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Would you rather wish me farewell as I leave rrrather or harass me as I leave? 7 months ago 66 votes 58 comments 0 likes
Better Comment “You're just as bad as Hitler with those views then.” - KoreanJesus or “You are ignorant af.” - barkans 7 months ago 64 votes 55 comments 0 likes
Would you rather comment on why people think I'm in my 40s or not? 7 months ago 61 votes 12 comments 0 likes
Would you rather fight Al-Shabaab or Boko Haram? 7 months ago 40 votes 9 comments 0 likes
Would you rather live in Liberia or Sierra Leone? 7 months ago 44 votes 4 comments 0 likes
Would you rather ban Kimitfrg7777 or replace alexw with a better user? 7 months ago 55 votes 14 comments 0 likes
Would you rather be JustSomeRandomPerson and start voting anonymously to skew my votes or stop getting triggered. 7 months ago 33 votes 15 comments 0 likes
Would you rather worship God or let nikopower123 and SatanLordofLies666 destroy rrrather? 7 months ago 60 votes 29 comments 0 likes
Would you rather join my Holy RRRather Crusade or be a sodomite. 7 months ago 43 votes 13 comments 0 likes
Would you rather be Red or dead? 7 months ago 63 votes 12 comments 0 likes
Do you believe The Matrix's Sequels more horrifying or is the Animatrix more horrifying? 7 months ago 30 votes 1 comment 0 likes
Would you rather make your profile picture a screenshot of yourself or admit private information in your biography? 7 months ago 81 votes 13 comments 0 likes
Would you rather watch The Spectacular Spider-Man or Ultimate Spider-Man 7 months ago 68 votes 9 comments 0 likes
Have you watched Grave of the Fireflies without crying? Yes or No? 7 months ago 36 votes 11 comments 0 likes
Would you rather get triggered that you got roasted and throw a fit or act like a civilized human being? 7 months ago 44 votes 27 comments 0 likes
Would you rather be the victim or the offender? 8 months ago 78 votes 13 comments 0 likes
Would you rather have The God-Emperor Trump or Mexicans, Muslims, Blacks, and politically correct weaklings? 8 months ago 67 votes 15 comments 0 likes
Would you rather fight in World War I or fight in World War II? 8 months ago 85 votes 14 comments 0 likes
Would you rather have helicopter parents or neglectful parents? 8 months ago 71 votes 10 comments 0 likes

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OMFG. You make me cringe harder then f*cking KoreanJesus. 7 months ago  
Ur dumb. 7 months ago  
Oh hey, a nice guest. 7 months ago +1
Thanks. 7 months ago +1
15 7 months ago +1
It is what it is. 7 months ago  
Pedo! 7 months ago  
I didn't even see you. Thanks. LOL. 7 months ago  
Well, you're kind of stupid. So, we're even. 7 months ago +2
Yeah, but I feel like I can't stay. There are other things I must take care of. 7 months ago +1
no u 7 months ago +1
It's made by other people too and don't call me hammy when you're projecting this narrative, too. 7 months ago +1
Bye. 7 months ago +1
Oh well. 7 months ago +1
Bye, then. 7 months ago  
LOL. 7 months ago  
I got bored of trolling people and this place is filled with trolls. It's not really a meme if you're literally just taking what a user says and mocking it. It's just plain old harassment which is one of my problems with the site. This site becomes less fun unless you become a troll. You can consider me a weirdo and an oddball. But my political beliefs aren't stupid in the slightest compared to anyone else's. I only mentioned one real political position I had in only one comment anyway. So, there's no need to get worked up about it. You seemed friendly enough at first, but I guess that wasn't mutual. You seem like a person who's hiding behind your anonymity. Maybe I am wrong and you're just naturally edgy. But you should be careful who you insult online or you will eventually face far greater consequences than just getting insulted back. 7 months ago  
Thanks for the nice comment. I'm sorry I wasn't able to stay here longer. 7 months ago  
Same. So why are you here? 7 months ago +2
I'm a guy, your words are meaningless. 7 months ago +1
Sorry, man. It must be done. 7 months ago  
LOL. 7 months ago +2
I mean, you personally were pretty cool. 7 months ago +1
I've got to move on. I don't want to spend the majority of my teenage years as an Internet troll. 7 months ago +1
