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Would you rather have a loud honest friend or a quiet emotional friend 7 years ago 316 votes 7 comments 0 likes
Would you rather be straight but in the minority or gay like everybody else 7 years ago 7,899 votes 67 comments 0 likes
Would you rather live in a world of Brutal honesty or Kind lies 7 years ago 351 votes 3 comments 0 likes
Would you rather be on an island: Where there are non stop parties, with nowhere to rest by yourself? or Be on a relaxing but lonely island by yourself? 7 years ago 112,055 votes 566 comments 1 like

Itstim has posted the following comments: predicts extroverts would prefer the left option and introverts prefers the right option 5 years ago  
Apology accepted; I won't call you an idiot again. It was a hypothetical question: In other words, if the majority of the world was gay, would you rather be straight but in the minority or gay like everybody else? 5 years ago  
The results would be different if there was a sexier picture of Mila Kunis 5 years ago  
here you go again trying to be a smart allic. 7 years ago  
GO EVEL D!CK ;) 7 years ago  
You are an idiot, I am not a gay activist, and I was not trying to make a statement. I was just interested in what people thought, and many other people are interested in it too. But if your mind cannot comprehend the simplest of questions, maybe you should get off this site. 7 years ago +2
A virgin.. More of an achievement on both ends ;) 7 years ago +1
ummm getting into a situation where you get gored by a bull would make you stupid ;P 7 years ago +5
2 pupils would be amazing- see double as much 7 years ago  
Lol, I picked small penis. Girls can back out at when they see the moobs, but they'd feel guilty backing out at the same penis :P 7 years ago +6
Expired milk is what I picked. Cow blood tasted bad :/ 7 years ago  
No loophole! It's a choice between whether you are a calm, quite person or party person, the question remains the same ;) 7 years ago  
you bet ;) 7 years ago  
haha dumb american 7 years ago +1
who gives a darn, they dont know whats happening anyways haha. 7 years ago  
the question was if you knew you werent gonna get caught mate. 7 years ago +2
I love animals, but pollution hurts animals more than animal abuse. Anyone who voted "animal abuse" is oblivious and doesn't understand how much worse pollution is for humans, animals and the environment. 7 years ago  
Well there are two movies. "The Devil" is about people stuck in an elevator. "Frozen" was about people stuck on a ski lift. Frozen was far scarier. 7 years ago +1
People dont understand that being ignorant doesnt mean your stupid. I'd prefer be good looking, ignorant AND SMART. 7 years ago  
Well it could be sister in law... BITCH!! ;) 7 years ago +1
im allergic to hamsters so ferret whatever they are 7 years ago  
thats such a stupid opinion lol. survival of the fittest, and the baby hasnt got any real knowledge of whats happening so arent we doing it a favour of stopping it from facing our cruel world before it becomes accustomed to the world like us? and if we were mentally challenged, we would bring pain to ourselves; like you are bringing pain to me right now. infact, i think you should pick the mentally challenged one because you already are mentally challenged. OWNED 7 years ago +3
u want some ice for that burn? 7 years ago  
why vote to stop animal abuse? animal abuse is a problem with a small minority, but if we dont stop pollution it effects us all. 7 years ago +3
i eat plastic tho on a daily basis... i dont know if my vote counts :P 7 years ago  

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