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Would you rather listen to Johann Sebastian Bach or Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart 62,951 votes 494 comments 3 likes
Who is the greater philosopher? Plato or Aristotle 63,784 votes 476 comments 1 like
Would you rather, to reduce the CO2 emitted by livestock, Enforce a vegan diet on everyone or Enforce that every human may be eaten after a natural death 151,773 votes 1,415 comments 7 likes
Should we continue research that may not pay off for several generations? Yes, even though we ourselves may not profit, mankind will be richer for it. or No, we should focus on the wealth of the current generation, i.e. us. 64,298 votes 179 comments 0 likes
If you could apply one video game power to your life would it be God mode, making you completely indestructible or The ability to quicksave and quickload, but you can still die with no return 91,874 votes 394 comments 3 likes
You have been thrown back in time with modern technology at your hands, would you rather Try to educate and supply them with technology, furthering the advance of mankind or try to conquer and control them with it, making you their God 173,112 votes 1,514 comments 4 likes
Would you rather be in a permanent relationship with An android that is capable of every human feat including display of emotions or A human being who is incapable of emotions and empathy due to untreatable brain damage 168,122 votes 747 comments 4 likes

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Actually. it's not an asian chick, it's an asian android. So it literally IS a robot. +4
Look at my horse, my horse is amazing. Also I'd call it my horseband instead of husband. +4
Why would I have something against any of the two choices? +6
What the hell was I smoking when I chose Obama over Ron Paul? Sure, RP isn't perfect, but at least he is the one president most likely to end military imperialism. +9
Ha, we still beat you at debt-per-capita! GER-MA-NY GER-MA-NY! Aren't we a f*cked up country... Yet Japan blows us all out of the water. In all seriousness, though - the debt cycle of industrial nations hasn't started with Obama, and can't be blamed on one administration alone. It is a disease that has started with lobbying, and ends with massive downsizing and privatization of vital areas of society. Either that, or a revolution. It isn't the first time debt has caused an empire to fall. Actually, most empires seem to have fallen due to debt, disobedient militaries that had to be bribed, and subsequent inflation. +1
I think the main reason is that this is not a representative sample of Japanese people. It is just those that by chance visited this website and this question in particular  
No, not quite, but it is rather complicated. Atheism is the belief that there is no God. Agnosticism is the belief that we cannot prove if there is a God or not. Agnosticism can be combined with both atheism (I do not believe there is a God, but I cannot prove it) and theism (I choose to believe in a God, yet I acknowledge it cannot be proven). Deism is the belief in a God that created the universe, but does not change the laws of nature and does not need to be worshipped (Many philosophers of the enlightenment were deist, including many of the founding fathers of the USA). Materialistic monism is the belief, that there is nothing metaphysical at all, and everything can be explained by mechanisms of the material world. +4
It really depends who I am working for But in the world we live in I'd almost feel the duty to steal from my employer, if I could do so.  
Currently, this is the only legal option for me +5
How is Genesis more obvious then say the Rig Veda, the Hindu creation myth? Both were written down ages ago, both were said to be inspired by the divine, and both have been passed down by the means of authority and sometimes violence. Also, I am not depressed, this site has a mainly US-American userbase. You are right up there with other states like Iran, at the "forefront of humanity". Good going. Don't forget to vote for the american Hezbollah, i.e. "Party of God". +16
How is Genesis more obvious then say the Rig Veda, the Hindu creation myth? Both was written down ages ago, both is said to be inspired by the divine, and both has been passed down by the means of authority and sometimes violence. Also, I am not depressed, this site has a mainly US-based demography. You are right up there with other states like Iran, at the "forefront of humanity". Good going. Don't forget to vote for the american Hezbollah, i.e. "Party of God".  