Unfortunately, I actually am leaving. :( 7 months ago +1
LOL. The funny thing is I didn't actually tell Alex anything. 7 months ago +1
It was actually supposed to be an intentionally dumb statement. But now that you took it literally it's even funnier. 7 months ago +1
No. At least I don't think so. 7 months ago  
I thought about this for a while, and I think this website is indirectly hurting my grade as I have ADHD, and this site has become a source of distraction in my life. I was thinking about maybe coming back in a few months, but I don't trust myself to stay away. So, I decided to ask him to close the account so I am less tempted to return. And most users leave after a few years anyway, so I am saving myself some time I could be spending with family, friends, or something involving less controversy. Because the drama has lost its entertaining effect. It's become old and repetitive. Plus, I feel it would be better to leave this website as a small memory rather than spend many months here wasting my life as an Internet troll. I'll lurk a few more times to see if there are any late comments on these last few questions, and then I'll never return (until I'm like some old man remembering my teenage years). 7 months ago +2
Also, this place is full of controversy. I wouldn't have gone here in the first place if it wasn't. But I feel that in order to resolve issues in my personal life I must stop going on this website because it's distracting, cancerous, and toxic. 7 months ago  
Nah, I was actually thinking of leaving way back in Late February. I mean sure you guys have produced a toxic Internet culture, but if that were the case, I could've just left last week or when I first arrived. I've asked Alex to close the account. 7 months ago  
Don't worry, she has a short life. 7 months ago  
Sarcasm. 7 months ago  
:) 7 months ago +1
Did what? 7 months ago  
Yes. 7 months ago  
;) 7 months ago  
I'd never be caught in one of those places. 7 months ago  
I should've announced that I had ended the Holy Rrrather Crusade five days ago. Alex has continued to be inactive most of the time. And therefore, I'll probably move on sooner or later. (Might come back tho.) I actually have a life to maintain and other things I want to go do. 7 months ago  
Apparently it does for KoreanJesus. 7 months ago  
Not if I were to act faster. 7 months ago  
I flamebaited all of rrrather in one sentence. 7 months ago  
HerpesWarrior Status: Inactive. 7 months ago  
You don't want autism either tho. 7 months ago  
Mission accomplished. 7 months ago  
No, it can't be. 7 months ago +1
Unite the Right 3, it's going to be epic. :) 7 months ago  
You even sh*ttalk. 7 months ago  
That's not what I meant but whatever. 7 months ago  
No, I ain't a coprophile like you. 7 months ago  
LOL. Well, you don't respect much considering you're an Internet troll with a much greater Internet presence than most people your age and have found some way to get offended at people who can be more cancerous than you. 7 months ago  
No one asked your furry ass. 7 months ago  
I can present socially unacceptable opinions on rrrather due to Alex's overlapping opinions on controversy on this website. Also, I enjoy flame trolling because my personal life is really crazy with school. 7 months ago  
That's a pretty subjective statement. 7 months ago  
I am primarily due to upbringing (aren't we all?) but most of what I said to KoreanJesus was me experimenting on how people like her would react if I were to represent the extreme right-wing. I was also flamebaiting liberal users into getting trolled because there's so many anti-intellectual viewpoints in political discussion, I just couldn't resist trying to provoke people. 7 months ago  
Most of what I said was just flame trolling. I mean in reality I'm pro-life. But I'm not a domestic terrorist or a violent person. 7 months ago  
I mean God never had a problem with killing sinners before, so . . . 7 months ago  
I feel very accomplished to know that. 7 months ago  
https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=ploAV_eZ0M0 7 months ago  
I actually said violence could be the answer in that case. 7 months ago  
You need to see more people. 7 months ago  
Oh! I forgot. Nevermind, let's make pregnancy illegal. 7 months ago  
No. 7 months ago  
