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Fuck y'all you doubt me, I'm a piece of fuckin' white trash I say it proudly!

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Who do you think smokes more weed? ChocoSkywalker or Snoop Dogg 3 years ago 77 votes 6 comments 0 likes
Do you know what "tribbing" is? Yes or No 4 years ago 147 votes 18 comments 0 likes
I am IAS1632 Hello master or We are not worthy! 4 years ago 67 votes 7 comments 0 likes
Am I the only one who thinks rrrather has really bad questions? ya or nah 4 years ago 189 votes 16 comments 0 likes
Have you lost your virginity? Yeah or No 4 years ago 598 votes 27 comments 0 likes
I'm formally requesting that the following users join my rrrather alliance. ChocoSkywalker, NeetDetectiveTberr, jadenl, Danielle083, and jackw Awesome! I wanna join! or Go away! Nobody even knows who you are! 4 years ago 100 votes 27 comments 0 likes

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Clearly you too stupid to understand what i said. i said that NASCAR THE COMPANY NASCAR IS A COMPANY. Thats like saying is NFL is a sport, no its not , FOOTBALL is a sport , NFL is not. 1 month ago  
but Jerry West is? 4 years ago  
Because no one wanted to play with you 4 years ago +13
India 4 years ago  
apple sauce 4 years ago  
hersey 4 years ago  
jackie 4 years ago  
a school 4 years ago  
Me. :( 4 years ago  
:-( 4 years ago  
We don't care. Take all the selfies you want cuz ur sexy af 4 years ago  
Which therefore makes it green 4 years ago +5
Shut the f*ck up and suck my dick 4 years ago  
damn right bro no one likes you including me 4 years ago +1
if u wanna fight then lets fight 4 years ago  
Oh gawd that pic in A 4 years ago +3
Uh yeah he does the which fact do you like more questions dumbass 4 years ago  
ChocoSkywalker already does questions like this. be more original bro 4 years ago  
You're my favorite user, choco 4 years ago +1
dumbass, read the explanation 4 years ago  
ChocoSkywalker makes way better questions than you. 4 years ago +1
im not an apple fanboy, i like samsung way better, but they keep making gigantic phones. i like the iphone 6 because its not all square-ish ,thick, small, and ugly like the other ones. 4 years ago  
awesome question 4 years ago  
Entertainment 5 years ago +1
Breaking bad is amazing! 5 years ago +2
Complete torture 5 years ago  
It will end someday but its not gonna be cancelled 5 years ago  
Black people? Eww 5 years ago  
depends if I like the student and teacher 5 years ago  
take a one way trip 50,000,000 years into the future to see nothing 5 years ago +2
actually I do because I actually sex with girls not my right hand like you 5 years ago  
omfg people no sh*t its fake, its for ENTERTAINMENT, movies are fake too and what are they used for? enter f*cking tainment 5 years ago  
depends, if they're directly related. if they're like a step-cousin then its fine because you're only related by law 5 years ago  
on second thought, "great job" sounds sarcastic 5 years ago +1
once you actually have someone to have sex with, you'll stop masterbating 5 years ago  
that's what I do 5 years ago  
neither 5 years ago  
instead of "listen to nicki minaj" how bout "watch nicki minaj" 5 years ago +1
porn 5 years ago +3
svamp 5 years ago +2
I saw were the millers because of Jennifer anistons strip scene 5 years ago +1
35 what? 35 seconds? awesome! 5 years ago +3
I hate her so much 5 years ago  
I love this question so much!!! 5 years ago +1
call of duty 5 years ago  
North Korea is going to start WW3 5 years ago  
keep sweat out of your eyes 5 years ago  
"where's my money, b*tch!" 5 years ago  
I don't do water 5 years ago +1
Mine is So Much Better by Eminem 5 years ago  
i care more about internet 5 years ago  
i need my elvis duran! 5 years ago  
the countries in america? america is a country 5 years ago  
So marry someone crazy or marry someone crazy? 5 years ago  
looks im gonna be missing alot of school 5 years ago +4
