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Would you rather live on Cinnamon Street or Ramsay Street 4 years ago 144 votes 8 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Your OTP became canon, but broke up badly after a few weeks. or Your OTP never became official, but with certain moments that tease the characters. 4 years ago 95 votes 9 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Cure cancer. or End world hunger. 4 years ago 175 votes 10 comments 0 likes
Would you rather be One of the Four Horsemen or One of the Seven Archangels 4 years ago 135 votes 15 comments 0 likes
Which move would you rather have Shinku Hadoken or Metsu Shoryuken (check description for what it looks like.) 4 years ago 98 votes 10 comments 0 likes
Would you rather be able to breathe Fire and never get burned or create and control Ice with an immunity to cold weather 4 years ago 200 votes 13 comments 0 likes
Would you rather kick someone you hate In the face or In the genitals (gonads for men, funbags for women) 4 years ago 203 votes 11 comments 0 likes
Would you rather die In an explosion that would make Micheal Bay proud. or Slowly but painlessly and surrounded by family. 4 years ago 230 votes 9 comments 0 likes
Would you rather have sex with a blood relative or A gender-flipped version of yourself 4 years ago 182 votes 12 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Rape someone and get life in prison. or Be raped by someone, who gets life in prison. 4 years ago 2,261 votes 11 comments 0 likes
Would you rather watch WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) or WWF (World Wrestling Federation) 4 years ago 225 votes 11 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Be able to bring movie and game characters to our world (including animes). or Be able to travel between a book world and our world whenever you want (including comics and manga). However, you can't change what happens in the main storyline (e.g. character deaths). 4 years ago 171 votes 7 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Be able to control exactly how long you sleep. or Be able to change any aspect of how your body looks whenever you want. 4 years ago 217 votes 5 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Be a tree with the ability to hug anyone who hugs you. or Be a cactus who can walk. 4 years ago 175 votes 11 comments 0 likes
Given the choice, would you rather Punch someone you know and hate in the face. or Punch a celebrity you hate in the face. 4 years ago 167 votes 14 comments 0 likes
If you had a private teacher, would you rather he/she was Sexy, but tight and serious all the time, teaching you using a government-approved method. or Unattractive, but funny and upbeat, teaching you in ways that s/he knows you'll enjoy. 4 years ago 194 votes 3 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Your best friend gets your crush, but you get their sister/brother (with no consequences). or You get your crush, but your best friend doesn't get anyone. 4 years ago 149 votes 18 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Travel the world alone. or Stay in your home country with your friends and family. 4 years ago 207 votes 5 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Have a brilliant place in a crowd. or Perform in front of the crowd. 4 years ago 137 votes 7 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Kiss a family member (on the lips) or Hug a complete stranger (in public view) 4 years ago 139 votes 6 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Watch a male YouTube gamer or Watch a female YouTube vlogger 4 years ago 138 votes 4 comments 0 likes

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Cancer 4 years ago  
Nope: we don't have any Chipotles or Tim Hortons over here either. But we have KFC and McDonalds, and they do a decent enough job. 4 years ago  
No, every time I go to a Burger King, I always tell them explicitly not to put anything on my burger. They put tomato ketchup on every single time. 4 years ago  
If any of the food labelers can be bothered to type out the full name XD 4 years ago  
As a customer, I'd love to go to this restaurant. No more telling people "Don't put anything else on it" but they put tomatoes on anyway :( 4 years ago  
The purpose of life is to end. 4 years ago  
Make It Bun Dem. (look it up) 4 years ago  
So...a dog? 4 years ago  
B*tch I'm FABULOUS 4 years ago +1
Everything that has a beginning has an end. 4 years ago +1
Zombies are easier to fight. 4 years ago +2
So I die with a massive erection? 4 years ago +5
Impossible. None of them use natural ingredients. 4 years ago  
B makes sense since men are stupid enough to climb to high places and such. 4 years ago +3
You can choose adopted children :) 4 years ago  
Uriel, Raguel, Remiel and Saraqael :) 4 years ago  
Neither; Asian women. 4 years ago  
Blade Wolf 4 years ago  
Flash Kick! 4 years ago  
I only have one phobia;the fear of being lonely. 4 years ago  
Because I'm evil XD 4 years ago +1
I could really go for some grapeapplesauce right about now... 4 years ago  
*existential crisis* 4 years ago  
StrauberryJam :) 4 years ago  
Ocarina of Time, hands down. 4 years ago  
Lemonade > banana milkshakes 4 years ago  
Bananas (see what I did there?) 4 years ago  
Couch surfing. 4 years ago  
Finding my special someone, That all Bethesda games were completely faultless and that world hunger would end. 4 years ago  
Cute. 4 years ago  
Roxette 4 years ago  
I want that vending machine. 4 years ago  
Because I couldn't fit the whole picture into the frame :P 4 years ago  
In case anyone's wondering, my non-canon OTP is Straubee (StrauberryJam and HeyImBee). 4 years ago  
Both look fake. 4 years ago +1
Wash it down with a pint of lemonade-problem solved. 4 years ago +1
