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    Voting for a PC while on a Mac XD  
    I've never used Fire Fox except for home school...  
    iPhones have slow internet speed...  
    I couldn't be an inventor...  
    Running just makes things worse...  
    I hope more people realize the truth before Jesus returns to Earth. +1
    People you hate have to learn to suck it up, or die on their own.  
    The bear in the picture is already dead...  
    What if I'm already mute?  
    I don't know who these people are, but I'm sticking with who I know isn't Christian!  
    Men don't have to give birth...  
    OH MY SALSA I FEEL BAD!!!!!!  
    There is too much drama with celebrities...  
    The bride is never late, everyone else is simply early. +1
    Pit bulls actually exist, so I could actually go to the pet store and buy one. If I didn't already have 3 other dogs...  
    really... >:[  
    If there was red fog EVERY day, then it would be normal...  
    I am really short, so I think it would be weird to be married to someone 2 ft tall...  
    I sing pretty well, if you ask me...  
    I would just live by myself my whole life, I don't want to have kids anyway.  
    If you never ask, you'd never know  
    B makes it seem like I would be a gold digger...  
    In front of friends, because they would be there for me and tell the guy how much of an idiot he is for dumping me!  
    Same reason here!  
    I don't really read Harry Potter, so...  
    Preach! Oh your comment was 3 years ago... Oh well! posting this one anyways!  
    I wouldn't care if nobody went to my wedding, because I think it should be about you and your spouse, not about everything about the perfect reception, dresses, etc. Plus, I personally think it is extremely important to honor the dead. +1
    Nobody cares if your last name is Hitler, they will just think it's cool. I'm not giving up chocolate. That is not even a possibility.  
    What selfish idiot would rather have a stupid laser sword than save an innocent starving child?  
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