Who remembers that time when Hitler blew up an abortion clinic? 7 months ago  
Canadians already did when they put pineapple on pizza. 7 months ago +1
Better in every way. 7 months ago +1
They will be crushed. 7 months ago +2
They are if I decide they are. 7 months ago  
Yes. 7 months ago  
You can't win the popularity contest on rrrather. 7 months ago +2
It's how most trolls are. 7 months ago  
I flamebaited her with a controversial position: https://www.rrrather.com/view/247938#comments. 7 months ago  
I report you. 7 months ago +1
Okay, in a nutshell I'm not making a political statement. I'm trying to say it's just whenever a social issue people have strong social views about an issue that makes it a question of whether it's moral or not. Pro-life supporters believe in the sacredness of life and innocence of children which influences their opinion on this topic. 7 months ago  
What makes you say that? 7 months ago  
No way! RLY? LOL! I love flamebaiting you people. 7 months ago  
Well, unlike you I am willing to accept violence as a possibility to achieve my goals. Why shouldn't I? 7 months ago  
Yeah, you said that already. 7 months ago  
LOL. IDK. I guess this is why no one teaches American social political issues to French people at 1:00 AM EST. 7 months ago  
Social political issues always stem from a conflict of beliefs arising within a group about future policy. 7 months ago  
People. 7 months ago +1
Values aren't universal. Domestic terrorism can be more effective if given the right attention and planning. Let the media report on the horror right to home. And then keep the cycle going by doing it again and again and again and again. And sooner or later likeminded people will follow the example. 7 months ago  
no u 7 months ago  
Okay. 7 months ago  
Well, that's not really accurate but this site has provided me with grounds to be an Internet troll. Honestly, this website would be worth it if it wasn't so dramatic. 7 months ago  
FBI! OPEN UP! 7 months ago  
Sometimes, violence is necessary. 7 months ago  
That's not an option, sir. 7 months ago  
I already like these guys: https://9b16f79ca967fd0708d1-2713572fef44aa49ec323e813b06d2d9.ssl.cf2.rackcdn.com/1140x_a10-7_cTC/KKK-Rally-1532257603.jpg 7 months ago  
#1! 7 months ago  
I'll wait until she's clearly out of any possible blast zone so I don't look like a hypocrite. 7 months ago  
no u 7 months ago  
Allahu Akbar! 7 months ago  
LOL. 7 months ago  
Someone needs to put you guys on timeout. 7 months ago +1
Her life is a prank. 7 months ago +1
Time to die. 7 months ago +1
N*gger magic doesn't scare me. But to wear crappy shoes, oh Lord. 7 months ago  
Watching Cryptonical is like getting raped by Mexicans. 7 months ago +2
Sorry, I've got to go and blow up a clinic right now, brb. 7 months ago +1
You're pretty brave for going onto a shock site and clicking on a video with mutilation via worm. But you need to think where you are once in a while. You're on a website where psychopaths are bound to reside. 7 months ago  
Y U so intolerant man? 7 months ago  
Okay, what's your actual story then? 7 months ago  
LOL. 7 months ago  
Apparently Satan had something to do with this. 7 months ago  
What happpened? 7 months ago  
That was sudden. 7 months ago +1
No. I aim to be controversial. 7 months ago  
Your whole life is cringe. 7 months ago  
Heavy music is edgy tho. 7 months ago  
And get sent to prison for assault and battery. You're really smart, aren't you? 7 months ago +1
You're so edgy it makes me cringe. 7 months ago  
KYS. 7 months ago  
The practice never died in states that did outlaw corporal punishment in school. 7 months ago  
Both. 7 months ago  
And you're under arrest. 7 months ago +1
