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Would you rather be Sans or rank one on or Sans the Skeleton 3 years ago 117 votes 12 comments 0 likes

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Fulmetal alchamest philosopher stone 3 years ago  
I didn't read what was under it 3 years ago  
I MADE THIS!!! 3 years ago  
War makes hunger 3 years ago  
Already have it 3 years ago  
So I get the stuff I want 3 years ago  
Both 3 years ago  
Pig 3 years ago  
Wizard 3 years ago  
Shreik, u r lame 3 years ago  
I'm a ponie cat 3 years ago  
Internet 3 years ago  
Both 3 years ago  
Suckers 3 years ago  
I'm already in a really bad world... #weneedtobuildawall #DonaldTrump 3 years ago  
You say a place and you go there.. 3 years ago  
If it is five stars.... SURE!!! 3 years ago  
What? 3 years ago  
Ninja 3 years ago  
Do just it 3 years ago  
Animal slaves 3 years ago  
Music 3 years ago  
I lost one 3 years ago  
Aliens have supernukes 3 years ago  
Yolo = you only live once 3 years ago  
Walking dead 3 years ago  
Dogs for days 3 years ago  
Give the money 3 years ago  
Sugery 3 years ago  
Banananananan 3 years ago  
No picked wrong one and I guy 3 years ago  
Faster death 3 years ago  
Reces 3 years ago  
Sheep 3 years ago  
I prefer any 3 years ago  
Just chose one 3 years ago  
Who needs love 3 years ago  
Money money 3 years ago  
Just chose one 3 years ago  
Old 3 years ago  
Money money 3 years ago  
What is a daewoo? 3 years ago  
maybe you you should hun-DIE!!! Ha ha! 3 years ago +1
Internet rules 3 years ago  
You can play your favorates videogames while partying 3 years ago  
Ehh... 3 years ago  
Newer 3 years ago  
Just chose one 3 years ago  
I'm selfish 3 years ago  
Computer is better 3 years ago  
What is a virgin mobile USA iPhone 4? 3 years ago  
What is a honeycomb 3 years ago  
Gross 3 years ago  
How far does it have to go? 3 years ago  
To test it out 3 years ago  
Just chose one don't know what a bj is 3 years ago  
Chicken 3 years ago  
No poop 3 years ago  
Just pressed one 3 years ago  
Freshly = hot sexy dead girl that died yesterday 3 years ago  
No scorpions please I'm a boy 3 years ago  
Chest 3 years ago  
Yeah 3 years ago  
Finger gross 3 years ago  
Why isn't there a neither option 3 years ago  
No slut please 3 years ago  
no thanks mom 3 years ago  
At least it tastes like it, I had a hard time deciding but.. wait... it tastes bad but isn't tasting like literal poop... I made the wrong choice 3 years ago  
I can "weedle" out of any situation 3 years ago  
Both 3 years ago +1
I like eating!!! Nooooooooo!!! 3 years ago +1
They both look ugly 3 years ago  
Yes 3 years ago  
I don't know 3 years ago  
Don't die 3 years ago  
Ha ha 3 years ago  
Either way your gay if your a man 3 years ago  
Basically the same thing. 3 years ago  
She looks ugly 3 years ago  
DIE HOPES AND DREAMS! 3 years ago  
Cliff for a win 3 years ago  
Broken people 3 years ago  
Train 3 years ago  
I'm not black and I don't want a bay yet 3 years ago  
Girls girls, calm down. 3 years ago  
Yep Yeo yep 3 years ago  
If you love me let me GOOOOOOOO!!! 3 years ago  
Just chose one 3 years ago  
At least you tried 3 years ago  
either way we still gay 3 years ago  
Cocky for win 3 years ago  
Justin beaver is suck 3 years ago  
Money money 3 years ago  
No justin 3 years ago  
Both, because I don't use them 3 years ago  
Bull****. That's cool. Bud dum tss 3 years ago +2
Obama sucks. 3 years ago  
Combined 3 years ago  
Games so you have something to do 3 years ago  
Gello 3 years ago  
U weird 3 years ago  
Look! It is Gandalf with a lightsaber!!! 3 years ago  
Demented 3 years ago  
Let's get some tattoos homeboy 3 years ago  