Do reflections in other objects count? 5 years ago  
the jean part made it obvious 5 years ago  
suck a dick, daisy 5 years ago +3
not my money! 5 years ago +1
have you ever seen beyonce without makeup? gross 5 years ago  
this is a damn good question 5 years ago +4
can i constantly change my size? 5 years ago  
no the fùck they aren't! 5 years ago +3
i'll tell her i love her, but i won't give her flowers. i gotta reputation to maintain. 5 years ago  
that was lame 5 years ago  
anywhere but india 5 years ago +1
less gay 5 years ago +3
never gonna give you up 5 years ago  
B is less uncomfortable but more frustrating 5 years ago  
ok, now you're officially my favorite user, because i love these questions and eminem is my favorite artist. 5 years ago +3
die india! 5 years ago  
i hate people 5 years ago  
yep 5 years ago  
you're starting to become my favorite user because of these awesome questions 5 years ago  
that was lame 5 years ago +9
have you ever had your entire arm go completely numb? it feels like it's not even there. 5 years ago +1
i hate cats but dogs are more responsibility 5 years ago +1
ECW theme song 5 years ago +1
i never study, school is a waste of time for me 5 years ago +1
shane dawson 5 years ago  
that's a lie 5 years ago  
B was boring 5 years ago  
A are men 5 years ago  
miley cyrus was hot back then 5 years ago +3
a human's life is more valuable 5 years ago +2
they both aren't funny 5 years ago +1
move bìtch, get out the way 5 years ago +5
all the ghetto black people 5 years ago  
eyeBALL not BALLS 5 years ago +2
every guy using common sense is thinking you're probably just gonna see girl's skeletons 5 years ago +2
both useless 5 years ago  
listening to katt williams is like listening to lil wayne. niggà niggà niggà niggà niggà niggà niggà 5 years ago  
everyone feels that way 5 years ago +6
less = better 5 years ago +4
anywhere but the middle east 5 years ago +1
can i move? 5 years ago +1
one of the hardest questions ever 5 years ago  
anywhere but albany 5 years ago  
thrift shop 5 years ago +1
Mirrors is WAAAAAAY better 5 years ago +1
what menace to society drinks water with dinner? 5 years ago +1
if i had the money 5 years ago  
who's the biggest idiot on the planet? Svamp 5 years ago +17
i don't feel like getting into an argument with you. that's why i didn't answer your question the first time. 5 years ago  
don't even get me started 5 years ago  
XD 5 years ago  
how is the past going to affect my future? 5 years ago  
i hate anime, but i hate reading more 5 years ago  
i'll do A, then eventually B 5 years ago  
unoriginal 5 years ago  
i would try to but i don't think i'd be able to 5 years ago +1
*cough* regeneration *cough* 5 years ago  
$$$ 5 years ago +1
gay much? 5 years ago  
what do i need college for? 5 years ago +1
bûllsh*t 5 years ago  
don't even get me started 5 years ago  
you can, but its very difficult 5 years ago  
these are opinions not facts! 5 years ago +6
i hope it doesn't mean literally 5 years ago  
7/10 5 years ago  
A is more sad B is more gross 5 years ago  
bake a cake with danielle1217 5 years ago +1
your author's comment was seally terrible 5 years ago +3
more hiding spots 5 years ago +1
what does the fo- nevermind 5 years ago +2
i don't wanna be immortal 5 years ago  
*movie 5 years ago +2
not looking at someone's penis isn't homophobic 5 years ago  
im almost done with school anyway (11th grade ) 5 years ago +2
i like those sour strips in A because they aren't sour, they're just really sweet. 5 years ago  
i thought it said better looking 5 years ago +2
quicker to say 5 years ago  
everything is super cheap in the 19th century 5 years ago  
option c: don't be a fàg and don't look 5 years ago +2
nobody needs math in high school, as long as you know how to add, subtract, multiply, and divide you're good. unless you wanna an engineer or something. 5 years ago +1
easier to hear 5 years ago  
depends on what it is 5 years ago  
mcdonalds 5 years ago  
c'mon people 5 years ago  