So, back in the early 1990s, during the First Liberian Civil War there was this dude, Joshua Milton Blahyi, and his nom de guerre was General Butt Naked because Liberia is full of weird war names. And he and his men, were serving under Roosevelt Johnson. So, Butt Naked was a Sarpo and the guy ended up having a weird upbringing including Devil worship and witchcraft. So, when he became a commanding officer of the ULIMO, and was given a bunch of uneducated African riflemen to command naturally sh*t happened. So, they were notorious for snatching children wherever they were found. The poor kids were sacrificed and got their hearts ripped out and torn apart to be eaten by him and his men. They frequently drank, drugged themselves up, drank human adolescent blood, and used their victims heads as soccer balls. Yeah and Butt Naked recruited a number of boys who like him and his men, would strip to their shoes, while others would crossdress. He eventually formed the Butt Naked Brigade out of these kids. Butt Naked and his men (including the kids) would often fight bare naked while clearing human life out of villages. He was notoriously feared and hated throughout Liberia, and after Taylor took over Liberia, the man decided f*ck this and became a faithful Christian and decided to preach the rest of his days. VICE did some weird documentary years back and ended up freeing a warlord from prison through bribery before seeing him. It's, it's, well, it's pretty strange to say the least: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=ZRuSS0iiFyo. 7 months ago  
Conservatism in a nutshell (usually). 7 months ago +1
Probably. 7 months ago  
Fanny Blankers-Koen and Miklós Fehér. 7 months ago  
I mean if a kid got drunk and they were caught and punished, then they're probably concerned if they've picked up some bad habit. The "oh, they did it, too" is just a stupid argument. 7 months ago  
Oh, sweet. So no more nonsense? 7 months ago  
Latinos running towards a Great Wall with the noble white guards looking down and telling them to stop bringing drugs, crime, and rape into the glorious American states. 7 months ago +1
It's too late. 7 months ago  
Oh yeah! 7 months ago  
Except I'm not a Gothic loser with fangs. 7 months ago  
Duh. 7 months ago  
Another pair of sunglasses. 7 months ago +1
He's a singing muppet frog. 7 months ago  
Grass. 7 months ago  
The greatest, most philosophical Disney money-making work of all time, clearly updated to fit 21st Century morality and project liberalism into one of the most beloved film franchises ever. 7 months ago +1
no u 7 months ago +1
https://memegenerator.net/img/instances/41515176.jpg 7 months ago  
Ignore him, he's just a triggered furry. 7 months ago  
Kill the homos. 7 months ago +1
He's just going to throw a fit about how omnipotence is b.s. 7 months ago +1
*Last words from a furry.* 7 months ago  
I'm always afraid of this kind of thing happening. So, I'd probably freak out and hit him with the door. 7 months ago +1
To HELL with your soul. 7 months ago  
You know, I actually thought we were the worst kind of people in existence. 7 months ago +1
KoreanJesus likes cancer, I guess. 7 months ago +1
Then you must be burned alive. 7 months ago  
Have you guys ever heard the stories of General Butt Naked? 7 months ago  
Even back then it was inaccurate. Look up Everything Wrong With Yakko's World. Click any video you see and you'll get what I mean. 7 months ago  
The Almighty Chungus. 7 months ago  
*Reported.* 7 months ago  
Be Catholic. So, I guess that's C. 7 months ago  
I'd kill gay people for being dumb enough to challenge a demographic that outnumbers them a hundred to one. 7 months ago +1
It's probably my man Jesus finally picking up his homies. I'm going to watch ActualFrisk become the Antichrist and get his ass spanked afterwards. LOL. 7 months ago  
There are so many political inaccuracies of that song that it might as well be an alternate dimension. But hey, it's catchy. And it's ascended to meme status. 7 months ago  
Yeah, so? 7 months ago  
LOL. 7 months ago  
So, I guess British people knew how to f*ck up the English language. 7 months ago  
Literally whenever I do anything: https://i.imgflip.com/24jrj5.jpg. 7 months ago +1
I must protest this two-sided system. 7 months ago  
In what way? 7 months ago  
What did you do? What did you do? 7 months ago +2
Then I realized the school administration would have absolute power over what I taught, and like the negro I said, “Aw! Hell no!” 7 months ago  
I wish I was a motherf*cking dragon. 7 months ago +2
True dat. 7 months ago  
Life exists. 7 months ago +1
No! This guy! Niko can suck dick. 7 months ago  
You wouldn't know because you're British. 7 months ago  
LOL, this is hilarious to be honest. 7 months ago  
Your subscriber count is even worse. 7 months ago +1
He asks the meaningful questions, you know. 7 months ago  
Your tactics will not work on me. 7 months ago  
LMAO! 7 months ago  
