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    You too +1
    Equal is a strong word :P But ok. +1
    I agree mostly with what you've been saying except that evolution is a proven scientific fact. +1
    Ok, this is a actually a decent comment. So lyles, I'm glad you can admit that the bible isn't perfect. I hope you can also agree that since the Bible can be extremely wrong at times that it becomes veerrryy obvious to some that it's fake. I also hope you realize WHY some atheists like to call out Christians because to us they believe in something wholeheartedly that to us is equivalent to Santa Claus. Don't tell me you wouldn't try and prove them wrong if suddenly a large percentage of your population started worshipping Santa Claus?  
    Hey lyles, I'm not a troll or fake. Just because I present beliefs different from yours doesn't mean you can just label me a troll for no good reason.  
    Hey lyles, so I couldn't find my comments you replied to so I'll just answer here. I forget who you were talking to but they were raising some pretty good points and you would just say "You're an atheist so shut up" and just use the word "atheist" to label someone dishonestly with the intent of disregarding their argument. I know that you know what atheist means but you have to stop using it in the way you've been using it.  
    I'm sorry that you don't live in an environment where you can learn easily about science. It's almost like you live in, oh I don't know, PAKISTAN.  
    No I am not a Christian...... And how is that a bad thing? +1
    Oh the irony.... +1
    The argument that Christians use ("But who CREATED the Big Bang??") is exactly the same as me asking who created God. +1
    Gee the intelligence you brought to the argument with this single comment really makes me want to believe in God...... +2
    How Christian of you..... +2
    Yes I do think Medievel cave-dwellers made up the whole Adam and Eve story :l +2
    This isn't a "troll account" lyles, these beliefs of mine are not something that I'm ashamed of and would need a fake account to spread. Also, guest from California, how the heck am I discriminating?  
    What? I'm just asking why every single Christian thinks the Bible is always correct. Atheists don't have a similar book full of baseless garbage to use as an answer for any argument made against them.  
    Zach you are my hero :O  
    Christians would say the same thing about their Bible.  
    All of the people supporting option A in the comments are just crying and telling everyone that they aren't "real Christians" while all supporters of option B are actually using scientific knowledge and facts. Well done boys! We've driven the vermin back to their caves! :D  
    He boiled for your sins. +2
    Interestingly enough, that is an actual scientific theory. Nice work using actual scientific knowledge :) +1
    "Santa all the way he is the BEST!" +1
    The "under god" part was added in the mid-20th century. And besides, just because a corrupt cult headed by a child molester says it's true doesn't make it true. +1
    lol imbecile +2
    Atoms, molecules, cells, and etc. +1
    Because thankfully a lot of people see God for the myth he is.  
    Oh gee and how do you know that the Bible is right?  
    "Bippity boppity boo, that's 20 grand!"  
    I could be a faceless man!  
    They taste the same.....  
    Cause I've got all the time in the woorld........  
    I don't have a crush....  
    Suuuure. Because God is TOTALLY legit.  
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