both are stupid 5 years ago  
mmm......... baCAWN 5 years ago +2
friends reference. nice :) 5 years ago +3
less professional, but also less weird and disturbing. 5 years ago +3
sure 5 years ago  
it didn't look like it was blurred before. 5 years ago  
was the picture in A really necessary? 5 years ago +3
you never even heard one song from them 5 years ago +3
A looks like a boy ripping his butthole open 5 years ago +2
i just heard eminem's new album 5 years ago +1
my head hurts 5 years ago  
then i switch back to A 5 years ago  
well now you know 5 years ago  
then i choose B 5 years ago  
pm or am? 5 years ago  
ps3s have internet 5 years ago  
ps3 5 years ago  
i love that game 5 years ago  
just because you have a strong vocabulary doesn't mean you have to use it, dumb it down a bit 5 years ago +1
way cooler 5 years ago  
don't you mean the hot december snow? (suite life on deck reference) 5 years ago  
you know what? i'm feeling a little crazy, how bout no school? 5 years ago +2
ny to maryland 5 years ago  
not 2 chainz tho 5 years ago  
a fail at trying to be funny :) 5 years ago +6
congrats on your original question :) 5 years ago +1
the fact thathe wasn't a complete player capable of leading a team by himself 5 years ago  
id say kareem, bird or magic 5 years ago +1
would i have to go along with the game or could i do whatever i want? 5 years ago  
depends 5 years ago  
more $$$ 5 years ago +3
it's alright, i prefer the old one but i'll get used to this 5 years ago  
XD 5 years ago  
we already live in a world full of war and conflict! 5 years ago  
i'm 1997 too! the year of the cool kids lol 5 years ago  
B is douch baggy if you think about it 5 years ago  
depends on how big he is 5 years ago  
do you need glasses? 5 years ago +1
snow day everyday 5 years ago  
they can comfort me when i'm done 5 years ago  
if i had alot of money to blow 5 years ago  
chest or stomach 5 years ago  
is it unused? 5 years ago +1
a rock and a pineapple? 5 years ago  
taj mahal, something in north korea, and something in sweden 5 years ago +2
no, this is patrick! 5 years ago  
with hot melted cheese on it 5 years ago  
not competitive swimming 5 years ago +1
Lose Yourself - Eminem 5 years ago +2
i'm black so yea 5 years ago +3
doesn't say i can't change his name 5 years ago  
um........ yes they are look closer 5 years ago  
i just realized that you're from maine, and if you rearrange the letters in maine, you get anime :D 5 years ago +2
option c: nobody/myself 5 years ago +4
how the hell do you kill a porcupine with your bare hands 5 years ago +2
so is patrick star, what's your point? 5 years ago  
i guess so 5 years ago  
*can't 5 years ago  
doesn't say i can take it off 5 years ago +1
i like french fries so technically i like potatoes 5 years ago  
the people who chose B are americans who don't realize there's such as an american accent 5 years ago  
awww i thought you meant cocaine. >:( 5 years ago +7
without the white stuff 5 years ago  
too nasty 5 years ago +2
it actually doesn't hurt depending on the fan 5 years ago +1
although i would love to have a 9% chance to kiss pinksparkles 5 years ago  
at least i'll have fun 5 years ago  
XD you're funny 5 years ago  
option c: ric flair 5 years ago +2
google . c o m /search?hl=en&q=do+you+have+to+pay+for+healthcare+in+sweden&gbv=2&sa=X&as_q=&spell=1&ei=tj9sUqTfEZDpkQf16oCIAg&ved=0CBUQBSgA 5 years ago  
XD 5 years ago +1
funny bc the internet says you dont have free health care 5 years ago  
alexw? i dunno 5 years ago  
hmmmmm dirty mexicans or similar to america but free health care 5 years ago  
c'mon people! 5 years ago  
perfect. i prefer to eat at home and i hate people 5 years ago  
option c: eminem 5 years ago +1
not yet *wink* *wink* 5 years ago +4
more useful 5 years ago  
you actually have to pay for swedish health care and wait a decent amount of time so try again 5 years ago  
i think i'm the 3% 5 years ago  
i prefer you stop with these questions 5 years ago +4
