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Would you rather for the rest of your life only eat unhealthy food and become extremely obese (You die from being so fat) or eat only healthy food (You can never eat something unhealthy again) 5 years ago 173 votes 4 comments 0 likes
Would you rather go for a ride on a horse or camel 5 years ago 157 votes 12 comments 0 likes
Would you rather live a life of Oh well's or What if's ... 5 years ago 165 votes 4 comments 0 likes
Would you rather live in a world with no mental or physical illness or end world hunger 5 years ago 250 votes 6 comments 0 likes
Would you rather live an ordinary life and you live to an average human age or live an eventful life where everything comes easy but you only live up to 30. 5 years ago 163 votes 10 comments 0 likes
Would you rather invent something or discover something 5 years ago 207 votes 7 comments 0 likes
Would you rather stay in primary school or high school 5 years ago 185 votes 12 comments 0 likes
Would you rather date someone 20 years older or 20 years younger 5 years ago 196 votes 32 comments 0 likes
Would you rather be able to transform into one type of animal or be able to have any super power 5 years ago 210 votes 19 comments 0 likes
Would you rather be smart at all subjects and only good at one sport or be amazing at every sport and only good at one subject 5 years ago 179 votes 13 comments 0 likes
Would you rather be able to see the future but not be able to change it or relive an event from the past and be able to change it 5 years ago 141 votes 5 comments 0 likes
Do you prefer looks over personality or personality over looks 5 years ago 231 votes 23 comments 0 likes
Would you rather have fingers as long as your legs or legs as long as your fingers 5 years ago 149 votes 8 comments 0 likes
Would you rather be forced to tell your friend a terrible lie or your parents the truth about your darkest secret 5 years ago 179 votes 8 comments 0 likes
Would you rather eat and ice cream or an ice block 5 years ago 165 votes 5 comments 0 likes
Would you rather get a free 100,000,000 lotto ticket but have 1 in 100,000 chances of winning or win $500,000 5 years ago 271 votes 9 comments 0 likes
Do you rather winter or summer 5 years ago 198 votes 10 comments 0 likes
Would you rather have a shower or a bath 5 years ago 220 votes 4 comments 0 likes
Would you rather ombre hair or natural hair 5 years ago 167 votes 0 comments 0 likes
Would you rather brown eyes or blue eyes 5 years ago 203 votes 8 comments 0 likes
Would you rather be a doll or a teddy bear 5 years ago 169 votes 13 comments 0 likes
Would you rather never use a toothbrush again or a hair brush again 5 years ago 198 votes 5 comments 0 likes

Jellie01 has posted the following comments:

Never had either 5 years ago  
At least they have less deadly teeth and eyes! 5 years ago +5
No need to. 5 years ago  
I love healthy food! It yummy. 5 years ago  
I would if I could change my answer! Ahahahaha 5 years ago  
Neither is A. 5 years ago  
Then there's no point in the question. everyone would just die from lack of sleep. 5 years ago  
This would be awesome! 5 years ago  
Never been hunting and never will! 5 years ago +1
Because I don't use Twitter. 5 years ago +32
A bit of an excitement! But they scare the animals. :/ 5 years ago  
All the way!!! 5 years ago  
Looks awesome!! 5 years ago  
Both!!! 5 years ago  
Never played A 5 years ago  
Never heard it 5 years ago  
That way I can relive some of my happy memories. My future will be a surprise. 5 years ago  
Looks comfier! 5 years ago +1
What were they exactly? 5 years ago  
Who cares what other people think?!? 5 years ago  
Never tried Splenda 5 years ago  
Less deadly! 5 years ago  
I hate change! 5 years ago  
And, it will be something to remember me by!! 5 years ago  
Taste's good and it's healthy! 5 years ago  
Love that feeling! 5 years ago  
I go once a month anyway. That's what braces need 5 years ago  
I've a;ways loved a challenge 5 years ago  
Can I come to your school? 5 years ago  
No thought involved in that question! 5 years ago  
