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i am not just a kid i am a teenager

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    Its a rather 1 year ago  
    apple ded 1 year ago  
    FUDGE YEAH 1 year ago  
    i dont even like jeans tho 1 year ago  
    this was hard tho cuz i liked both 1 year ago +1
    Hunger games is about survival 1 year ago  
    ofc obama 1 year ago  
    I have true FRIENDS 1 year ago  
    Your basically dumb if you receive 1k 1 thousand is nothing its just money you can get a better job with getting 1 thousand dollars 1 year ago  
    play MORE 1 year ago  
    Superman died already so we dont care about him 1 year ago  
    you might get kidnapped in a party 1 year ago  
    FUDGE DONALD TRUMP 1 year ago  
    WOOOLF 1 year ago  
    Coke is life 1 year ago  
    ive been in niagara falls 1 year ago  
    Bruh who ever picked console gaming is basically stuipd your going to have to buy sh*t in xbox Pc gives you Frames per second and its easier to use 1 year ago  
    Your going to have ear pops and cruise you can enjoy 1 year ago  
    i am from richmond i know Italy but i speak a little french 1 year ago  
    Rich money 1 year ago  
    its our opinion and stop saying those words honestly your retarded 1 year ago  
    You Kidding me what if someone steal your keys and break in 1 year ago  
    I aint dyign 1 year ago  
    No more homeless begging for food 1 year ago  
    my aunt has no baby 1 year ago  
    Atleast Terroists are humans i hate aliens 1 year ago  
    FAST AS HECK 1 year ago  
    strict teachers Not in my watch 1 year ago  
    I CAN WALK PROPERLY 1 year ago  
    Family is everything 1 year ago  
    Save my family 1 year ago  
    America!! So i can kill Donald trump for trying to destroy canada XD 1 year ago  
    no virus 1 year ago  
    i sometimes pee in the shower 1 year ago  
    obama lives life than Kadafi 1 year ago  
    you can get smart when you read 1 year ago  
    sorry son 1 year ago  
    not risking it 1 year ago  
    i mean you can make friends in the internet 1 year ago  
    HAWAII 1 year ago  
    i aint being fat and a nerd 1 year ago  
    basically stealing money as illegally you can get arrested and checking to see if its real money i think its better to have free money 1 year ago  
    its a me mario 1 year ago  
    dogs are cute and they can defend you but cats they`re pretty but they do scratch you 1 year ago  
    ofc ik i am from canada 1 year ago  
    what is wrong with you 47 people Justice is Godly have justice save worlds 1 year ago  
    ??? 1 year ago  
    I dont know these people 1 year ago  
    Lol divorce is illegal 1 year ago  
    i am not trusting a car crash 1 year ago  
    i mean people get naked while in sleep like sex 1 year ago  
    Old people? 1 year ago  
    Since i hate my brother i`ll still save them 1 year ago  
    RHEE 1 year ago  
    Bro you`ll die in space 1 year ago  
    Canada is fun in snow 1 year ago  
    Justin bieber is just werid 1 year ago  
    Believe god. God bless 1 year ago  
    well i like minecraft 1 year ago  
    elevator you can probably go up and down tho 1 year ago  
    world war III is coming soon 1 year ago  
    Genius 1 year ago  
    Ninja have martial arts 1 year ago +1
    Cokee 1 year ago  
    i perfer fail complilation because its funny 1 year ago  
    wear 80 clothes your just going to be werid wearing 80 hairstyles 1 year ago  
    umm wear 80 clothes its kinda werid to have 80 hairstyles 1 year ago  
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