Actually, catholics aren't creationists, as the pope did accept the Big Bang Theory. +5
What two molecules? What is your understanding of the Big Bang? The Big Bang Theory does not say there was nothing before it, it does say there was no "before" before it, as time actually just did not exist. If you do the math, time folds into itself at the point of the big bang. There weren't two molecules, molecules formed much much later, it was all current existence packed together into a singularity. If you choose to believe that there had to be someone creating this singularity, I will give you the possibility of that, as there also is the possibility for the Flying Spaghetti Monster, and Russell's Teapot - but the necessity for a God is something that just is not there. +12
Why does quantum physics need an omnipotent anthropomorphized being? How does that solve the paradox of Schroedinger's cat? All that says is really about quantum particles, and they pose a far more interesting dilemma: That reality only really happens, when it is interacting with something. Before that, it remains in a mathematical, stochastical nightmare of "could-be", and quite literally, is all possible options at once. Also I bet many scientists are Buddhists, too. Does that make Buddhism right? Is it even an argument that can be used to support Buddhism in any way? And please, elaborate on that unifying energy. Do you mean dark matter? That is a theory that may actually be overthrown in the next years, as new models to calculate gravitational interplay inside galaxies could yield an answer as to why we didn't observe as much matter in them as we were expecting. Do you mean why gravity can't be unified with the other 3 fundamental interactions? Or is it something you or someone else who told you in grossly misunderstood? The last one seems the most likely to me, but I am willing to listen to your arguments. Last but not least: If there were an unexplained "higher" kind of energy, that still wouldn't mean that there is a sentient creator, and especially, it wouldn't mean that one fable from one specific tribe straight out of the iron age is true. +14
Indeed. I see you have a talent for stating the obvious.  
Shooters and Strategy games are virtually unplayable on consoles - and yes, even with the wave of console shooters I maintain that position in light of several studies on direct competition of controller vs. mouse and keyboard. Computer have a modular structure that allows them to go with the times and be the spearhead of graphics and concepts. I will never understand the allure of console gaming. The only thing that seems worth it are console exclusives, everything else can be played better on a PC (very bad console ports that are horribly programmed are the only exception), especially since you can always also plug in a controller. +8
Anorexic, as in very thin, is in itself nothing wrong, or at least nothing that should make one judgemental. Anorexic as in the disease that causes people to practically starve themselves for no reason, that is something that needs treatment. Same goes for eating disorders that can cause obesity. +2
You forgot Nikola Tesla.  
I guess geeks are hipsters who try to cash in on nerds' smartness.  
One is all about mythology and lasers, the other is all about humanism and exploration. +1
The original trilogy is one of the masterpieces of cinema, and the three prequels are still heavily flawed yet enjoyable popcorn entertainment. You are really missing out if you persist.  
And you are on equal levels with Iran, congratulations America! +4
I don't know... Have you read the bible? The moral lessons are horrible. Gathering firewood on the Sabbath gets you stoned to death and wearing clothes made out of two different fabrics makes you an abomination. Also, don't you dare to have contact with women on their periods. Our morals have developed quite a bit since religious times, with human rights and all that good stuff. +7
I believe in evolution and not God. An omnipotent and omniscient God surely would have created man intelligent enough to not believe in God. Evolution on the other hand gives us good ways of explaining why we came up with all that mythology and still believe it, even though it has become a completely implausible and frankly absurd hypothesis. +6
I believe in evolution and not God. An omnipotent and omniscient God surely would have created man intelligent enough not to believe in God. Evolution on the other hand gives us good ways of explaining why we came up with all that and still believe it, even though it has become a completely implausible and frankly absurd hypothesis.  
God did a baby? That explains the motivations of the catholic church I guess... +9
Above us? So we can locate him? Do Australians have to worship God underneath them? Or is God a hollow sphere around our planet? Fascinating, and there I thought christians didn't argue like sun-worshipers any more. +2
Above us? So we can locate him? Do have to worship God underneath them? Or is God a hollow sphere around our planet? Fascinating, and there I thought christians didn't argue like sun-worshipers any more.  
Yes, but how was babby formed?  
The truly sad thing is, it isn't a scam, it is a mistake. An institution based not so much on lies as on delusion. Of course there are also those that outright lie, like Scientology. +2
The truly sad thing is, it isn't a scam, it is a mistake.  