Bill bye the science guy 3 years ago +5
Forests Gump's password?? 1forest1 3 years ago  
You live through a war, you lucky. 3 years ago  
The near future cause then you can change it 3 years ago  
Make that money! 3 years ago +1
What the hell is oovoo? 3 years ago  
Dude, a mile is 1.6 kilometres. Idiot. 3 years ago  
Buda bumbaba! I'm loving it! Not!!! 3 years ago  
Be Jesus and be shocking 3 years ago  
Kick the baby 3 years ago  
What as a crowd for Justin beaver? Himself! Ooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!! 3 years ago  
My grandma would disown my parents and my parents would disown me if I chose grandma 3 years ago  
He sucks everything. Even a chair!!! 3 years ago  
I'd win both 3 years ago  
Distractions 3 years ago  
Ha ha ha... Putin. 3 years ago  
He would not kill you at least 3 years ago  
I'd will not draw that!!! 3 years ago  
Offensive 3 years ago  
At least he was christian 3 years ago  
Bums suck 3 years ago  
Hanna sucks 3 years ago  
Yes!!! It Is 3 years ago  
Marvel for the win!!! 3 years ago  
Beautiful 3 years ago  
News are better 3 years ago +14
Kit kat 3 years ago  
Boy for the win 3 years ago  
U racist 3 years ago  
Dogs for the win and I'm a guy 3 years ago  
DDIIEE!!!!! 3 years ago  
If you love me let me go!!! 3 years ago  
Well... I didn't see the AIDS. 3 years ago  
Not gonna be a zombie 3 years ago  
Hey... It has a face!!! 3 years ago  
Not gonna die!!! 3 years ago  
Video games again!!! 3 years ago  
Walter? Walter.... White? 3 years ago  
Adorable vs....... vomit............... ADORABLE!!! 3 years ago  
Adorable vs 3 years ago  
Be a man 3 years ago  
What?!? No centapedes for me!!! 3 years ago  
You get a gun 3 years ago  
Cuteness 3 years ago  
"Luke Skywalker! Go to Hogwarts!" By Gandalf the Grey 3 years ago  
So you can play videogames 3 years ago  
Dogs are life 3 years ago  
They are all pink!!! The manliest Color!!! 3 years ago  
Android 3 years ago  
Love 3 years ago  
Fun 3 years ago  
Intuitive 3 years ago +1
She looks ugly 3 years ago  
Star wars 3 years ago  
Fishshshshshsh 3 years ago  
Drowning=swimming vs crashing =dead... Yacht!!! 3 years ago  
Drowning... Swimming!!! 3 years ago  
Yes 3 years ago  
Minecraft 3 years ago  
Korean 3 years ago  
Deadpool 3 years ago  
Love 3 years ago  
Whatever you want 3 years ago  
Small is cute 3 years ago  
No sex 3 years ago  
Both pictures are gross 3 years ago  
Falling elevator vs mud? 3 years ago  
Beautiful 3 years ago  
Any class computer 3 years ago  
Guy but hot 3 years ago  
Funky Junk? What is that? 3 years ago  
Shave it off! Shave it off! 3 years ago  
My singing voice sucks 3 years ago  
Poor cat 3 years ago  
Greeeeeeeeeen 3 years ago  
Fun 3 years ago  
Just picked one 3 years ago  
... 3 years ago  
I thought it said taco toucan, but I would have still picked it. 3 years ago  
Butiful buties 3 years ago  
Get something or you dont 3 years ago  
You don't need teeth 3 years ago  
Bananananananananananananananananana! 3 years ago  
At least I'm laughing 3 years ago  
Hmm............ 3 years ago  
Higher chance of living 3 years ago  
None 3 years ago  
No school!!! Who Ho!!! 3 years ago  
See the future 3 years ago  
At least we get to play 3 years ago  
Would I jump of a cliff of my friends did? Trick Question! Nobody has friends!!! 3 years ago  
At least stuff won't stick to me and I can do arts and crafts 3 years ago  
Gumballs 3 years ago  
Yum 3 years ago  
Spider man... well... I just chose one 3 years ago  
I just chose one 3 years ago  
Reeves are better 3 years ago  
Movies make you famous 3 years ago  
What are these? 3 years ago  
Pepsi for the win 3 years ago  

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