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Just a 17 year old girl that is a fan of the Saw movies with my favorite one being Saw 3. I love rock music. Favorite band is three days grace.

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    Civilized people are way different than animals. 1 year ago  
    I’m lazy  
    Then you just lose whatever amount of money you have  
    sex slave  
    Yes it did  
    Why does it show Robbie rotten?  
    I was a lit ten year old  
    I like to clog every toilet I find.  
    Ronald would probably rape me.  
    Australia has all the bugs.  
    It didn't say you couldn't wash the poop off.  
    That's not a loophole if they are using your ISP for the information as private browsing, incognito tabs and deleted browser history show up on the ISP.  
    Can you just not eat anything and get your nutrients from a feeding tube.  
    You stick it in the poophole.  
    People are picking killing a human being over an animal!? Seriously!?  
    Pooping out 400,000 gallons of mayonnaise? That would take like a year to get out!  
    No stupid libtard!  
    If you are a girl then the shark would bite your labia off. +1
    As long as it wasn't real poop I could do it.  
    My parents are religious and mildly homophobic and I know they would disown me if I was atheist.  
    Ignorance is bliss,  
    Didn't think of that.  
    Ignorance is bliss.  
    No. I'm picking the diarrhea on this question.  
    It's basically be hated by your parents or be disowned by your parents. +8
    Time to watch all the Saws.  
    True so jokes on the question maker.  
    I know at least 30% lied.  
    By the way incognito and deleted browser history isn't a loophole. If they are using your ISP to get the internet they will see everything. That includes incognito tabs and deleted browser history. No loopholes on this one.  
    That isn't a loophole. If they are using your ISP for the internet history they will see everything. And that includes incognito tabs and deleted browser history.  
    Be careful what you wish for. I would have to say ignorance is bliss applies here. I mean would you really want to know and hear everything people think, everyone's dirty and sick thoughts, and just everything?  
    Cut it  
    Die or Die  
    Nothing beats watching the Saw movies.  
    Hide identity  
    I have a nice body. I think most would like it.  
    What if you love no one? Would I still be alone if I picked option B?  
    You don't anything useful after middle school.  
    After middle school you don't learn anything useful.  
    It already is legal, at least in the USA it is.  
    They will still see your incognito tabs. Assuming they are using your internet service provider for the info they will see the incognito tabs.  
    Now it's 72  
    The memes  
    Fails are funny  
    PC def  
    I'd watch Saw for the first time again.  
    I'd take any option over twilight.  
    Asian parents  
    You can lose weight but you can't grow taller.  
    I don't think I would wanna read people's minds. Ignorance is bliss applies here.  
    If I was God. I would put unicorns on my planet.  
    It's not like I'd know  
    sell the lightsaber  
    Use the other side.  
    No if you are a girl then it would be pee hole. Not vag. But either way it isn't a loophole.  
    That's not an anaconda, that's a python.  
    I think 9 is too young to browse the internet alone. Do your parents know you go on the internet alone?  
    I'm a vegan but I guess if I had to pick.  
    I am a girl and I honestly think it's better to be a girl than a boy. Periods aren't that bad. Sure it can be a bit messy and a hygiene hassle but that's it. And you can choose to not have babies. I mean girls have it so good. We're prettier, we are sexier. Big dating pool. We are treated better. People hold doors for us. We get off boats first. We have shelters made for us. Sex is better for us. I mean let's face it in sex the man does most of the work. We barely have to do anything. So if the girl isn't good in bed it's not a total deal breaker. If we aren't pretty it's not a deal breaker and we have makeup, hairstyles, clothes and plastic surgery to pull it off. We are less likely to be killed and to be violently abused by strangers. (Yes women get abused but usually when that happens it's by someone the women knows well) we aren't drafted. We get lighter prison sentences. I could go on and on. Being a woman is awesome. +2
    Unplug it  
    I never thought of that  
    Lifetime in hell is better than eternity in hell.  
    Then I would find out if God is real.  
    Better than not seeing  
    Marry a fag or marry a fag +2
    At least I get to go to heaven  
    You'd eventually get used to the smell  
    I'm sorry but I'd have to pick diarrhea  
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