biology 5 years ago 93 votes 3 comments 0 likes
Were you aware of the future construction of the Kingdom tower (First building to be 1 km tall!) Yes or No 5 years ago 84 votes 6 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Both the moon landing (good) and 9/11 occurred (bad) or Neither event took place 5 years ago 93 votes 5 comments 0 likes
Would you rather be Omnipresent (everywhere) or Omniscient (Know everything that was is or is about to happen) 5 years ago 94 votes 10 comments 0 likes
Would you rather be able to turn into a Phoenix or Dragon 5 years ago 106 votes 1 comment 0 likes
Do you prefer Sci-fi or Fantasy 5 years ago 84 votes 7 comments 0 likes

Godzilla has posted the following comments:

ascertain 5 years ago  
Insulated rubber fork 5 years ago  
Powerful question... good job 5 years ago  
WESTEROS! 5 years ago  
What is a? 5 years ago  
How would you implode? 5 years ago +3
But isn't dying because you didn't take the medicine worse then the side effect of taking penicillin? (For example) 5 years ago  
way more people 5 years ago  
thiswillbefunny 5 years ago  
canIeatmiraclefruitsorrymykeyboardisbroken 5 years ago  
Why we're so lucky to have doctors and scientists to help people live through illness your body uses chemicals to stay alive anyway (dopamine etc) don't die 'cause you won't take medicine. 5 years ago  
Yeah, but it is still alive. There is a fungi that burrows into an ant's brain and forces a root like stem from their heads and spread it spores to infect other ants. 5 years ago  
I have an alien ware laptop so... 5 years ago  
Why would you never use antibiotics to save yourself pain and or serious problems like oh you know: death! 5 years ago  
Anti fungals for the fungus though but YOLO 5 years ago +1
They're both living organisms... 5 years ago +1
ESFJ 5 years ago  
Shawshank redemption 5 years ago  
it says safely 5 years ago +3
I shall create nuclear weapons to crush all opposition! 5 years ago  
peaceful aliens! 5 years ago  
better for the future 5 years ago +3
Too much Humidity in Darwin, if it was a dehumidifier yes. 5 years ago  
BRAIN FREEZE! 5 years ago  
I would resurrect the great Nikola Tesla and he shall provide the world with free electricity, and immaculate wi fi! 5 years ago +1
TESLA! 5 years ago  
Al Gore 5 years ago  
Eat air ftw! 5 years ago +1
//www.rrrather.com/view/57735 lol 5 years ago  
Goku and madara 5 years ago  
Assuming you don't need to sleep that would be amazing. 5 years ago  
He's the goddamn BATMAN! 5 years ago  
"I already know." 5 years ago  
Livin' the dream... 5 years ago  
damn 5 years ago  
Assuming I could have powers too! 5 years ago  
In the world the ones who control the money control the world. 5 years ago +1
What do you mean? In what way? 5 years ago +1
Scary as man 5 years ago  
Sorry sir, but anyone who is not born in the united states is technically an A-rab. 'MURICA 5 years ago +3
What would be wrong with 20000 extra questions? 5 years ago +7
AUSSIE PRIDE! 5 years ago +2
"Pray for more dead soldiers" Kill yourselves now. 5 years ago +3
As I scroll through all the comments, frankly I cannot be bothered to even try to fix all the silliness there is simply too much. 5 years ago  
Why is it that atheists on this are being very passive whereas the christians who preach love etc. are being so mean and saying you're going to burn etc. It is very hypocritical. 5 years ago  
Really, the creation story? It just makes God look silly. Like why would he even make sin in the first place, put the tree of knowledge right there for anyone to eat, make satan to tempt them. Plus carbon dating allows us to understand the age of the earth. I will assume that you don't believe in evolution. That means that you believe that God created AIDS and cholera, the black death smallpox etc, animals with fatal poisoning abilities etc and there was no death? He seems very loving to make all these diseases wouldn't you say? 5 years ago  
Don't think of it as instant mountains rivers people etc. It is a very gradual process. 5 years ago  
E=mc^2 just states that they're two parts of the same coin energy can turn into matter with a ratio. Quantum mechanics demonstrates that it is not just possible but essential that the big bang would've occured. Scientists wouldn't believe in the big bang if it wasn't possible silly sausage. 5 years ago  
Isn't mac a product of the apple company though? 5 years ago +2
Seriously? Just think it through logically. Your mindset is assuming that the big bang directly produced mountains etc. If you do some research and think, you'll find that post big bang it took about10 billion years for earth to start forming from the molten rock that it was which came from stars that turned H into heavier elements by fusion. Just think it through and you'll see how obviously simple the big bang process is. 5 years ago  
I see you're not very familiar with quantum physics... 5 years ago  
Finally! 5 years ago  
Lol it is actually alot easier than i thought it would be. It just requires memorisation of algorithms. Took me 2 days. But i am nowhere near close to Feliks Zemdegs! 5 years ago  