Don't wear it anyway, yes I'm a girl/ 5 years ago  
My house is insured! 5 years ago  
Nneevveerr. 5 years ago +1
I just won't spend much money in those 6 months 5 years ago  
Never have, 5 years ago  
Already have multiple! 5 years ago +1
Obvious choice there 5 years ago  
Children are fearless 5 years ago  
Obviously 5 years ago  
I can be very patient! 5 years ago  
YouTube all the way! 5 years ago  
I'll take beauty and brains any day! 5 years ago  
Smart and famous, I'll take that any day! 5 years ago  
Clearly 5 years ago  
Easy choice! 5 years ago  
I love both and have both! 5 years ago  
Easy choice! 5 years ago  
I don' t listen to music 5 years ago  
I can always find love, $10,000,000 is a bit harder to find. 5 years ago  
Better chance of walking out alive 5 years ago  
My friend told me to pick A 5 years ago  
I don't believe in God. 5 years ago +2
Oh, never heard of it! 5 years ago  
They are gorgeous 5 years ago  
Never seen either of them 5 years ago  
Going to see it tonight. Never seen Divergent. 5 years ago  
Awesome!!!!!! 5 years ago  
Never played it. 5 years ago  
I love both of them! 5 years ago  
More useful when they grow up, you can sell their wool. 5 years ago +2
I'd be dead. Who care's about a short time of embarrassment! 5 years ago +1
Who is Chloe Moretz? 5 years ago +1
My brain would explode 5 years ago +2
Would I still have enough energy for the next day? 5 years ago +1
Only because I don't have one 5 years ago +1
What on earth is Oovoo?? 5 years ago +1
Orange juice any day. 5 years ago  
Never heard of either of them. 5 years ago  
I wish there was a change answer button! 5 years ago  
I love broccoli! 5 years ago  
Most celebrity children have the worst names! 5 years ago +3
Going off what I've been told by the weight calculator. 5 years ago  
Paula isn't that bad. There are worst names out there. 5 years ago +1
I have nothing to hide. 5 years ago  
They're not hurting anyone and they love each other, there's not much more too it! 5 years ago +6
I own horses and ride everyday of my life! For boys I can understand it would be a bit more uncomfortable! I couldn't live without them. That's just my opinion though. 5 years ago  
Just read the description! Want to change my answer. At least the weather would have more of a variety. 5 years ago  
Based on the picture! 5 years ago  
Very easy 5 years ago  
Obvious choice 5 years ago  
Never want to bungee jump!!! 5 years ago +2
Efficient and time saving! 5 years ago  
I love them both! But dogs are awesome! 5 years ago  
Cookies are goooood! 5 years ago +1
Both 5 years ago  
I ove mountains 5 years ago  
I would let him go after several wishes though 5 years ago  
Then I can sell it to other people for a lower price, I still get some money in my pocket 5 years ago +1
I love Frozen 5 years ago  
Nothing would live without the sun. 5 years ago +4
I think it'd be a physically demanding job 5 years ago  
Haven't heard of either of them 5 years ago +2
I've always thought B looked fun! 5 years ago  
I've never sent anything awkward to someone. 5 years ago  
Nah. I saw it on a documentary a couple of years ago. 5 years ago  
In Australia prisoners get a separate bedroom, access to the internet and the gym, if they request protection from other prisoners they usually get it and they get good quality food as well as 24/7 medical care. 5 years ago  
I love the sky! It's so pretty! 5 years ago +7
In Australia would be fine. Not if it was in another country though. 5 years ago  
Babies should be natural 5 years ago +3
Don't drive yet, only one more year 5 years ago  
Neither 5 years ago  
I'm a girl, so neither. 5 years ago +2
Oops clicked on the next one. I'm atheist. 5 years ago +2
Looks safer 5 years ago +1
Soup in Winter, salad in Summer. 5 years ago +3
More portable. 5 years ago +3
Not for free though! 5 years ago +1
Trying to get 100%? 5 years ago +3
So cute! :3 5 years ago +3
Without the sleeves. 5 years ago +2
I'm a girl. 5 years ago +1
Good point 5 years ago +1
I go to school on Wed-Fri. We start at 8:45 and finish at 3:10. 5 years ago +1
Same here. And year seven! 5 years ago +1
