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    They look exactly the same XD  
    Cause April Fools Day is the day before my birthday ;)  
    They'd probably accuse me for using magic and burn me, so...  
    I saw twilight and chose the other picture  
    I accidentally chose Steve Jobs! :(  
    The people that thought like you killed millions of peolple  
    If you believe in god and that he sends gay people to hell, and still find god to be nice, you're wrong. I thought that god was supposed to love EVERYONE, no matter what. Apparently I was wrong. I'm an atheist and I despise homophobes. I thought that the idea of god was supposed to be generous. I'm sorry if I offended anyone, but this is my opinion.  
    She plays Padmé Amidala in Star Wars, Jane Foster in Thor and many others.  
    Aaand skip!  
    You can at least stop being so rude!!!  
    Unless you die anytime soon  
    I'd just travel for the rest of my life.  
    *breathes in your face*  
    aaand skip.... +1
    Don't know, don't f*cking care :)  
    I just spent one minute answering this question  
    And what country do you think is bad?  
    then just break up :D  
    Yours too  
    Sleep is the world for me, so..  
    I'd like Voldemort to honk for me instead.  
    WINDOWS 8!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  
    You know what? I don't give a sh*t. :)  
    I feel free in my own clothes!  
    I would just move heheheheh problem solved!  
    I don't eat hamburgers..  
    I don't think Justina is perfect, though  
    Both women  
    I think that Iceland should get more votes.. +1
    It's not just you  
    3 words: I AM GOD.  
    The Emperor is mean to everyone... even his fellow siths, so Jedi all the way!!!  
    If I didn't need to sleep I would be so much happier... But I don't like Twilight and it doesn't mean that you like Twilight, right?  
    The "author" said it had to be driven!  
    I don't even care  
    you are blood  
    i lied....  
    Hey, what about Flash?! :(  
    I would just break up with him xD  
    I wouldn't do anything in a group hehehheheh  
    Give the camels food!  
    My grandmas aren't annoying  
    I'm probably te only person in the world hat doesn't eat hamburgers, amirite?  
    errgh, am I the only one that doesn't eat nutella?  
    American football is so violent...  
    Why can't you change your mind?  
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