Lucid dreaming with certain amounts of control over the dream world is actually a real thing. It does happen to me from time to time and is rather enjoyable. +4
I actually did not think it'd turn out this way. I can think of so many more uses for quicksaving, you can relive and retry any choice you made. That seems much more useful to me than invulnerability. How often in life are you in a life threatening situation? Now how often do you think retrying something would benefit you. Including picking lottery numbers again, trying to talk to your crush, writing a test again already knowing the answers. Even if you get wounded - as long as you stay conscious you can reload and avoid the situation. +267
Why, though? Why is a blood sacrifice needed? Why is torturing and killing someone needed? Isn't wrath a sin, so why does God have wrath? Isn't a blood sacrifice to appease your God barbaric, so why did we need one, especially why did we need to have God's son killed? Why did Jesus have to be brutally killed, couldn't God have forgiven us without that? If he could not forgive us, is he omnipotent then? Christian mythology is really perverted and gruesome when you analyze it. +4
Actually, it was more likely thunk up by christians that realized there is some value to the big bang theory, with redshift evidence and telescopes witnessing earlier states of the universe that support the big bang theory. Christians that then went: "Oh well, that whole account in the bible must be METAPHORICAL, but God still has to exist. So he made the big bang." Why should I as an atheist try to squeeze in a God in which I don't believe into a theory that does not need a God. +2
If you'd become notorious, they'd strap you down, force you in a cell and do experiments on you, trying to find out why you are immortal. At least that's what I'd do if I were the government faced with an immortal bank robber.  
Thanks. I really feel that "love your enemy" Matthew 5:44 talked about. I guess it was God's plan to make me an atheist, so you he could test your faith in his commandment to love your enemy. He made me an atheist so I could enrage you so you could forgive me, but unfortunately, you failed. I guess God's plan just had a position in hell for both of us, I'm really sorry for you. +5
Thanks. I really feel that "love you enemy" Matthew 5:44 talked about. I guess it was God's plan to make me an atheist, so you he could test your faith in his commandment to love your enemy. He made me an atheist so I could enrage you so you could forgive me, but unfortunately, you failed. I guess God's plan just had a position in hell for both of us, I'm really sorry for you.  
Lets just call it a many worlds interpretation of quantum theory-style time travel, in which you create another reality altogether, and changes won't affect the reality which spawned you, meaning you can kill whomever you want without nonexistence threatening you.  
Live the life of fame and wealth and seduce Emma Watson.  
I don't really care for Obama, but I really don't care for sports, especially american ones. +2
Magicians are awesome, but gambling holds more money. +3
Can't lose that which does not exist. +40
I love this question  
Oh yes, like the atheist inquisition, or atheist shariah, or atheist terrorism running rampant in the name of no lord. Us militant atheists annoying people with our debates and arguments, our human rights and morality that doesn't call for eternal torture if you look at someone of the opposite sex with lustful eyes. Come back when you are kept from going to the church of your choice, when you are tortured in the name of atheism, and when people call for wars in the name of atheism. It will never happen, because atheism does not work that way, it just "persecutes" by going on your nerves with all that logic and evidence stuff. It was always religion that resorted to violence. No wonder if you worship a God who on multiple occasions commanded his chosen people to commit genocide. +6
Hm, I may have been wrong, too. Maybe it's another kind of wolf, it just didn't look like wolf puppies I've seen. +1
Yes, listen to your history teacher, assuming he is a competent one. Then you will realize there is next to no value in the bible as a source of historical facts. +5
You can have a smartphone besides that particular overrated brand. +2
Knowing me, I'd probably be famous for some really stupid thing, like "the guy who posted the most inane comment of the internet!"  
Yes, I'd rather eat my dad. He has better meat quality. And yes, I will now interpret every ambiguous, verb-missing question as eating. +8
I don't have an ex. Go, nothing, take your best shot at me! +4
Good going dad! Show them being old doesn't mean you have to fold.  
"Ma, Pa, look what I can do! Look, I can bang a celebrity all on my own! Look pa, without hands! You're not really looking, Pa!" +45
Isaac Newton was a bigger genius for his time, but unlike Einstein, he was an asshole as a person. +2
Young Stalin looks so handsome. Also he robbed banks. He's a gangsta, yo.  
With that face, no one would give you one. Even if they tried, they couldn't finish. ... Oh wait, you were talking about surgery. +1
One of those kittens may grow up to be the next Adolf Kitler. Are you willing to take that chance? Are you? +7
Half-fiend and Tiefling offspring, here I come. I'm glad it's a demon, Tanar'Ri  
Troll Level 1  
I ate snails, they were surprisingly tasty.  