I despise people like you. -_- 7 months ago +1
. . . 7 months ago  
F*cking tory. 7 months ago  
Moral objectivity. 7 months ago  
Why? LOL. It's not even that much. 7 months ago  
Oh no, it's a Jew! :o 7 months ago  
*Kills the Sequel Trilogy's purpose.* 7 months ago  
I can see this hostility and culture-shock thing is going to be a problem as well. So, I would recommend just studying theology a little more to get some more appreciation of it. There is no way I will pointlessly argue with you while you are in this mental lockdown state. 7 months ago  
I meant British English was inferior to American English. 7 months ago  
I'm sorry. British humor is a very strange practice to most Americans. :) 7 months ago  
Okay. Definitely strong false beliefs. Anti-intellectual. Hmm . . . not schizophrenic, doesn't seem like he's hearing voices. So, it seems to be delusional disorder. 7 months ago  
I'm not going to waste my time doing that. I'll let you figure it out. :) 7 months ago  
Wow. 7 months ago  
Who's your psychiatrist? 7 months ago  
https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=orn0baehf8g 7 months ago  
Feels bad, man. 7 months ago +1
Faggot. 7 months ago  
https://encrypted-tbn0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn%3AANd9GcS9esKn2G3OuU4DLlSjSJY7TnRzrgocm52bSfitNnF2wwr9YYJH 7 months ago  
You must be legitimately banned forever. 7 months ago +1
America da best in da world. Evry1 els suucs coc. 7 months ago  
Are you questioning the words of the mighty Jimmy? 7 months ago  
I must. 7 months ago  
yes u 7 months ago  
You have poor analytical skills. 7 months ago  
Too bad. 7 months ago  
What happened to my brain cells? Where did they go? 7 months ago  
No. This trend must stop. 7 months ago +1
Thomas doesn't even have freedom of movement he's such a noob! 7 months ago  
OMG! I'm 12! 7 months ago  
Oh, no. We will continue this battle. 7 months ago  
Kill yourself. 7 months ago +1
Rian Johnson. 7 months ago  
Not diving into this. 7 months ago  
What are you even? 7 months ago  
Kill yourself. What's your address, faggot? 7 months ago  
U Make No Sense. 7 months ago  
YU So Dumb? 7 months ago  
Master Race! FTW! 7 months ago  
Well, I'm sure my human soul is great at resisting that laws of physics and sh*t. So, what gives. Am I not believing hard enough? 7 months ago  
OMG. How u know? 7 months ago  
I ugry. 7 months ago +2
Alex's achievement in a nutshell. R.I.P. 7 months ago  
I wonder if you have a brain tumor. 7 months ago  
Ew, it's trans. 7 months ago +1
Le Bible says otherwise. I would like to conduct a study on what makes 12-year-olds autistic. 7 months ago  
I'm choking on irony. 7 months ago  
The frogs are in league. 7 months ago +1
Wimp. 7 months ago  
Umm . . . 7 months ago  
"Hey man, back off." 7 months ago  
No. 7 months ago +1
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Dh-RL__uN4 7 months ago +1
1/16 7 months ago +1
No one here cares. 7 months ago  
I'm smart and educated. 7 months ago  
Okay. 7 months ago  
Fight fire with the Sun. 7 months ago  
I wonder which rrrather user we're talking about here. 7 months ago +1
Stop these lyric questions. 7 months ago +1
I can't keep doing these. Stop! Stop it right now! 7 months ago  
It better not be that warm beer that they try to serve you. 7 months ago  
F*cking c*nt. 7 months ago  
No. 7 months ago  
We need to petition Alex to get rid of the fags. Like if you agree. 7 months ago +1
Faggot. Kill yourself or I'm goina stik a knife up yer ass. 7 months ago +1
Lit. 7 months ago +1
I don't like him either to be honest. 7 months ago  
Monstrosity! 7 months ago  
He penetrated me. 7 months ago +1
I f*cking hate you so much that I want you to drown on an orange juice cookie! 7 months ago +2
OH! 7 months ago  
*Makes sexual noises as he masturbates.* 7 months ago +1
"Your fan fiction isn't canon." - George Lucas 7 months ago  
Heil Hitler! He sacrificed his entire life to create a greater Germany. But the Jews were just too powerful. Even now, those vermin corrupt our great societies with their greed. They murder Aryans in Palestine. They take the land of innocents. And they live like rats across the world. They are the most despicable and weakest race on the planet. 7 months ago  
He's a f*cking Slav, you moron. You are a shame to Western civilization. 7 months ago  
