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Explain George Bush's second election then. 7 years ago +116
Your grammar/spelling makes me want to kill a puppy. -.- 7 years ago +8
As a guy, i would be called a player, not a slut. Lol. 7 years ago +6
You can survive a heart attack, and if you get a heart attack that late by only eating bacon, then you're really gifted. 7 years ago +1
I have no idea why people find them scary... The movies just suck. 7 years ago +2
Wait, the site's owner has two girlfriends? O_o 7 years ago +2
And how is stealing and slaving children, making them kill/deform other people being a freedom fighter? 7 years ago  
Lets keep going lower! 7 years ago +1
Because you have no house? They just care about you, they won't give you a free house... 7 years ago +1
Turok FTW! 7 years ago +2
Think about how she acts... She will be a horrible mother. 7 years ago +15
But, it's just a dream... 7 years ago +9
So you find everything funny or somethings funny? 7 years ago +2
It was filmed that time, but the problems are STILL happening. 7 years ago +3
He's just a tiny midget with a knife. Saw is a genius mass murderer that plans EVERYTHING ahead of time. 7 years ago +5
Joseph Kony has been slaving children for many years, and about 90% of the world didn't know it was happening until a couple of months back, he's making all the girls sex slaves (Even the 6 year olds) making the boys join their army to go in wars and making the kids kill their parents. He's a messed up person, so we need to give him attention so world leaders can find out and arrest Kony. Watch this /watch?v=Y4MnpzG5Sqc on Youtube. 7 years ago +7
If i'm the only guy there, then sure. 7 years ago +6
No internet? Qrz 7 years ago  
KONY 2012! 7 years ago +9
3 of the monsters on the left, and 6 of the monsters on the right. 7 years ago +2
What kind of "brownies"? 7 years ago +1
*World explodes* 7 years ago +8
Dah fuq? 7 years ago +5
Oh, i thought i had to eat the poop, but having creen pee isn't going to hurt you, it's just a different color. 7 years ago +1
I agree with this person. 7 years ago +1
Too much work. 7 years ago +6
Duh... 7 years ago +4
What if the best laptop in the world has a touch screen? 7 years ago +10
One-sided question. -_- 7 years ago +1
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