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    Coke is origionial  
    i didnt get alien  
    the universe is infinite so there is bound to be life somewhere +1
    God is real!!! +4
    Ron Paul knows what to do with money +4
    i want to know the truth +4
    i like the pictures +1
    both make me wana vomit +1
    you have a small chance of survival.  
    what kind of acid? +1
    sounds fun  
    theres no telling what satan will do to ya +1
    it should be legal with a perscription +2
    neither are that great. i'd go with Dr. Pepper +2
    i'm happy with the gender i am +7
    babies have a chance to change the world +3
    little dogs are really mean! +5
    chrome is faster and has cool apps  
    i would wish to be the supreme dictator of the world  
    its worth the money  
    sonic has super speed. what does mario have? +1
    it aint right and it hurts the place you work at so you might get paid less. +3
    i'd rather have it my way  
    you can build things by yourself much quicker in minecraft +2
    how does one little particle randomly explode and form the universe? its not logic. +7
    you live in the U.S. you're a democrat aren't you?  
    democrats spend more money than they have brain cells. +1
    democrats just throw money at problems because they dont have the brains to actually think about somthing +7
    lambos... cant beat em' +1
    there are way to many cats already +2
    the simpsons is pretty bland +3
    battlefield 3 is more realistic and strategic. call of duty is just running around quick scoping people +5
    at least you have a small chance of surviving  
    spiderman si cooler but superman is stronger  
    If you're rich you can afford to be dumb +2
    No brainier! +3
    cats crap in your yard!!! +1
    a penny is better than nothing  
    i like not being noticed. +3
    MINECRAFT!!!!!!!!!!! +1
    with wealth coms fame +1
    niether are good. i'd go with Ron Paul +5
    who cares about animals???  
    1,000,000 is good enough for me  
    grass stains are ok  
    you'd die earlier with a job you hate  
    coke is gud  
    phones can unlock stuff nowadays  
    who doesnt want a lamborghini??? +1
    kids dont have any responsibilities +4
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