Nah, if you exceed the speed of light you go back in time (thanks to relativity). Albeit u can't go faster than light by generic methods. However if u bend space faster than light (which is possible) then u go faster than light and move backward in time. Voila! 5 years ago  
Why would there be no electricity though? 5 years ago +1
epic music eg requiem for a dream or two steps from hell etc. 5 years ago  
dat tetrodotoxin... 5 years ago  
I get that some people hate anime, albeit in general situations people are desiring for there to be an apocalypse. I do not intend to induce any harshness between us i am just curious. 5 years ago  
Why do people want to be in an apocalypse? It is so stupid. 5 years ago +1
Who is Chuck and what movie is he from? 5 years ago  
Asap science did this but yeah one cannot truly know for sure as there are too many variables 5 years ago  
The ability to sense if something is correct; humanity would progress so fast! 5 years ago  
What the hell is this from? 5 years ago +2
There is much debate to weather it's ok to kill one before (abortion), but after is just inhumane. 5 years ago  
Much more practical. 5 years ago +2
I've seen a bug's life way too many times as a child. 5 years ago  
can they be like prototype's claws? 5 years ago  
What, jumping of a cliff would mean instant death, drowning would cause intense pain in the lungs etc 5 years ago  
anime vision! 5 years ago +2
cool 5 years ago  
Very insightful, albeit i don't believe that humanity is very intellectual at all; all it takes is to look at all the wars and damage we're doing to the world to realise we're not as smart as we'd like to think we are. 5 years ago +1
definitely 5 years ago +2
We need to build the wall higher Obama, the people are trying to defect to north Korea. 5 years ago +1
luffy 5 years ago  
Cannot remember my last movie but i'd be living in westeros 5 years ago  
breaking bad 5 years ago +4
what is this from? 5 years ago  
Yes please do many more of these they're great 5 years ago +2
I am not usually very happy with the characters of shows however this was not the case with Game of thrones, so good. 5 years ago  
You wouldn't melt you would start combusting and steaming etc 5 years ago  
If they're so smart they would be smarter than to eat humans, they would just find another food source. Also hunting practice; wow thats dark. 5 years ago  
As long as they're daddy long legs, then i would happily do it 5 years ago  
Not if you're in Game of Thrones lol 5 years ago +1
So much money... 5 years ago +1
BEST QUOTE EVER!!!! 5 years ago +1
TERRAFIRMINATOR! 5 years ago  
Ahhhhhhh, thanks lol 5 years ago  
Both horrible 5 years ago  
You couldn't talk without your armour though. 5 years ago  
The world of physics would advance ridiculously fast 5 years ago +2
You love it 5 years ago  
'MURICA!!!! 5 years ago  
can you get a vasectomy? 5 years ago  
One piece logia only world 5 years ago  
Have the power but act like batman with the suit. 5 years ago  
How? 5 years ago  
Sorry, I meant to write: "If" 5 years ago  
Sorry, I meant to write "If" 5 years ago  
If * 5 years ago  
You're* 5 years ago +1
If it can't break no matter what, the implications are of monstrous proportions! 5 years ago +1
A is so funny, btw what do you mean you're technically a princess? 5 years ago +3
A knight lol 5 years ago  
AUSSIE PRIDE DAZZA!! 5 years ago  
Fill me up (If you know what i mean) lol 5 years ago  
Damn the politicians who have spread controversy about this issue. Al Gore for President! 5 years ago  
prototype 5 years ago  
haters gonna hate 5 years ago  
Really tough question, the main bit that got me was that Chris raises morale which would increase production yet toby is a good bloke. 5 years ago +1
obviously 5 years ago +1
nowayhaveuseengokuhebedaOP 5 years ago +1
asapscience's periodic table song helped me learn it in 3 days it is so helpful 5 years ago  
that is really fvcked up dude 5 years ago +4
easiestquestionEVER 5 years ago +1
FUTUREDUCK!!! 5 years ago  
just realised: Dihydrogen monoxide 5 years ago  
Holy crap its Bon Clay 5 years ago  
Yeah its really good i'm lovin' it! 5 years ago  
can i have anesthetic? 5 years ago  
B is basically kings haki lol 5 years ago +2
It would take a few seconds for the sleep bolts to kick in and in that time they could scream. 5 years ago +2
This question is joking right? The answer is obvious. 5 years ago +3
Edison didn't do sh*t, he just stole all of Tesla's inventions and called them his own. Tesla (in my opinion) is the smartest man to ever live and one of the few if not the only person to posses an eidetic memory. He was capable of doing things even the best scientists today cannot. RIP Tesla. 5 years ago +2
If you dies the baby would probably fall to the ground and die, i'm just saying. 5 years ago +2
Anyone with the right equipment can prove that the moon landing wasn't a hoax; all it takes is a high powered laser and a photoreceptor. 5 years ago  
Can you change it if you know what it is? 5 years ago +2
