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    TBH, im glad most people chose black  
    XD Just because I find it funny  
    No, girls can marry girls, so a girl  
    I need to see the reaction of a 9 year old XD  
    The only reason the USA won, is because most of these people are in the USA. People In the USA think they are the best in the world. I'm not in the EU, but think the EU is great +1
    I dont care if my son is gay... +1
    Italy has got some good pizza  
    German Girls actually DRINK the beer instead of sit there trying to look hot like most american girls would do. +1
    under 20 XP  
    We forget 90% of everything we learn... Might as well have a good time. You adults are idiots, thinking school is so important and learning is everything, I forgot what I learned a week ago...  
    If everyone cared about me, i'd get money...  
    My clothes are great! Ima be cool 4 eva  
    I don't really care... The 1 reason I chose a female is because I feel they would understand me more and it's less awkward...  
    Free cookies :D My grandma and her friends love baking :3  
    Rain means I can stay inside, when is snows I have to go outside and play forever >-< Plus it snows year round  
    I can make my meat and food bigger :D  
    In prison you get food, water, and shelter  
    Eww... Sunlight... I play minecraft anyway, Im a kid. Outside is sunlight and sunlight hurts me >~  
    Atleast I won run out of air and die... Plus I can jump off  
    Good :D Keep beliving  
    Coke is actually real, Pepsi is a rip off with more sugar  
    At Least women aren't slaves.. I think...  
    Small dogs are annoying little bratty dogs... Bigger ones are nicer and better to hug :D  
    XD Both pics are gandalf... But Gandalf is better cus he is better  
    I chose this one cus of the pic XD  
    Standing In line doesn't KILL PEOPLE!!  
    Hold on... Whats the differance...? I clicked randomly...  
    Micheal is the bae of all baes! Justin is... the complete opposite  
    Ok... Think about this... Wish for unlimited wished :3 You can become a god  
    I enjoy being alone... I can finally be paid to be Morgan Freeman :D ... Yes, its a job  
    Already underdressed 4 lief  
    Yes, but not ALL... Only 2/3s... some is real music  
    ... You are great  
    Im already A kid c: Being a guy would be fun! I can finally fit in with my friends!  
    I can already get away with lying all the time  
    80s clothes are amazing!  
    Apparently they do...  
    Fun this question was  
    ... They never said the aliens were evil...  
    Well... Im a white girl but I chose the other :3 but I get your point  
    I dont like coffee XP Itunes is my life  
    What is Russian Roulette...?  
    I would murder 1,000,000 Human babies before hitting a puppy. Humans are cruel and terrible, They destroy millions of animals' homes every day. +1
    ... I haven't seen Twilight...  
    c: mhm, gurl, you guessed it, im the best negotiator and best persuader in mah school... If i'm a lawyer ima a be a good one  
    Well... Im 11... I weigh about 90 pounds...90+90= 180. I Can lose some weight and ima be tall... so yea... X3  
    Imagine going to an elderly home looking like your new born? you physically NEVER age.  
    I can't believe people would rather be hot... Wow.. is that what you think is more important?  
    It's the luxury life of being famous without the creepy dudes following you :D  
    I dont like Sunlight >-  
    Love is nothing, Money means I can bribe Donald Trump to come to my house so I can kill him. NO WALLS!!  
    I will rule the world and make it that there are no problems  
    I Wont have a wedding so I dont care ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)  
    I dont have a cell phone ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)  
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