Sex or sex with sugar coating? Hey, I'm not a fan of simplicity. +7
Even Flash is bound by the speed of light. Teleportation could beat even him.  
I love bacon, but Morgan Freeman is just too awesome. He's an atheist that played God in a movie, you can't get much better than this. +2
Angela Zhang the 17-year old girl that designed a nanoparticle to combat cancer begs to differ. +3
I had two root canals in my life. With proper anaesthesia it's not bad at all.  
The Jovian system is interesting to learn about, so gimme that homework! I'll probably be too lazy to do it anyway. +1
I flunked sports. Every single time. It got me into real trouble back in school and it left a permanent mark on my report card, but I regret nothing!  
I thought about it long and long, and I can't think of any worst enemy of the opposite gender. I can't even think of one of the same gender. Unless politicians count...... Oh God, I may just have doomed myself to sleep with Angela Merkel D:  
It immediately made me think of cocaine.  
Well, that being said - so is God. And the Big Bang theory does explain a lot of things, for example why galaxies are moving away from each other, and we can even observe earlier states of the universe thanks to the time light takes to reach us. All points to the Big Bang. All we got for the God theory are some stories written by a desert tribe during the iron age. Sorry, but I'll go with the idea that makes more sense. +8
Oh boy, I'm a straight male, and even I'd take data.  
The android has an articficial heart that doubles as a drum machine. That's right, you can produce a grindcore album on your girlfriend/boyfriend!  
"So wie mir" or "Mir auch" +1
Where did that God come from, though? The Big Bang as the very start of time itself has no before, as time itself did not exist. We cannot wrap our heads around the incomprehensibility of the universe, so we make up anthropomorphized beings with "omnipotence" to fool ourselves. +4
You underestimate the boredom, obnoxiousness and free time I got on my hands +2
Well, I've known to be quite the cheerful chap, and I've also been known to be flaming on the internet from time to time, so I guess you may be right. +1
Disregard sanity, acquire bliss +1
Indeed it is, and yes, it isn't fair to stereotype americans, you are a country of contrasts, and have a great history. Still, misconceptions about communism and socialism are probably most rampant in the US... And "communist" China. I'm still not sure why I chose them, I guess I misread the question, as I do hold the opinion that nationalist china would have borked up even more if they had had control of the mainland in the same time period, considering the job they did before WWII.  
I'd rather live with stupid, sparkly but harmless vampires, than in a world where they are actually threatening. +14
Gas, if done correctly, let's you fade into sleep without any pain and gives you the possibility to have some introspective moments while you glide into nonexistence. And hanging, if not done correctly, is quite a painful way to die. Also, while snapping the neck is pretty quick, the brain itself doesn't die instantly, but lingers in survival until it succumbs to the lack of oxygen and nutrition. We just can't tell if you still feel something in the moments dying, hanging on that rope. It's not like we can hang someone and then ask.  
Ron Paul has some valid points, but unfortunately at the end of the day he is another religious nut. +6
... and true love can go unanswered. +2
I think it's more likely that our ancestors just didn't know better. They did not know about the abstract laws governing nature, and their main experience in life was human society. So it seemed natural to them to explain the order and structure in the universe by means they understand: Everything is anthropomorphized, human-like and even the cosmos is a patriarchy governed by a sky wizard king. +3
I am completely and utterly fascinated by your comment. I have no idea, not the slightest clue, what you were trying to tell us with all those obscenities. +2
The movies were mostly mediocre to outright sh*tty, but watch Star Trek TNG and realize it is probably the best piece of popular secular humanist fiction ever conceived. +2
I'd ask her what she'd prefer... Who kows, she might have a rape fetish, or a fetish for watching guys getting raped  
You are forgiven, then. Being a frenchman who speaks english adequately already makes you at least 20% cooler than most of your contrymen I met.  
Would you rather what? Tenderly love? Have intercourse with? Kill? Be? Eat? I dunno, who would be more tasty, that IS a good question. Both are probably toxic, though... +317
BTW I of course meant the NDAA for the fiscal year 2012 +2
Yeah, but I always thought english is one of those ambiguous languages, where a double negative can still be a(n even stronger) negative.  
OK, so I don't have the choice to give some, keep some. I'd rather give it to those less fortunate, who will then be thankful and indebted, giving me a rather huge support and prestige in life, than having one billion, not being able to share it with any one at all.  
