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I just mean business

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    COD live  
    Dick sucker  
    I like clowns  
    Put a gun to Beyonce face then tie her hands and mouth then rape her  
    Buy every1  
    Discipline is dead  
    I have a Mac so apple can trace it. + call tmobile say I lost it they give me another 1 + I got lookout so I can trace it with a siren  
    We all live is usa - not every1  
    Robot leg  
    Get help  
    I'll find the missing plane  
    There both in breathablr  
    Candy could be clean and unwrapped  
    Money is loved  
    I meant number 1  
    Molly get u high  
    Early is fine  
    Is this sex related  
    No one in space + don't wanna die  
    Ugly mental b*tch  
    Act fake but really kill someone  
    Eggnog is water  
    Woman get their ass beat in UFC and WWE + giving birth and periods dosent have anything to do with strenghth  
    Lucky if u don't get cut  
    No way my back gonna hurt  
    Either way ur dead  
    More gooooooyyyyyeeeee  
    Goku beat the living sh*t out of superman  
    Millions of marvels with strength vs thousands of fc  
    No pain just drop dead  
    Potatoes is good  
    Huge dude would smurther me  
    Gay boys wear bra  
    Dish givs a free iPad #hopper  
    5th generation  
    HD is obviously better  
    Nun beats spongbob and I'm 13  
    Life is secrets. So there's only 1 option  
    I don't have keys  
    Hate bugs  
    Don't need a fancy car  
    Online netflix  
    Smartest can get girls  
    Money funny  
    Stop before u see it  
    U can't bite thru raw snake idiots  
    Firie ants are deadly  
    Who woulding  
    Hair could have lice  
    Still porn  
    Dident say chew it  
    Cheese thats been on toe  
    Never said couldint wash underwalear  
    Sex over money  
    And u like it  
    Can't fit a baseball  
    People have bad breath anyway  
    No way sipping dat  
    Cut ur nails and shave  
    How will B hurt  
    Kill some whom with razor. Ho to jail then do it again  
    Bye mom  
    IMA boy I demand head  
    Call me  
    Hell yea  
    Human centipede isint sex  
    Good thing IMA boy  
    Bang urself with a piece of glass  
    Make my face look like a boy  
    Drink wet sh*t or eat hair  
    Walrus got sharp teeth and no way I'm getting raped  
    Keep joining in until they stop doing it by u  
    You've gotta be a dumbass if your gonna eat sh*t  
    Privates tore off  
    Boys can't get pregnate  
    Can't walk or put on shoes with hammer toe. Can't find a job or get friends with holes in fingers  
    Is this sex related  
    Basically your eating sh*t  
    5 hours on toilet vs 1 exteremly painful ninja star..... Idiots  
    Some people get marred and no 1 comes to it  
    Who wouldn't wanna see their ancestors  
    Maybe burger king dude just beat me  
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