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    Yes but what would you rather have either or that's the question  
    but you would not even have a garbage can  
    depends is youre dream vacation in youre hometown  
    good one  
    tell youre right hand about youre left hand and that no matter what lefty won`t get in the way of righty  
    so you care about what they like and how caring and kind they are and you would not date them if they had problems with anxiety or drugs or alcohol nice try bud  
    You can't be smart without knowledge  
    If no one shows up at you're wedding there won't be a priest to marry you  
    DA FAQ is Viddy????  
    but i am not gonnhta be half my heig  
    i'm short and skinny if i double my weight i will be average  
    i use a laptop and i game on a console  
    Guys It Says their WERE no problems read people!  
    Who says you can't change it again the author is not a cop or politician is he thumbs if you agree  
    You dont really need to pause your life you just need to rewind to fix your mistakes am I right Like If You Think I'm Right  
    LOLZ E.T Come Home  
    What Ronald McDonald would say if you woke up next to him is just wrong Like If You Agree  
    LOLZ like if what the guest from Florida said is Funny  
    If you chose swap genders whenever you want your disgusting Like if you know what I mean  
    LOLZ Thablueprint  
    Canada Is One Of THE Top 3 Healthiest Country's In The World  
    Im A boy And Russian Women Are Awesome:D  
    It Never Hurts To Ask  
    A tomato is a fruit da f*ck  
    never to pay for anything again have the girl of my dreams and lots more  
    But I would wish for  
    i pressed the wrong one  
    mermaids rpck  
    You could easily get hearing aids  
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