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Would you rather Drink a cup of water from this river or A cup of some unknown liquid given by a creepy homeless guy 1 month ago 42 votes 9 comments 0 likes

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I’m literally suicidal now ain’t nobody rescuing me 1 month ago  
Um I used this for a long time just recently made an ‘account’ 1 month ago  
Rrrather has gone crap with sh*tty questions 1 month ago +1
Can someone kill me please? 2 months ago  
Seriously idc 2 months ago  
Adoption 2 months ago  
U ruined the joke 2 months ago  
Lol yeah inside a warm house 2 months ago +1
Get a real gf loser 2 months ago +1
God these questions are overused 2 months ago  
B looks weird 2 months ago  
Idk 2 months ago  
Idc 2 months ago  
Idc 2 months ago +1
I’d use a car 2 months ago  
End up in prison would just be a waste 2 months ago +1
They got problems 2 months ago +1
Seriously? 2 months ago  
I’m glad they chose B. 2 months ago  
I wanna die 2 months ago  
I wanna die 2 months ago +1
Trust me I’ve played the sims and made my characters go through horrendous torturing 2 months ago  

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