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Would you rather Play online/multiplayer games or Play solo 289,721 votes 1,505 comments 4 likes
Would you rather Be friend-zoned by your crush or Have your best friend fall in love with you 1,006,499 votes 5,628 comments 43 likes

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Someone who isn't either of those two.  
I'd rather listen to actual music, thank you.  
Kick the baby!  
Dayum Gaga is butt ugly  
Peace is a lie, there is only passion. Through passion I gain strength. Through strength I gain power. Through power I gain victory. Through victory my chains are broken. The force shall free me.  
007, sick.  
What is wrong with you people? Knowing yourself is more important than knowing everyone else. If you don't know yourself then you might as well just die.  
Ashton Kutcher can't act  
No such thing as the perfect relationship  
Who the fuq cares  
I want to slap the vegan idiot who made this question. +1
You actually just explained republicans, you complete and utter idiot.  
My grandma  
Wtf is it with all the idiots who believe in "true love"  
The macroscopic scale includes the microscopic scale.  
Prisoners have more rights than slaves  
I'd prefer him dead and mutilated beyond recognition.  
Hello, cats were worshipped by the Egyptians... dogs are just stupid.  
I had my first when I was 7, sooooooo..  
A pig  
But I like both D:  
Bacardi is for lightweights  
Small sacrifice for immortality  
the fuq kinda question is this?!  
I like my sleep.  
Don't have a dad  
36% of you deserve to die painful deaths. Oreos are the best cookies on this planet, end of story!  
I'd wager arms dealers make way more money.  
I'd rather watch something that involves NO dancing.  
Already have slow internet and it SUCKS  
Marriage is a pointless institution. +1
You are young, a.k.a you know NOTHING.  
So is your opinion.  
My current job pays crap, double or not, so I might as well take the year off.  
Short girls are adorable.  
Hell no, I don't want a criminal record.  
I have no interest in the president.  
Vegans are self-righteous assholes. We might as well eat them.  
If you're going to remove your hair if you're hairy you might as well choose option A, idiots.  
REALLY?! I had no idea.  
You're doing it wrong.  
A grown man running around in a bat costume? Yeah...... okay........  
Both suck.  
I don't watch TV anyway.  
I'd rather be neither.  
On the side  
I'm already in love with the person of my dreams.... that's why it's the person of my dreams... duh.  
And we should care why?  
I'd pity you if you weren't so ignorant.  
Both suck.  
I already smoke. Where's my money, b!tch?!  
Relationships are overrated.  
I don't have to please anyone.  
Both are a waste of time.  
Everyone dies alone.  
Greece is way better.  
I'd rather have a girlfriend.  
This is sad.  
I'm already poor and miserable so I might as well be rich and miserable.  
Cookie dough? Ew.  
You are inferior in every way to mankind.  
France is overrated  
Both of these are lame.  
I've already lost two cellphones in the last few months, so...  
I've ALWAYS wanted an R8  
Kids have no responsibilities to worry about. The choice is obvious  
Might as well go home then.  
Not necessarily. Knowing who likes you doesn't mean your crush will automatically like you...  
Ban all laws!!!  
Just because the hobo's sign is awesome.  
If you actually care about this there is something seriously wrong with you.  
If you work for Google you get to spy on people.  
I'd rather have no president. Anarchy all the way!  
I really don't think it matters.  
Your husband must be a rocket scientist.  
I've actually done this before. There was no one else in the cinema.  
I'm pleased to see all top comments are from cat lovers.  
That way I'll feel even better when I kill my worst enemy. +2
I'm already weird  
Who needs friends  
I'll sleep when I'm dead.  
That way you won't suffocate if someone farts.  
Option one. You can invest that $1,000,000 and make tons more than the dude on the right.  
What exactly is the point of this question? You might as well not watch movies at all if these are your options.  
Meat is good for you. All you vegans and vegetarians are full of sh!t  
At least you can wake up from a nightmare  
Chrome is for idiots.  
Small dogs aren't dogs.  
Honestly... neither.  
There is no such thing as true love.  
Knowing what EVERYONE thinks about you might just make you insane... sooooo, fly.  
No contest here.  
In the words of Jeremy Clarkson... POWEEEEEEEERRRRRRRRRRRRRR  
Who the f*k wants to be Bella?!  
Darth Vader ftw  
Don't plan on getting married  
I've always wanted to watch my dreams. Someone please invent that.  
Actually, yes.  
You can do anything and get away with it if you're invisible. And who needs to fly if you can teleport?  
I like cheese...  
Tough one, but I have to go with wizard.  
I have both  
Don't have to rewind records  
depends on the game  
This OP clearly has suicidal tendencies +3
tl;dr +1
they're both nightmares -_-  
no thanks  
I'd go insane in complete isolation. +1
How about a good combination of the two  
I really don't care either way  
You'll get way more exposure on a bill +2
buddy, for the sake of humanity I hope your ideas never see the light of day. +1
No religion  
I already smoke so where's my f***** money?!  
Thanks for the CoD suggestion :)  
Eating out alone is aaaaaaaaawkward +1
Coca Cola makes way more  
aw sh*t didn't read that haha  
Internet on cell phone! Bam  
not my fault you didn't read the comment :P pay more attention next time.  
In between +2
Same sex. Read the author's comment.  
Don't know why it does that :/  
Did somebody say audiobo-ZZzZzzzZzzZZzz... +303
Yes, very. And it's always this guy.  
I can get a new pet. +1
S/he chose sore throat, so it doesn't really matter..  
no brainer  
There's no heaven. Win!  
No Burger King where I live :/  
Dumb question +2
Prosthetic legs, hello.  
Who is Ms. Sirois?  
Suit up!  
Anything not to look like the dude on the left :/ +7
It's called working out...  
Fame generally comes with wealth...  
I'd rather have a girlfriend  
Never seen snow, so...  
You can always make new friends...  
Knowing the date would just spoil it...  
Those who pick being the youngest (but aren't the youngest) have never felt the horrors of parents' "empty nest syndrome" - Best avoid it!!!  
Might as well try kill Hitler and see what happens...  
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