Tanning definitely! 5 years ago +1
Neither 5 years ago +1
Can you tuck it into your jumper? 5 years ago +1
Haven't heard of A 5 years ago +2
They've given you permission, that's fine in my opinion. 5 years ago +1
Never have. I have no musical talent 5 years ago +1
Cool 5 years ago +3
Because its blue 5 years ago +1
155cm and 39kg. I'm small for my age (15) 5 years ago +1
Awesome 5 years ago +3
Either would be fine for me 5 years ago +1
Not as busy 5 years ago +2
Don't watch it 5 years ago +1
I'd only use it for self defence 5 years ago +2
No idea 5 years ago +1
I'm a girl. No need for girls to like me! 5 years ago +1
Sponge bob all the way 5 years ago +1
That would be so cool 5 years ago +1
Exactly 5 years ago +3
Looks so cool 5 years ago +1
Running out of oxygen vs being ripped apart and eaten? I think I'd go with the whale 5 years ago +1
Already stupid 5 years ago +3
If we break up I still have the money 5 years ago +500
A have guns, so that made my answer. 5 years ago +1
Eww! 5 years ago +1
I hate tattoos 5 years ago +1
A bit of both. I hate Algebra in Maths, but I also hate doing orals in English. 5 years ago +1
Neither 5 years ago +1
Hate mint! Love vanilla and chocolate chips! 5 years ago +2
So cute!! :3 5 years ago +3
Fresh all the way! 5 years ago +2
Never tried either. 5 years ago +1
Sell it for lots of money! 5 years ago +1
I don't have a best friends. I have multiple friends. 5 years ago +1
No way would I do A! 5 years ago +3
My sister was the last person I talked to. She knows I suck at singing, so I don't mind! 5 years ago +1
I don't talk much! 5 years ago +3
Doesn't mean you did anything! 5 years ago +1
Never heard of either of them! 5 years ago +1
There's some good stuff in the dumpster! 5 years ago +5
True friends will always forgive or get over it! 5 years ago +1
Your basically flying! 5 years ago +2
Less work involved with a book. 5 years ago +1
Not many people like to seek! 5 years ago +5
The guy in A looks vicious! 5 years ago +1
I hate it when people fake smile and laugh. 5 years ago +4
I've never heard either of these songs. 5 years ago +1
There a Bieber fans out there. Record the whole concert and sell it for a fortune! 5 years ago +2
I don't understand this question. 5 years ago +2
I'd be happy with either! But based on the pictures I went B. 5 years ago +1
More romantic! 5 years ago +2
The moon looks cool in A's picture! 5 years ago +1
Me on countless occasions! 5 years ago +1
Doesn't say how many plates I can eat! 5 years ago +1
Looks ridiculous and painful! 5 years ago +2
Neither! 5 years ago +1
English is more important in my opinion. 5 years ago +1
Think of something more creative. 5 years ago +1
Chinese is the best! 5 years ago +2
There would be no room to move in B! 5 years ago +3
I'm quite close with Grandma! 5 years ago +2
Keep your dog as your profile picture! So cute! 5 years ago +3
What do you mean? I'd love to b able to transform into an animal. I wasn't trying to get 100% on the question. 5 years ago +1
You can always spray paint a normal wii gold. :P 5 years ago +3
A child is a child, if you can't be happy with what you are given, don't have one at all. It's unnatural and potentially dangerous. It's basically a human experiment! 5 years ago +3
I love having showers and baths! They are so relaxing! 5 years ago +3
You can eat most foods cold anyway. 5 years ago +1
There's always a chance of an innocent person getting accused! 5 years ago +2
If you want free eggs get some chickens! 5 years ago +3
So do I! 5 years ago +1
I don't know, just a really big lie. The cat thing could be an option! :) 5 years ago +1
I don't like just plain corn... Besides, I've never had candy corn. 5 years ago +1
Just add pineapple and it would be perfect! 5 years ago +1
Don't plan to be either! 5 years ago +1
Three legged races are the best! 5 years ago +1
I'd just get people to buy stuff for me! 5 years ago +1
I wouldn't need to change! 5 years ago +1
I know right! 5 years ago +1
I only weigh 40kg so it wouldn't really matter! 5 years ago +1
Smart thinking Chazza01!! 5 years ago +1
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