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    I have enough money already. My family are refugees and when they came to the US, churches helped them to get on their feet. They went from literally penniless, homeless, and starving to educated, comfortable middle class. It didn't cost a billion dollars to provide a roof over someone's head or some food on the table when they have nothing. If people could help us out I would help others out as well.  
    Hit by a train would be over in a fraction of a second. Your husband leaves you for someone else, and all of a sudden you've got to deal with taking care of the kids alone, finding a job... It's not just idiotic teenagers. +5
    Look up "young Stalin" and "young Fidel Castro." No question about it.  
    Harry potter is an awesome story. Romeo and Juliet is just depressing. +1
    Alcohol. It can actually be good for you (like red wine) in small quantities and on occasion it's fun to get drunk. Soft drinks are way too sweet and just get you fat and diabetic.  
    I don't like the taste of either but at least red is healthy.  
    Castaway was more exciting, but they were both good.  
    I haven't seen either recently but I remember watching Scooby Doo on CN as a kid!  
    I'm taking "children" to mean prepubescent, so I'd take a 47 year old. Lots of sexy 47 year old men.  
    Easier to chew gum than take a shower or add deodorant in public...  
    Sperm is usually sterile and we do it anyway. Diarrhea gives you cholera, dysentery....  
    Kill yourself painlessly or not know how brutally someone else will kill you?  
    Purell, man. Purell.  
    They didn't say you couldn't pasteurize the sh*t out of the sh*t first...  
    Chose the wrong one! You could kiss them on the forehead or something.  
    You probably already eat a few molecules of sh*t everytime you brush your teeth if you keep your toothbrush in the bathroom...  
    guaranteed orgasms  
    Mud isn't permanent...  
    I love the pic on the right +3
    Nothing wrong with ignorance. People used to be ignorant that the earth was round, but that didn't hurt them. But being ugly has caused many an unfortunate soul to die a virgin...  
    A little fat would be ok, but I'd rather be average than look like the guy on the left.  
    My uncle's family was killed by communists in Vietnam...  
    I could be 16, married, financially stable and pregnant. That would be so bad. Lower chance of birth defects with young mothers and you get to be young while your kids grow up.  
    It doesn't say you can't use a boat, in which case you'd be safe from the pirhanas  
    They both kinda look like monkeys...  
    What caused the big bang, atheists?  
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