XD /watch?v=diU70KshcjA 5 years ago  
exactly 5 years ago  
probably hurts less 5 years ago  
NEW YORK 5 years ago  
unsee Helens profile pic 5 years ago  
even murders and rapists 5 years ago  
i like you 5 years ago  
at least it's not a poor nation 5 years ago +1
history is the only important subject 5 years ago +1
*have sex with 5 years ago +1
stevie wonder or squidward 5 years ago +3
mj overrated. he's great but not the greatest. not saying lbj is the greatest. 5 years ago  
can i have dirty rice? 5 years ago  
A looks like the foreign dollars 5 years ago  
pollen 5 years ago +2
option c: green eggs and ham 5 years ago  
less...... you know....... gay 5 years ago +4
so? 5 years ago +1
convenience stores get robbed alot 5 years ago  
kinda 5 years ago  
oh shìt i forgot about bacon 5 years ago  
lucky charms, fruity pebbles, captain crunch, honey nut cherrios, fruit loops, apple jacks, cinnamon toast crunch 5 years ago +1
who doesn't? 5 years ago +3
too chewy 5 years ago  
i like ketchup, so technically i like tomatoes 5 years ago +1
i'm good at athletics, but i'm too lazy 5 years ago  
well can i add anything to the bread? 5 years ago  
faith in humanity lost 5 years ago +2
smh 5 years ago +1
look it up on google, it is about lego toys 5 years ago  
i have fast metabolism 5 years ago  
probably a garbage man 5 years ago  
i like you, but i like punching bags too 5 years ago  
snow day 5 years ago  
i think the big bang created the universe, but i believe there is a god watching over us, and our actions do send us either heaven or hell 5 years ago  
only if they got laid off 5 years ago  
less painful 5 years ago +2
go go power rangers 5 years ago +10
so basically be american or be african 5 years ago +7
nope 5 years ago  
look who's talking 5 years ago +1
you're retarded aren't you? 5 years ago  
this is my 300th comment 5 years ago  
why wouldn't you want to see your memories instead of reading it? i know this isn't twitter but #stupid 5 years ago +5
i don't believe people need to waste their time making their love "official". besides the female's last name, marriage doesn't change .sh*t. if you're gonna get married then go elope, so that way you don't waste your money and time on a huge ceremony that doesn't change anything. 5 years ago  
me too. eminem the g.o.a.t. 5 years ago  
"i'm beginning to feel like a rap god" 5 years ago +1
i don't believe in marriage 5 years ago +1
you're a guy and you hate sports? 5 years ago  
i dunno 5 years ago  
you'll probably get gangbanged 5 years ago +3
lesser chance of drowning 5 years ago  
saturday or sunday i'll do B 5 years ago  
doesn't say how long..... hug it for one second 5 years ago  
take a shower? 5 years ago +1
at least he's passing 5 years ago  
not to me, though 5 years ago  
same 5 years ago  
make them look like .b*tches 5 years ago +3
they probably have weapons 5 years ago +1
why? 5 years ago  
funny actors like will ferrel and jim carrey can't become serious actors cause no one will take them serious 5 years ago +2
i don't like soccer 5 years ago  
more intimidating 5 years ago +2
there's the great svamp with another great comeback 5 years ago  
i agree 5 years ago  
those aren't americans, dumbass 5 years ago +1
for everyone's information, NASCAR is not a sport, it's a company 5 years ago  
of course he's not 5 years ago +2
option c: youtube 5 years ago +9
1997 do i count as a 90s kid 5 years ago  
she's not a bro 5 years ago  
depends on how big he is 5 years ago  
Heisenberg!!! 5 years ago  
im a virgin too, let's meet halfway in virginia and bang 5 years ago  
how long do the photos last? 5 years ago  
what's a dd? 5 years ago +3
why would i die for someone who's gonna die soon anyway? 5 years ago +1
what would an orgasm taste like? 5 years ago +2
as long as it's not with another guy 5 years ago +4
much 34s1er t0 typ3 4nd r34d 5 years ago  
money, fame, girls 5 years ago  
gorilla or honey badger 5 years ago +1
pokemon fire red! 5 years ago +1
that's what i was about to say 5 years ago  
