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Which song is better? party rock anthem or sexy and i know it 7 years ago 1,733 votes 21 comments 0 likes
Would you rather watch every twilight movie back to back to back to back or stare at a blank wall for 3 days straight 7 years ago 632 votes 13 comments 1 like
Which do you like better? first person shooters or third person shooters 7 years ago 645 votes 11 comments 0 likes
Which is better minicoopers or fiats 7 years ago 558 votes 14 comments 0 likes
Which is better Dr. Pepper or Mountain Dew 7 years ago 354 votes 8 comments 0 likes
Would you rather eat a worm or eat a handful full of dirt 7 years ago 906 votes 20 comments 0 likes
Which is better? AK-47 or M-16a2 7 years ago 310 votes 13 comments 0 likes
Would you rather own any ferrari or any lamborghini 7 years ago 666 votes 19 comments 0 likes
Would you rather own a Barret M82 or an M60 7 years ago 593 votes 9 comments 0 likes
Would you rather be bigfoot or the abominable snowman 7 years ago 423 votes 10 comments 0 likes

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Da hell? 7 years ago +8
pancakes FTW 7 years ago  
i've done both. the cinnamon challenge made me puke and the salt and ice challenge gave me frostbite. 7 years ago  
Coke is origionial 7 years ago  
They actually both sound good 7 years ago  
We don't need to have higher taxes just less spending 7 years ago +8
What the hell are chupa chups? 7 years ago +5
What the hell are pop drops?? 7 years ago +5
Life is not fair. People in the 99 percent occupation won't accept that 7 years ago +3
The ps3 controller feels so tiny in your hands compared to the Xbox controller 7 years ago +1
i didnt get alien 7 years ago  
the creator makes dumb questions 7 years ago +3
none 7 years ago  
learn the language 7 years ago +5
the universe is infinite so there is bound to be life somewhere 7 years ago +1
Both suck 7 years ago +3
Faster 7 years ago  
God is real!!! 7 years ago +4
I just want the Lamborghini 7 years ago +3
dishonorable, not dihonerable 7 years ago  
????????? 7 years ago +5
mike tyson would bite bigfoot's ear off! 7 years ago +2
that made no sense 7 years ago +7
who cares about france??? 7 years ago +3
Ron Paul knows what to do with money 7 years ago +4
sick 7 years ago +3
mustard burns once it gets into your sinuses 7 years ago +2
both are soooo anoying 7 years ago  
i dont think people know how bat ET is for atari. you get bored in the first 10 seconds 7 years ago  
this question has been asked like 100 times 7 years ago +8
the banana is smarter than obama! 7 years ago +4
i heard the chinese have like 4 million soldiers 7 years ago  
if you lived in the dark you would become blind 7 years ago  
vegas baby!!! 7 years ago +1
life would be so much happier without him 7 years ago  
irish people have cooler accents 7 years ago +1
hobbes is a tiger and he's pretty cool 7 years ago  
599 gtb is faster 7 years ago +1
cinnamon toast crunch is awesome! 7 years ago +1
check marks are cool 7 years ago +5
i want to know the truth 7 years ago +4
i like the pictures 7 years ago +1
both make me wana vomit 7 years ago +1
you have a small chance of survival. 7 years ago  
what kind of acid? 7 years ago +1
sounds fun 7 years ago  
theres no telling what satan will do to ya 7 years ago +1
it should be legal with a perscription 7 years ago +2
neither are that great. i'd go with Dr. Pepper 7 years ago +2
i'm happy with the gender i am 7 years ago +7
babies have a chance to change the world 7 years ago +3
the book is great 7 years ago +2
little dogs are really mean! 7 years ago +5
chrome is faster and has cool apps 7 years ago  
i would wish to be the supreme dictator of the world 7 years ago  
its worth the money 7 years ago  
sonic has super speed. what does mario have? 7 years ago +1
it aint right and it hurts the place you work at so you might get paid less. 7 years ago +3
i'd rather have it my way 7 years ago  
you can build things by yourself much quicker in minecraft 7 years ago +2
how does one little particle randomly explode and form the universe? its not logic. 7 years ago +7
you live in the U.S. you're a democrat aren't you? 7 years ago  
you have to work and sometimes fight for freedom 7 years ago +1
democrats spend more money than they have brain cells. 7 years ago +1
you can live longer without food 7 years ago +1
democrats just throw money at problems because they dont have the brains to actually think about somthing 7 years ago +7
lambos... cant beat em' 7 years ago +1
there are way to many cats already 7 years ago +2
the simpsons is pretty bland 7 years ago +3
i have no idea what that means 7 years ago +1
battlefield 3 is more realistic and strategic. call of duty is just running around quick scoping people 7 years ago +5
at least you have a small chance of surviving 7 years ago  
spiderman si cooler but superman is stronger 7 years ago  
humans kill the terminator. 7 years ago  
what kind of question is that???????????????????????????? 7 years ago +1
If you're rich you can afford to be dumb 7 years ago +2
No brainier! 7 years ago +3
cats crap in your yard!!! 7 years ago +1
a penny is better than nothing 7 years ago  
i like not being noticed. 7 years ago +3
slr 7 years ago  
MINECRAFT!!!!!!!!!!! 7 years ago +1
with wealth coms fame 7 years ago +1
niether are good. i'd go with Ron Paul 7 years ago +5
who cares about animals??? 7 years ago  
1,000,000 is good enough for me 7 years ago  
grass stains are ok 7 years ago  
you'd die earlier with a job you hate 7 years ago  
coke is gud 7 years ago  
phones can unlock stuff nowadays 7 years ago  
who doesnt want a lamborghini??? 7 years ago +1
kids dont have any responsibilities 7 years ago +4
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