I am wary of promises of immortality. Sure, it sounds great, but what if you are truly immortal and condemned to one day live out eternity in an ever expanding universe, drifting through endless nothing for eons, only existing and nothing else... +1
Both are disgusting. Both in unison voted for a bill that'd effectively remove the Bill of Rights [the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA)]. You Americans should go back to your roots, deist, sceptic and humanist philosophers of enlightenment that you were. The founding fathers would be ashamed of you. +5
That's like saying: "Nobody wants to climb the Mt. everest!"  
Exaclty, you just have to be careful about it. With a baseball in the anus, I can't think of a way it wouldn't be painful.  
I just love how the number of orphans is so specific. Like some people would go "well, 19 orphans'd be ok, but 20 - no way!" That being said, I guess killing them quick and then skinning and burning them is something that'd be easier for me than slowly raping and murdering two people, especially considering they are my parents. +5
Play can be interpreted as "play", as the Saw kind of "play", right? +17
The conversations to be had with animals: "I AM HUNGRY!" "I AM AFRAID!" "I LIKE YOU!" "I CHALLENGE YOUR SOCIAL STATUS!" "WHAT IS THAT?" "I WANT SEX, NOW, WITH YOUR LEG!" "YES, HELLO, THIS IS DOG!" ....... No, thanks. +4
Poor Yussuf Staline, currently residing in France, recently got set on fire. He horribly burned to death, "Our family was named Staline for generations before Stalin even named himself Stalin, it isn't fair!", his mother sobs. We can only hope things like this won't happen again, and people learning the names of famous dictators and correcting their typos in critical places will be a great beginning to avoid such tragedies. +1
I can't date someone online. I can date someone I met online, and I'd prefer that over a blind date, but I can't date someone online. Or maybe I can, I could "date" them on IRC, or via webcam, but that'd be too lame, even for me. +2
That is not a wolf, that is a dog.  
Yes, a land predator is totally able to kill a flying owl. Every life-or-death confrontation between the two would be futile. +1
Exactly my reasoning. Also: owls are awesome. +1
Isaac Newton may have been one, too - if you read his personal letters it seems very much like it. Yet talent trumps morality. +3
The Queen nowadays is rich without any real power and true responsibilities, just the life to lay back and relax the classy way.  
yeah, I'll take that into consideration after taking over the world as supreme ruler with my INFINITY CHARISMA SCORE! +1
Let's split more hairs. To us libertarian socialists, it's statist capitalism. To Americans, it's communism, because most of them don't even know what it means. The Chinese themselves call it "socialist market economy". Because sh*tty work conditions under authoritarian rule is now "socialist", I guess.  
Trick question, digging holes IS my favourite sport. +8
sterilized and processed poop is actually discussed as a viable food source, and I'd be all over that. But just sterilized and without further processing, it'd still be crap.  
That pictures really summed up the decisions... +2
I think both could be delicious. There are many cultures that eat insects, and for good reasons, too: They are the healthiest meat you can get.  
...that you are dead, horribly crushed by a horny walrus +10
Oh yeah, gimme that walrus goodnes.  
"World Peace" you say to the genie. In a blink of an eye, a totalitarian worldwide government that euthanises billions by starvation is instated, and because of your wish no one is ever able to overthrow it in a revolution. "You're welcome" snickers the Genie. +5
"There would be overpopulation if no one died of disease." Not with progressive birth control  
Have you wished for nightmares to be accomplished? I didn't think so.  
I'd rather own a PC  
What a silly question, a dog is far more nutritious. +5
Dude, I can always wish for more wishes if the only restriction is "you can't wish for money". I could wish to be all powerful. Whoever chooses the money gets conned +2
I always borrow money because I'm poor and lazy, but I also always return it eventually, because I'm not an asshole. Who prefers someone who outright steals clothing over that?  
I already gave up my TV. TV is sh*t compared to a functioning internet connection.  
It says in "ALL" languages, so among all made up languages, even the language your significant other once invented as a child with their best friend would be included +1
Mother Theresa inoocent? Don't make me laugh. Someone hasn't done their homework. But in general: I'd rather see a murderer go free  
Lions aren't made for hunting in the Jungle, they are animals of the savanna, so that's easy +2
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