-Is disgusting *vomits* 5 years ago  
Holy sh*t that 5 years ago  
Not nearly as bad as Soul Eater's ending... 5 years ago  
People have been known to live for a very long time before dying of starvation. 5 years ago +1
What's a rimjob? 5 years ago  
There can't be that many can there? 5 years ago +1
The thought of being pulled apart tested on surgically is something out of nightmares so i'll go with the lion. 5 years ago +2
Please do more of the "would you rather have a Phd in..." 5 years ago +1
That tiger picture is so awesome! 5 years ago +3
Hey Heisenberg, let's cook! 5 years ago +1
Nikola Tesla... 5 years ago  
I know that A is the pale man, but what is the name of B? 5 years ago  
How painful? What will it involve? 5 years ago +3
They're advanced couldn't the replicate all the compounds in your body to make a perfect copy. Like the transporter on Star Trek. It destroys you then rebuilds you. 5 years ago +2
chronic traumatic encephalopathy 5 years ago  
Can't they just clone you and test that? 5 years ago  
Dude, screw eternity in hell. 5 years ago +2
Nikola Tesla > Sheldon Cooper 5 years ago +1
Yes but crack would immensely effect you psychologically; inducing: paranoia, distrust, fear, nausea etc. 5 years ago  
As a child puma you'd probably get betrayed by your fellow carnivores. 5 years ago  
Batman Arkham city :) 5 years ago  
So the priest is just totally going to disregard wet dreams, seems legit. 5 years ago +1
Turns out the Millenium challenge tower is going to be 6076 feet. Damn, faith in humanity restored 5 years ago  
sharknado is real! 5 years ago +4
Is that the guy from "what does the fox say?"? 5 years ago  
The Megalodon is 100% death but the kraken could probably constrict and crush it 5 years ago  
At least it's not bestiality 5 years ago +1
I searched and Kingdom tower is still the tallest. The Russian Ice palace is beautiful. 5 years ago  
Thanks 5 years ago  
What's wrong with wet dogs? 5 years ago +3
It took spidey and venom to take down carnage and isn't abomination stronger than hulk? 5 years ago  
You cease being conscious, your brain dies, you stop receiving info about the world, you die, end of story. 5 years ago  
Does JC come when the world is about to end? 5 years ago +1
Entropy or second law only applies in a closed system (no energy in/out or matter in/out) the universe as a whole experices entropy but earth is subject to much change in energy and matter (space debris and solar energy from the sun. Evolution is very much a fact. The big bang (as explained by Lawrence Krauss) is that the quantum world (the one in which we live) is very strange. So strange in fact that things can spontaneously pop into existence. We do not yet have all the details but we're getting there. Many theists use the 2nd law as an excuse but any that make that argument don't fully grasp the concept of it 5 years ago +1
So we're just going to ignore the fact that God endorses, infanticide, animal cruelty, rape, murder, slavery child slaughtering and many more. If it didnt say that god was good in the bible would he still sound good? 5 years ago +1
Do any of you guys watch Darkmatter2525's channel on youtube. He has so many contradictions that make God impossible. Like if god is omnipotent/omniscient and perfect he cant be real. If God is asked whether he knows lust and he says that he does because he's all knowing (omniscient) then he's not perfect (It is a sin to even fantasize). If he is perfect and doesnt know he isnt omnipotent. Also if you told god to go away he cant. As he is both omnipresent and omnipotent. This is a blatent power paradox. If he loved every why doesnt he kill satan, destroy hell keep mans free will but make us want to do the right thing. If he's omnipotent how could he let BILLIONS of people (many innocent atheists or shinto etc) BURN forever while he sits there doing nothing for them. Is God not omnipotent or unwilling to save his own children. Then why do we call him God? - paraphrasing epicurius. I highly reommend watching his videos they encourage thought. 5 years ago +2
sharknado FTW 5 years ago  
'MURICA 5 years ago +1
Shinigami-sama! 5 years ago  
Gotta watch both. I usually watch action by myself and romantic comedy with a friend for the lulz 5 years ago  
Weren't the aliens defeated by the flu or something? (WotW) 5 years ago  
The mans a genius and a psycho; a hazardous combination 5 years ago +8
Thank you for enlightening me. 5 years ago  
B: WTF... 5 years ago +4
ty 5 years ago +1
Any theories as to how it works? 5 years ago  
Specter; what account was that. I'd like to see those questions thanx. 5 years ago  
What do you mean by alternative school? 5 years ago  
Anithon b*tchez 5 years ago  
It's Fairy "Tail" duh... No offence just 4 the lolz 5 years ago  
Gotta mix it up a bit though 5 years ago +2
Luffy! 5 years ago  
Hitchhikers guide to the galaxy lol 5 years ago +1
Shift all funding to science, education and health 5 years ago +1
Damn Allucard is violent... 5 years ago +1
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