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    As I scroll through all the comments, frankly I cannot be bothered to even try to fix all the silliness there is simply too much.  
    Why is it that atheists on this are being very passive whereas the christians who preach love etc. are being so mean and saying you're going to burn etc. It is very hypocritical.  
    Really, the creation story? It just makes God look silly. Like why would he even make sin in the first place, put the tree of knowledge right there for anyone to eat, make satan to tempt them. Plus carbon dating allows us to understand the age of the earth. I will assume that you don't believe in evolution. That means that you believe that God created AIDS and cholera, the black death smallpox etc, animals with fatal poisoning abilities etc and there was no death? He seems very loving to make all these diseases wouldn't you say?  
    Don't think of it as instant mountains rivers people etc. It is a very gradual process.  
    E=mc^2 just states that they're two parts of the same coin energy can turn into matter with a ratio. Quantum mechanics demonstrates that it is not just possible but essential that the big bang would've occured. Scientists wouldn't believe in the big bang if it wasn't possible silly sausage.  
    Seriously? Just think it through logically. Your mindset is assuming that the big bang directly produced mountains etc. If you do some research and think, you'll find that post big bang it took about10 billion years for earth to start forming from the molten rock that it was which came from stars that turned H into heavier elements by fusion. Just think it through and you'll see how obviously simple the big bang process is.  
    I see you're not very familiar with quantum physics...  
    nowayhaveuseengokuhebedaOP +1
    You cease being conscious, your brain dies, you stop receiving info about the world, you die, end of story.  
    Does JC come when the world is about to end? +1
    Entropy or second law only applies in a closed system (no energy in/out or matter in/out) the universe as a whole experices entropy but earth is subject to much change in energy and matter (space debris and solar energy from the sun. Evolution is very much a fact. The big bang (as explained by Lawrence Krauss) is that the quantum world (the one in which we live) is very strange. So strange in fact that things can spontaneously pop into existence. We do not yet have all the details but we're getting there. Many theists use the 2nd law as an excuse but any that make that argument don't fully grasp the concept of it +1
    So we're just going to ignore the fact that God endorses, infanticide, animal cruelty, rape, murder, slavery child slaughtering and many more. If it didnt say that god was good in the bible would he still sound good? +1
    Do any of you guys watch Darkmatter2525's channel on youtube. He has so many contradictions that make God impossible. Like if god is omnipotent/omniscient and perfect he cant be real. If God is asked whether he knows lust and he says that he does because he's all knowing (omniscient) then he's not perfect (It is a sin to even fantasize). If he is perfect and doesnt know he isnt omnipotent. Also if you told god to go away he cant. As he is both omnipresent and omnipotent. This is a blatent power paradox. If he loved every why doesnt he kill satan, destroy hell keep mans free will but make us want to do the right thing. If he's omnipotent how could he let BILLIONS of people (many innocent atheists or shinto etc) BURN forever while he sits there doing nothing for them. Is God not omnipotent or unwilling to save his own children. Then why do we call him God? - paraphrasing epicurius. I highly reommend watching his videos they encourage thought. +2
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