how old are you? 5 years ago +3
han 5 years ago  
less important 5 years ago +3
just shows how great i am 5 years ago  
umm yes 5 years ago  
eww exercise 5 years ago +6
mlk was never president 5 years ago  
you can't see the water at night 5 years ago +1
the world is pretty much already A 5 years ago +3
i already asked her, she just said "awww" 5 years ago +1
bias much? 5 years ago +1
seattle has no good players 5 years ago  
keep the pokemon questions coming! 5 years ago +2
ooh kill em 5 years ago  
i prefer carpets 5 years ago  
i already do B 5 years ago  
the guy in A looks like general grievous from stars wars episode iii 5 years ago  
cuz you're not famous 5 years ago  
lol i searched eminem too! we're soul mates, marry me! 5 years ago  
true 5 years ago  
hahaha XD you're so stupid LOL 5 years ago  
you're saying football is overrated, but you don't have any good reasons why 5 years ago  
full retard maybe? 5 years ago  
what if the rope breaks?...... yeah that's what i thought 5 years ago +2
so you won't be scared and worried the rest of your life 5 years ago  
get sent home or stay but miss class time...... 5 years ago +1
earthquakes or hurricanes............ 5 years ago +3
a FIFTY dollar giftcard? when games cost SIXTY? 5 years ago +4
i like cloudy 5 years ago  
more useful 5 years ago  
copy and paste money! 5 years ago +3
metal isn't music, it's just noise! 5 years ago  
pop country 5 years ago  
bernadette! 5 years ago +1
i hate facebook 5 years ago +2
and you don't have any good reasons so shut up 5 years ago  
does it matter? 5 years ago  
svamp better watch out 5 years ago  
GET OVER HERE!!! 5 years ago +3
yuck!!! 5 years ago  
cheeseburgers 5 years ago  
with sauce yes, by itself no 5 years ago  
is A talking about january to december 5 years ago  
backflips on trampolines are fun! 5 years ago  
ill take some but not all 5 years ago  
free country 5 years ago  
how? please explain 5 years ago  
less black people = more safe 5 years ago +8
neither please 5 years ago  
please change your profile pic, that face gives me nightmares 5 years ago +1
neither 5 years ago  
boobs 5 years ago  
pizza everyday :D 5 years ago  
i hate hot weather but i don't want to live somewhere where it's too cold 5 years ago +1
i don't cheer for half naked boys grinding on eachother for fun 5 years ago +2
i hate both, both are boring and useless 5 years ago  
no, anything but pushups 5 years ago +2
8 mile, lose yourself, wtf? who reads anymore?, pizza, chocolate milk, hersheys or just any chocolate 5 years ago  
depends on how hot she is and how much i love her 5 years ago +1
pokemon is not good anymore 5 years ago +2
the first one was good enough 5 years ago  
why waste food when there are children starving in afri- ohh 5 years ago +3
i don't f.uck with water 5 years ago +5
august 8 5 years ago +1
another word for B is retarded 5 years ago  
iphones suck 5 years ago +1
1997 ftw 5 years ago  
as long as i had a safe place to land 5 years ago  
ohh 5 years ago  
why didn't you vote then? 5 years ago  
of course you don't 5 years ago +1
it COULD.... 5 years ago +1
the game can become too long 5 years ago +4
alright 5 years ago  
name the american bands you listen to 5 years ago  
smh 5 years ago  
most canadians don't know good music. which part did you not understand? 5 years ago  
funny 5 years ago  
oh, i forgot the question said that, i got too caught up in the answers 5 years ago  
but people think i am a wimp 5 years ago  
mila kunis is my future wife but..... every night tho 5 years ago +1
quicker 5 years ago  
you're canadian, so you don't understand good music 5 years ago +1
don't you think that people in A would buy houses on the rich side and people in B would lose their homes not being able to pay bills (considering they're poor) and would have to settle for houses on the poor side? 5 years ago +4
little credit is better than no credit 5 years ago +3
you don't even know what i look like, idiot 5 years ago  
