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    Tom tucker 4 years ago  
    Acient 4 years ago  
    Sex then rob gf 4 years ago  
    COD live 4 years ago  
    Not everybody can meet up 4 years ago  
    Dick sucker 4 years ago  
    I like clowns 4 years ago  
    Put a gun to Beyonce face then tie her hands and mouth then rape her 4 years ago  
    Buy every1 4 years ago  
    Discipline is dead 4 years ago  
    I have a Mac so apple can trace it. + call tmobile say I lost it they give me another 1 + I got lookout so I can trace it with a siren 4 years ago  
    We all live is usa - not every1 4 years ago  
    Robot leg 4 years ago  
    Get help 4 years ago  
    I'll find the missing plane 4 years ago  
    There both in breathablr 4 years ago  
    I'm fat so I'll survive 4 years ago  
    Candy could be clean and unwrapped 4 years ago  
    Money is loved 4 years ago  
    I meant number 1 4 years ago  
    Molly get u high 4 years ago  
    Shit 4 years ago  
    Early is fine 4 years ago  
    Is this sex related 4 years ago  
    No one in space + don't wanna die 4 years ago  
    Ugly mental b*tch 4 years ago  
    Act fake but really kill someone 4 years ago  
    He old 4 years ago  
    Eggnog is water 4 years ago  
    Woman get their ass beat in UFC and WWE + giving birth and periods dosent have anything to do with strenghth 4 years ago  
    Lucky if u don't get cut 4 years ago  
    No way my back gonna hurt 4 years ago  
    Not my parents that picture parents 4 years ago  
    Either way ur dead 4 years ago  
    More gooooooyyyyyeeeee 4 years ago  
    Goku beat the living sh*t out of superman 4 years ago  
    Millions of marvels with strength vs thousands of fc 4 years ago  
    No pain just drop dead 4 years ago  
    No pain 4 years ago  
    Potatoes is good 4 years ago  
    Huge dude would smurther me 4 years ago  
    Gay boys wear bra 4 years ago  
    Dish givs a free iPad #hopper 4 years ago  
    Whoever put burn is an idiot 4 years ago  
    Basically getting thrown 1098 get in the air then fall down at don't feel anything (because your dead) or feel the burn and wait to die 4 years ago  
    5th generation 4 years ago  
    HD is obviously better 4 years ago  
    Nun beats spongbob and I'm 13 4 years ago  
    Life is secrets. So there's only 1 option 4 years ago  
    I don't have keys 4 years ago  
    Hate bugs 4 years ago  
    Don't need a fancy car 4 years ago  
    Online netflix 4 years ago  
    Smartest can get girls 4 years ago  
    Money funny 4 years ago  
    What 4 years ago  
    Sandpaper 4 years ago  
    Stop before u see it 4 years ago  
    U can't bite thru raw snake idiots 4 years ago  
    Firie ants are deadly 4 years ago  
    Who woulding 4 years ago  
    Hair could have lice 4 years ago  
    Still porn 4 years ago  
    Gotta have sex 4 years ago  
    5 is good 4 years ago  
    My scab 4 years ago  
    Dident say chew it 4 years ago  
    Cheese thats been on toe 4 years ago  
    Never said couldint wash underwalear 4 years ago  
    Idiot 4 years ago  
    Sex over money 4 years ago  
    And u like it 4 years ago  
    Can't fit a baseball 4 years ago  
    Belly might be clean 4 years ago  
    People have bad breath anyway 4 years ago  
    No way sipping dat 4 years ago  
    Its a boy gay ass 4 years ago  
    What does suck off mean 4 years ago  
    Cut ur nails and shave 4 years ago  
    Gotta have sex. Tired of masturbating 4 years ago  
    Models are by 4 years ago  
    How will B hurt 4 years ago  
    Still 4 years ago  
    Kill some whom with razor. Ho to jail then do it again 4 years ago  
    Bye mom 4 years ago  
    IMA boy I demand head 4 years ago  
    Call me 4 years ago  
    Nastyass 4 years ago  
    Hell yea 4 years ago  
    Human centipede isint sex 4 years ago  
    Good thing IMA boy 4 years ago  
    Its called denturts 4 years ago  
    Cant get stabbed or shot in the hand 4 years ago  
    Dopefineee 4 years ago  
    Bang urself with a piece of glass 4 years ago  
    Kinda DA same 4 years ago  
    Make my face look like a boy 4 years ago  
    Drink wet sh*t or eat hair 4 years ago  
    Walrus got sharp teeth and no way I'm getting raped 4 years ago  
    Keep joining in until they stop doing it by u 4 years ago  
    Sister is hot 4 years ago  
    You've gotta be a dumbass if your gonna eat sh*t 4 years ago  
    Privates tore off 4 years ago  
    Boys can't get pregnate 4 years ago  
    In school walking while ur peeing vs at home or school sh*ting while sitting 4 years ago  
    Can't walk or put on shoes with hammer toe. Can't find a job or get friends with holes in fingers 4 years ago  
    Is this sex related 4 years ago  
    Boy she is beautiful 4 years ago  
    Basically your eating sh*t 4 years ago  
    5 hours on toilet vs 1 exteremly painful ninja star..... Idiots 4 years ago  
    What kind of question is this 4 years ago  
    What man is smart enough to blow up earth ? 4 years ago  
    Some people get marred and no 1 comes to it 4 years ago  
    Who wouldn't wanna see their ancestors 4 years ago  
    Maybe burger king dude just beat me 4 years ago  
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