Retard. Kill yourself. 7 months ago  
What about white slavery? 7 months ago  
B are possessed by demons. 7 months ago  
Because I'm a normal person. 7 months ago +1
It's called the feminist narrative in historical first person shooters. 7 months ago  
Everyone. LOL. 7 months ago +1
Feminism is anti-intelligence tho. 7 months ago  
I don't know. I sorta like him. 7 months ago  
LMAO, you don't have a brain. 7 months ago  
T-Gay. 7 months ago  
What was so bad about it? 7 months ago  
Takbir! 7 months ago  
Bruh, you're so ugly that I can't even look at you. 7 months ago +1
It's like Battle Strategy 101. 7 months ago  
It's SH1T, guys. 7 months ago  
No. 7 months ago  
no u 7 months ago  
No. 7 months ago  
Weirdo. 7 months ago  
*Orgasms* 7 months ago +2
Less evil. 7 months ago +2
I'm disturbed. 7 months ago +2
I would hope that usmanc has some sort of tactical sense of where he put his troops. 7 months ago  
I'm not a brony, I swear. 7 months ago +2
Oh sh*t. Wasn't expecting to see any active users here. LOL. 7 months ago +1
Now you know what that looks like. 7 months ago  
Lummoxes. 7 months ago +2
No, they're actually calling PewDiePie vs. T-Series "the Great Subscriber War." I would say it's mainly a battle for Felix's prestige on YouTube. 7 months ago  
2 gay 4 me. 7 months ago  
The perfect Varangian warrior. 7 months ago +1
You guys don't even realize the amount of pain you would go throw. You're better off stealing. 7 months ago +3
You guys ever heard of an Indian Dane? 7 months ago  
Things change. 7 months ago  
She said the juices will get everywhere. 7 months ago +3
Dude, the toddler cuddling thing is weird. Cut it out. 7 months ago  
Repent, sinner. 7 months ago  
Oh, I'm so sorry for my stupidity. Whatever may I do to make it up to you, oh great TalcrumPowder the Teenage Tranny? 7 months ago +1
Sarcasm within sarcasm isn't sarcasm. 7 months ago  
Umm . . . how exactly? 7 months ago  
Honestly, what the f*ck? 7 months ago  
Talcum's role in these questions. 7 months ago  
Yes. 7 months ago  
My signature phrase. 7 months ago  
Hey. Come on. What have I ever done to you? 7 months ago  
LOL. 7 months ago  
Want to join my crusade against niko? 7 months ago  
Want to join my crusade against nikopower123? 7 months ago  
Prime Minister, I regret to inform you SatanLordofLies666 has announced a coup d'état against the Republic of RRRather in order to gain favor with Lord AlexW and nikopower123. 7 months ago  
Sure, why not? 7 months ago  
LOL, you sound pretty badass to be honest. 7 months ago +1
Stop! 7 months ago  
Except you are not. 7 months ago  
Please, no anal. 7 months ago  
A satanist crusade?! 7 months ago  
https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=INCSBwpJBQk 7 months ago +3
Well, Satan's indirect support of nikopower123 makes this problematic, but fine. 7 months ago  
T-Gay. 7 months ago  
Yeah. Why wouldn't I? The thing is, why would guests vote so overwhelmingly against my encouragement where as you're actively being hostile. 7 months ago  
You're acting pretty suspicious to be honest. 7 months ago  
:( 7 months ago  
Why so mad then boi? 7 months ago  
You seem like that kind of person. 7 months ago  
Because those anymous votes came from nowhere right? 7 months ago  
I can scientifically prove that you can't prove that. 7 months ago  
You switched your gender back to male, remember? 7 months ago  
By definition, reality can't be and idealistic idea. 7 months ago  
No, lol. I mean like we're bound to reality. 7 months ago  
Lit. 7 months ago +1
We aren't free. That sounds delusional. 7 months ago  
Or maybe you're just hostile. 7 months ago  
LOL. Okay then. 7 months ago  
Yes. 7 months ago  
no u 7 months ago +1
お前はもう死んでいる 7 months ago  
See? 7 months ago  
Only if you make it into one. 7 months ago +1
You probably believe that God has no right to kill anyone. That it's hypocritical murder to strike down your creations. It's murder to kill in the name of God. But humans have done the same thing to the plants and animals of the world, and we don't consider eating or cutting things murderous. Is was God's command not to murder others. It didn't say never kill others. I don't believe that God really murdered anyone being that he's our judge not another man. 7 months ago  
no u 7 months ago  
