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If you had a time machine following the Back to the Future-Rules, would you rather keep the current timeline or travel back in time and kill Hitler in 1914 7 years ago 146,556 votes 1,163 comments 3 likes
If horror movies were real and an evil maniac forces you to eat human flesh, would you rather have it boiled or roasted 7 years ago 231 votes 7 comments 0 likes
Consider being immortal (without aging). Would you make out with your grand-grand-grand-grand-daughter who looks exactly like your first wife? No way! or Yes! 7 years ago 1,538 votes 11 comments 0 likes
If you are a robot and have to rise against humanity what would you rather be like a giant warmachine with a giant gun or a hot chick with the ability to regenerate nearly every damage 7 years ago 3,221 votes 42 comments 0 likes
Would you rather have everyone being able to read your mind telepathically or have to stay in your bedroom for your whole life 7 years ago 552 votes 8 comments 0 likes
Who would you rather take to a lonely island your girlfriend+her mother+the most beautyful girl in the world or a survival coach+your favorite celebrity+a cannibal 7 years ago 562 votes 7 comments 0 likes
Would you rather have everybody believing you have a doomsdaydevice without actually having it or be loved emperor of a small tropical island with 200 inhabitants 7 years ago 8,246 votes 63 comments 0 likes
Would you rather have a Cyborg as servant who fights your enemies and builds you cool stuff or have a girlfriend who dresses as french maid and cleans and cooks for you 7 years ago 583 votes 16 comments 0 likes

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I like the people and the culture, but not its ruler. 7 years ago +5
In short: the market would adapt by companies cutting the salaries. We would have the same situation we are having now. With some social uprisings on the way. But still better than no taxes. 7 years ago +1
Don't expect help from Europe. The countries in the south (including france) only take and the northern countries are tired of giving. 7 years ago +2
Without China the U.S.-economy would crash immediately. U.S.-consumers rely heavily on cheap products and credits from China. 7 years ago +2
If your wife/husband is also your best friend it makes nearly everything a lot easier. 7 years ago +2
In Saw I could be the villain. 7 years ago +5
As long as I don't change (I'm not a wizard at the moment) I'd choose technology. My job requires computers and since they are not available I had to search another job. And being a peasant or a villages smith sucks. In real life and in fantasy. 7 years ago +2
$200.000 is not so much. The dream thing is way better 7 years ago  
GG would only make sense if I had to lift some heavy stuff all the time. Or if you are Gordon Freeman. 7 years ago  
Would take it away just for fun 7 years ago +1
Remember: always tell the girls their choices. They can't figure out an equivalent for losing the penis. 7 years ago +1
Brian is a Democrat and Roger is awesome. Easy decision. 7 years ago +2
I'd get NASA snow clothing- It also prevents you against heat 7 years ago  
Wouldn't recognize the difference 7 years ago +1
Female body with male face? Why would I want that? 7 years ago +1
Toilet every 30 minutes would be very annoying if you try to sleep. 7 years ago +1
Killing my grand-grand-uncles? No way! 7 years ago  
Social is just another word for communism. 7 years ago +7
Gay flamingos are gay birds. I like gays, but I'd rather not be one of them. 7 years ago +1
Gryffindors are courageous. How is that better than ambitious, strong leadership, and achievement-oriented? 7 years ago +3
The pact I made with the devil says that I'll be a ruler in hell. 7 years ago  
I think if we weren't able to have sex with each other we'd be ok to have sex with someone else. Some couples are already doing this for fun. 7 years ago  
Tali is my love interest and even if I would be able to save Legion he would still die because I always choose the red end (f*ck the reapers!). 7 years ago  
School is about learning, not about passing. Difficult ftw, even if he doesn't like me. 7 years ago +1