subtitles? 5 years ago +3
i want A so bad! every snowball i make just evaporates in the air when i throw it 5 years ago +3
anyone but svamp 5 years ago  
if i wasn't self conscious then i choose A 5 years ago +1
i feel uncomfortable answering those screwed up questions 5 years ago  
svamp 5 years ago +2
is that really you? 5 years ago  
svamp is one of them 5 years ago +1
6:45 5 years ago  
anyone but svamp! 5 years ago +2
tigers 5 years ago +1
ill name him/her arby, ronald, or wendy. *wink* *wink* 5 years ago  
i like dirty rice 5 years ago  
attack india and/or sweden!!! 5 years ago  
its her insides, you sicko 5 years ago  
i like cereal, but pancakes though... 5 years ago  
its worth it 5 years ago +1
depends if i have something to keep me occupied and if i have a window seat 5 years ago  
i never remember anything i study anyway, unless its a REAL IMPORTANT test like regents, sats, etc 5 years ago +2
you're making me hate you, please don't make me hate you 5 years ago +2
depends on who they are 5 years ago +1
it says "THINK you are dumb and perverted", it doesn't say i AM. prove them wrong. also i have a sudden urge to play pokemon 5 years ago +1
michael jackson HELLA CREEPY 5 years ago  
exactly 5 years ago  
ps3s don't overheat, they don't break if you drop it (i've dropped mine 5-10 times and nothing ever happened), and ps3s don't have red ring of death or the rumored yellow light of death. 5 years ago +1
im already KINDA racist towards my own race (black) 5 years ago  
depends 5 years ago  
alexis....... b*tch 5 years ago  
depends on what im famous for 5 years ago +3
what happens if i do get it wet? 5 years ago  
i hate those black women with small afros 5 years ago  
hangover wasn't really laugh out loud funny, it was more smile and chuckle funny. btw PAGING DR. F.AGGOT! 5 years ago  
ohh did you put a white sheet over you and you look like kkk? 5 years ago +1
are you a sophomore or a senior? 5 years ago  
13% of people haven't experienced fun 5 years ago +1
there's no sex in a fairy tale 5 years ago +3
i dunno 5 years ago +3
XD 5 years ago  
its ONE cupcake 5 years ago  
i have a feeling a lot of people on this site don't know what 'asexual' means 5 years ago  
neither 5 years ago  
airlines make more money, but they can easily get sued 5 years ago  
oh, i forgot the question said "your own heads" 5 years ago  
neither 5 years ago  
marijuana only 5 years ago +1
also no sex, no freedom, no sex, no money, no SEX, and you'd have to go to school forever 5 years ago +1
i don't want periods 5 years ago  
make SURE i get him right in between the eyes mwahaha............................ also don't you instantly die if your shot in the head? 5 years ago  
as long as its not australian money 5 years ago +1
i don't care WHO gives me likes, just the likes are fine 5 years ago +4
anything but twatlight 5 years ago +1
you should, its fantastic 5 years ago  
no 5 years ago  
how bout god and sex? 5 years ago  
i was talking just to svamp 5 years ago  
oh 5 years ago  
nice comeback 5 years ago  
they sell more 5 years ago  
uhhh shut up already 5 years ago +1
smosh isn't funny anymore and nigahiga is funnier than he was 6 years ago 5 years ago +1
i think i can outrun a rhino 5 years ago  
if they fall at least i'll get a good laugh out of it 5 years ago +3
don't give my comment a like 5 years ago  
the carrot in A............ 5 years ago +3
if you got diarrhea it'll be even better...... what am i saying? 5 years ago +5
my school has pretty tasty pizza 5 years ago  
....is a dick 5 years ago  
true 5 years ago  
just don't get one of those hairless cats 5 years ago +1
developers developers developers developers developers 5 years ago  
i HATE salad 5 years ago +2
north korea, guyana, sweden, india 5 years ago +3
ohhh, he's behind the curtain 5 years ago +2
nba question? 5 years ago  
oh, well i still choose A 5 years ago  
my mom's dead, you dick 5 years ago  
you blow 5 years ago +4
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