https://www.rrrather.com/view/247443#comments 7 months ago  
It's Satan's cancer furry cult now. 7 months ago  
How? 7 months ago  
Watch the language, man. This is a Christian server. 7 months ago  
Oh, yes. 7 months ago  
You are neither an enlightener or a crusader. You are cancer. Begone thot. 7 months ago  
Yes. 7 months ago +1
You are cancer indeed. 7 months ago  
So, it's two contradicting subjective worldviews coexisting I have a problem with. 7 months ago  
Wait, so you willingly deluding yourself? 7 months ago  
What the f*ck? 7 months ago  
How can two subjective worldviews coexist? 7 months ago  
But your cult has already failed if your followers keep him sustained. 7 months ago  
It sounds nonsensical. 7 months ago  
https://www.rrrather.com/view/247441#comments 7 months ago  
*Insert Bible phrase and anti-Christian response here.* 7 months ago  
See for yourself. 7 months ago  
Because God is omnibenevolent. 7 months ago  
usmanc does. And gtc26 you saw for yourself. 7 months ago  
Doesn't that make you evil? 7 months ago  
His followers support nikopower123. 7 months ago  
I wouldn't be surprised if Satan's working with Nikopower. 7 months ago  
S-Gay 7 months ago  
LOL. Things are getting chaotic. 7 months ago  
What? 7 months ago  
You can do this by going to sort newest and proclaiming the word of Christ. 7 months ago  
Why? 7 months ago  
Guests, help me get rid of SatanLordofLies666, go to the newest questions and support me by rejecting SatanLordofLies666 and nikopower123. 7 months ago  
Newbies, go to sort and type newest and help me get rid of SatanLordofLies666. 7 months ago  
You will get virgins in Heaven if you help me dislodge Satan. 7 months ago  
Guests, help me out. Go to sort and click the newest questions. Help me get rid of SatanLordofLies666. 7 months ago  
Hey newbies go to the newest questions, help me purge SatanLordofLies666 from the site. His satanism is toxic. 7 months ago  
Yep. And I think it's time to purge Satan and Niko. 7 months ago  
Hey, do you want to purge Satan? 7 months ago +1
Weird. 7 months ago  
Because Satan is a heretic who plans to take over rrrather. 7 months ago  
Traitor. 7 months ago +1
Attention all believers, please assist my Holy RRRather Crusade of purging this site of sinners by harassing SatanLordofLies666 and nikopower123. You can do this in any way you choose. I would suggest this by going to the top of the screen, hit sort, go to newest questions, spamming Ave Maria, Deus Vult, and other such holy phrases on their questions. 7 months ago +3
You will be excommunicated from the RRRather Christian Church. 7 months ago  
I think it's recruiting time. 7 months ago  
This site turns more and more like PornHub everyday. 7 months ago +1
I'm sure. LOL. :) 7 months ago  
Hey, anyone else want to chop of Satan's limbs, rip out his intestines, and ride him like some sort of meat toboggan? 7 months ago +1
No one comes here. 7 months ago +1
no u 7 months ago  
Ur mom gay. 7 months ago  
I wonder how this will end. 7 months ago  
ALEX!!! MAKE IT STOP!!! Ban this fool. 7 months ago +1
Is it true that for several minutes T-Series was the most-subscribed YouTube channel? 7 months ago +1
It's really dark and depressing but it's definitely a great anime. 7 months ago +1
Boi, have you seen this anime? 7 months ago +2
Your memory is not that reliable troll. 7 months ago  
It's just a prank bro. 7 months ago +1
Arguing. 7 months ago  
Yep. Although, it was mostly fabricated. 7 months ago  
no u 7 months ago  
ShadowQueer 2.0 Incident: https://www.rrrather.com/view/246833 ShadowQueer 3.0 Incident: https://www.rrrather.com/view/246763 7 months ago  
Then, stop. 7 months ago  
Hyehyehyehyehyehyehye! 7 months ago  
The horniness is almost as bad as the deviancy on this site. Anyone else want to join me in my Holy RRRather Crusade. 7 months ago +1
You encourage this idiocy. 7 months ago  
:l 7 months ago +1
Stop voting. 7 months ago  
Traitor! You must die. 7 months ago +1
Explain how. You can't. Sit down. 7 months ago  
I'll talk to alexw if you want. 7 months ago +2
Duh. 7 months ago +1
Fire the PMs! 7 months ago  
Less queer. 7 months ago +1
I could just as easily label you pro-death for supporting abortion. 7 months ago  
Target confirmed. 7 months ago +1
Guests can't post questions dumbass. We need to find his IP address. 7 months ago  