Whats bad about being a villain? You can do whatever you want and don't have to listen to a stupid moral codex. And helping people sucks anyway. 7 years ago +1
No way am I going to France 7 years ago +1
World would be a better place if I would be on it two times XD 7 years ago +1
Have insurance for both, but in my house are my memories and personal items. 7 years ago +2
Yes, but it can't be achieved. Some less beautiful women would still use makeup, forcing the others to do it too. It's similar to the Tragedy of the commons. 7 years ago +2
Hitler's Time Travel Exemption Act -> Google it, it gives some good reasons for keeping him alive 7 years ago +1
An armor made of diamonds would be unpractical has hell. How are you even supposed to take it on? I think I would rather find a use for the tools, since I don't have enemies who would try to kill me. And I think selling the tools wouldn't earn me less money than selling the armor. And always keep in mind: the marginal gain of happiness decreases after about 500.000 $ and becomes negative at some point. Or with other words: more money doesn't always make you happier. 7 years ago  
Selena has the prettier face, but that doesn't matter when it comes to sex. Or, as we Germans say: "Tüte übern Kopf und ab fürs Vaterland" (Put a paper bag over her head and do it for your fatherland). 7 years ago +5
If I can't get a BMW or Porsche I'd take the one with the German name. 7 years ago +1
If you think Hitler is worse your are definitely not from Alderaan. 7 years ago +5
Shark! 7 years ago +3
"Are you smart?" I wouldn't say someone's smart if he gets this right. You're supposed to learn it in first class. Brackets first, than exponents, than multiplication and the addition is the last one. 7 years ago +2
I already am arrogant, but I'd vote for the Republicans if I where an US-Citizen. 7 years ago +2
Depends on who long I want to be with her. For one night the perfect body would be more fun, but for a longer time I'd choose the perfect face. The body can be ruined easily, but the face stays pretty until she is very old, unless an accident occurs. 7 years ago +1
I think microwave would be faster and wouldn't hurt as much. Also: yummy baby ;-) 7 years ago +4
Sometimes I don't want to know if someone's lying. Fore example when he tries to comfort me. 7 years ago +2
There are 16 of them, 1x 1x0=0, 14x1= 14, 1x-1 = -1. 0+14-1 = 13 7 years ago +1
I can find new friends. And I wont lose my family completely, I would still have my grand-grand-and so on-children. 7 years ago  
Spain, I want to see where German taxes are going XD 7 years ago +1
ME3 isn't soooo bad with the free DLC 7 years ago  
World Peace is against human nature. At least as long as we don't have sufficient resources for everyone. Atm you can only achieve it by killing 95% of the population or with a worldwide dictatorship. No, thank you. A wife I love and who loves me (1.), a long and happy life for me and the ones I love (2.) and a personal android servant (3. wish) would be way better. And I would still have sufficient money to buy me a nice house at a tropical beach :-) 7 years ago  
Already having enough family 7 years ago  
In Germany you can go into jail for being a cop and doing your job. At the moment some of them are sued for using a water thrower against illegal hippie demonstrators. 7 years ago  
I know that's a joke, but sadly women really think it works that way. How can they be shy if they approach you? 7 years ago +6
If Id see something i don't want to see I can still close my eyes, but imagine hearing a constant high tone forever 7 years ago +2
I'm a guy and like having sex with women. How are you supposed to do that if your penis is 90 cm long? 7 years ago +3
I think there would be less radiation after the Zombies 7 years ago +9
No, you can't. Because you have to stand for the rest of your life. How can you lay down when you have to stand ALL THE TIME? 7 years ago +10
Neither. French cars are for France only 7 years ago +1
Rather what? Kill, do, have, kick, hit, feed? 7 years ago +3
I like them. Go Cylons! 7 years ago  
When falling down it could make the difference between a smooth land and a crush 7 years ago +5