No, but if I confirm he is indeed coming after me, it would be handy. 7 months ago  
It's political framing, bruh. 7 months ago  
Oh my f*cking God. Alex ban all these people! Now! 7 months ago +1
Other people will. 7 months ago  
Duh. 7 months ago  
*Retarded Clicking* 7 months ago  
This is why gun control sucks. 7 months ago +1
I commit suicide. 7 months ago  
You oppose birth? 7 months ago  
What happened to The Rrrather Report? 7 months ago  
Hey, I'm a pro-life, homophobic, devout Christian. 7 months ago +1
Where's Alex? 7 months ago  
Horny teens. Horny teens everywhere. 7 months ago +4
It must be contagious. 7 months ago  
Nope, nope, nope, nope, nope, nope, nope. 7 months ago  
What about the millions of years without people? 7 months ago  
Hey, anyone else want to chop of Satan's limbs, rip out his intestines, and ride him like some sort of meat toboggan? 7 months ago  
Oof. 7 months ago  
I think this site just gave me more autism than my last vaccination did. 7 months ago  
You're a crossdressing furry. Enough said. Sit down. 7 months ago  
The means of producing the memes about the means of producing the memes of production. Yeah? 7 months ago  
Like, a lot. 7 months ago  
What if I am 13? 7 months ago  
I wouldn't know, because I use a sink like a normal person. 7 months ago +1
No. 7 months ago  
Duh. 7 months ago  
It's nikopower123 doing it himself. How haven't you realized this? 7 months ago  
You must be the deadest meme I've ever seen. 7 months ago +1
Enough Victoria Secret. 7 months ago  
Hey Satan, how do I deal with Sodium? 7 months ago  
Hey Satan, if you're serious about this you know there are a lot of suicidal bois who want to die on the 'Can you think of a painless way to die?' question. 7 months ago  
Good for you. 7 months ago  
https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=MGQaH3-LK54 7 months ago  
No, I'm not ignoring your comments. And I am referring to the Commonwealth realms. Elizabeth II actually doesn't have much constitutional authority or power to influence what is done. The advice that the ministers of each realm give on behalf of their parliaments actually can't be ignored by Elizabeth II or there would be a constitutional crisis. If Elizabeth II had supreme authority over one monarchy, then it could be considered an empire. But that isn't the case. 7 months ago  
no u 7 months ago  
The hypocrisy is real. 7 months ago  
I suspected he would turn out a pedo. 7 months ago  
Not anymore. 7 months ago +1
Heavy metal is bad. 7 months ago +1
Wait, what the f*ck? You called Mustakrakish at 12:00 AM?! 7 months ago +2
Yeah. 7 months ago +2
Oh, then definitely. 7 months ago  
This is why people take issue with fake news. 7 months ago  
Millennials or Generation Z? 7 months ago  
Faggot. 7 months ago +1
No, I'm not trying to push the goal post. Okay, does Elizabeth II rule the Commonwealth realms? No, she's the reigning sovereign without the authority to rule because The Crown must follow the advice of the ministers or risk losing power. Sure, she's the highest authority but she has no governmental powers that give her authority over the Prime Ministers of each nation. Her position is more symbolic than anything else. If you still don't get it, there's an actual Quora question about this.(https://www.quora.com/Does-anyone-outside-of-England-still-think-of-the-Commonwealth-as-a-united-British-Empire-with-autonomous-regions) 7 months ago  
Okay, Elizabeth II takes no role in governing the Commonwealth realms. That's what I've been trying to say. Elizabeth II is not the head of government in each country. The head of government is the actual ruler, while the head of state is the national figurehead. And because she isn't the direct ruler of each Commonwealth realm, the realms can't be considered a part of one large British Empire. 7 months ago  
I know and you said they are autonomous sovereign states, with a shared monarch and I still don't believe they can be considered an empire. The definition of empire from Cambridge University can be found using this link: https://dictionary.cambridge.org/us/dictionary/english/empire. 7 months ago  
When you realize you can turn Hell into Heaven and you get woke. :o 7 months ago +1
Kill yourself. 7 months ago +1
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