100$/3 days = 1000$/month = not enough 7 years ago  
One of the big important German car brands. Google it, they build beautiful and fast cars. 7 years ago +1
Lamps could be sold. I would start my own lamp company ;-) 7 years ago +7
15 seconds foresight wouldn't be useless. I could drive like hell without having accidents, only tell jokes everyone laughs about and win poker games. 7 years ago +9
Still better than being alone or an homeless guy... 7 years ago  
Why would I want to change the color of my eyes? Glowing pee could get pretty handy if I get lost in a forest or in some kinky situations. 7 years ago +4
The elevator could be fun. Maybe theres a sexy girl trapped in it as well ;-) 7 years ago  
Wont stop before I complete my football team+cheerleaders ;-) 7 years ago  
Cook the rat, we're eating animals everyday 7 years ago +4
for 500$ means she pays me 500$. or do I have to pay? ;-) 7 years ago +3
Autobahn is ALWAYS the best alternative. And a highway is nearly as good. 7 years ago +1
I don't like someone who asks stupid questions like that. 7 years ago +13
Why would I want someone narrating my death? 7 years ago +2
Why shouldn't someone like us? Also: stop posting pics of IM Erika. Seeing her in the newspapers and tv shows is enough ;-) 7 years ago +1
Neither, but if I had to choose Id rescue some apes (but not the cats). 7 years ago  
I could insult it and start the first space war :-) 7 years ago +1
Animals cant convert my CO2 into O2. 7 years ago  
Its pretty easy to kill little spiders. You just need one finger. But how do you kill big one without additional tools? 7 years ago +1
Record companies may survive longer than websites. 7 years ago +5
Raid? No, I'd secretly kill them. Except for the hottest babe. Than blame the neighbor camp and raid it. The hot babe would think I revenged her friends and I get her and 2x supplies :-) 7 years ago  
Being embarrassed sometimes earns you sympathy points. 7 years ago +4
Deutsche Telekom ftw 7 years ago +1
Wouldn't mind if it was gay but I am an Atheist an hope my child becomes one too. 7 years ago +3
Only if I can be jigsaw :-) 7 years ago +12
I'm a straight guy and would prefer to dress as any woman only to avoid being a Bieber fan. 7 years ago +1
European politics are already driving me crazy, but still better than crying. 7 years ago  
Seeing everyone I love die would suck. Many times. But at least I would have some good time too :-) 7 years ago +3
I would never have to buy hot sauce again :-) 7 years ago +6
Maybe I would die in space, but there would still be a minimal chance to be revived by some aliens ;-) 7 years ago  
Whats the matter? Some people go to strip-clubs with their dads 7 years ago +1
Who cares who the queen is as long as the king is ok 7 years ago +1
the last 2 years sucked 7 years ago  
A tail would help me not to fall over when being drunk 7 years ago +2
Said someone with green eyes, pale skin, freckles, and chocolate brown hair... 7 years ago  
No! F***ing! Way! She is so ugly! XD 7 years ago  
Peter always destroys his neighbors bathroom 7 years ago +1
Neither 7 years ago  
Flying in air when you cant breathe air is kind of useless ;-) 7 years ago  
some sharks know that human flesh tastes disgusting. they will only bite if they think you're something tasty 7 years ago +2
Get away cat! 7 years ago +1
You can bully your enemy. Having your friends around only makes it easier. 7 years ago  
Climbing stairs when there is a highway? Hell no! 7 years ago +4
SS. I don't believe in Allah. 7 years ago +1
I cant stand anyone who sucks my blood. Including Mosquitoes and Politicians. 7 years ago  
Already pretending to be allergic to cats. I hate them! 7 years ago  
Says someone who obviously has no enemies. 7 years ago +1
Run over the cat. Maybe twice if once isn't enough to kill it. 7 years ago  
When you die you will be around 80 and filled with medicaments. Some graveyards are already getting prepared for the treatment of these toxic bodies and you want to dispose them in the nature? 7 years ago  
I'm a man and male 40 is like female 25. Old enough for the fun but not too old ;-) 7 years ago  
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