We can get to shoving a cure up cancer's asshole later. Right now, starvation is a massive problem, but it's not recognized as one because the more fortunate can't die from it. 4 years ago  
Better than expected. They pretty much told me they didn't mind me watching porn, but watching cartoon porn "wasn't healthy" XD 4 years ago +3
Since I haven't seen that much of you, I'm not in a position to say :P 4 years ago +1
Inflatable >:) 4 years ago  
Been there, done that. It was Pokemon porn, too. I can't help it if I find Misty cute :P 4 years ago  
I identify as Agnostic, but I hate that so many people say religion is stupid. There's a big difference between stupidity and ignorance. Live and let live. 4 years ago  
I'd spare him the pain first. 4 years ago  
Eevees are a bit like Corgis XD 4 years ago  
Stay inside all week. 4 years ago  
I like being fat, thanks :P 4 years ago  
Putin's just one asshole. The ISIS are full of assholes. 4 years ago  
Bucket. 4 years ago  
I can still use slides :) 4 years ago  
My dad. 4 years ago  
Yes. He is gay-he can never stop smiling. 4 years ago  
Brofist. 4 years ago  
I'm cute, yellow and I can shoot lightning from my cheeks. S*ck it! 4 years ago  
I don't have a wife or children so I don't have to answer. 4 years ago  
The knowledge that none of the guys who've voted on this question would be the rapist actually makes me proud to be a man XD 4 years ago  
Being evil isn't as cool as it used to be. 4 years ago +2
I can just jump over it :P 4 years ago  
Uh, no; you need a full super meter for it :P 4 years ago  
I wouldn't know, but I've heard even bad sex feels amazing when you've had a good meal earlier in the day. 4 years ago  
Who needs fireballs when you can launch people 50ft into the air? I don't XD 4 years ago  
Tear open every security system in the world and delete all my data throughout history. Failing that, I'll just jump off a building before they can catch me. 4 years ago  
I was waiting for someone to say that XD 4 years ago  
You have no idea how big that hole is... 4 years ago  
I highly doubt I'll get married so I'm picking the logical option. 4 years ago  
World hunger = solved! Jesus has nothing on me. 4 years ago  
What's so fun about living forever? 4 years ago  
I'm bananas enough. 4 years ago  
Illiterate = no Harry Potter. 4 years ago +2
I liked most of my secondary school teachers-the students were the a-holes. 4 years ago  
All humans are bastards. Most animals aren't. 4 years ago +3
Someone punched me in the face? Okay, let's rewind and try that again... 4 years ago +2
Well, since almost all governments are evil anyway... 4 years ago  
1D because they aren't doing illegal or stupid things that reflect badly on each other. 4 years ago  
That depends on what you think is boring. 4 years ago +3
If both parties give their consent, they use birth control and they're both of legal age, I fail to see why it's so bad. You can't control who you fall in love with, so live and let live imo. 4 years ago +3
It pisses me off that so many people lie about their disabilities and such just so they don't have to work. 4 years ago  
Bearing in mind "gay" means "happy"... 4 years ago  
All art interests me. 4 years ago +2
I never use the chat. 4 years ago +5
Bwak-bwaks :D 4 years ago  
What colour? 4 years ago  
I adore orange. 4 years ago  
If only there was someone to spend it with :( 4 years ago  
We're all equal. Except assholes, obviously. 4 years ago +4
Spicy food is just the food to a man's arse. 4 years ago +3
If I had one, she'd be more likely to include me in her circle of friends. Women are actually more sympathetic than men are. 4 years ago  
"I think you're all bastards, and I want you to prove me wrong. Starting now." 4 years ago +6
Been there. Done that. 4 years ago  
My last trampoline broke because it couldn't take 3 people at once. 4 years ago  
Hey, the child of a bad guy isn't necessarily a bad guy. 4 years ago  
Hmm...Serious Batman or Hilarious Deadpool? 4 years ago +2
Rank 755 :P 4 years ago  
Catwoman, though that was more of a crush. 4 years ago +2
Also, if I may, you have an awesome name. 4 years ago +1
I'm not the gambling type. The most I've ever spent is at seaside arcades XD 4 years ago  
Flip phone :D 4 years ago +1
Trolololololol 4 years ago  
Second one hasn't happened to me yet. 4 years ago  
Why can't wars now last that short? 4 years ago  
Believe it or not I clicked the wrong option. If they want to use toys, let them use toys. Live and let live. I was just saying an opinion I didn't think anyone would notice :P 4 years ago  
No idea what that means but I presume you're calling me bitter. In which case; yes, I am bitter. 4 years ago  
No. It means you got reported for being a massive d*ck. I can only presume you're trying to compensate for something else. 4 years ago +1
More variety. 4 years ago  
I'm sorry; do you even know what sexually ambiguous is? Because that comment tells me that you haven't got the slightest idea. 4 years ago +1
Both are d*ck moves, but A is more ironic imo. 4 years ago +1
I'M HUNGRY NOW :'( 4 years ago  
Prothetics. 4 years ago  
I realize that my feelings aren't very common about this but I think sex toys are pretty pointless. You've got hands; use them. 4 years ago +1
I'm already a sexually ambiguous Brit :P 4 years ago  
I already do. 4 years ago  
We adapted before, we can adapt again. 4 years ago  
This is almost 6 and 2 3s. Almost. 4 years ago  
I hate showers-I just dunk my head in the sink for a minute or two after brekkie :P 4 years ago  
Some selfies are actually pretty well done. 4 years ago  
To people with mental differences, "retarded" is as offensive as "c*nt" or "n*gga" 4 years ago +2
Because people are dumb. 4 years ago  
You can usually predict when a sneeze is coming. 4 years ago  
It'd give a whole new meaning to the term "Go f*ck yourself." XD 4 years ago +2
"Beauty is in the eye of the beholder" :) 4 years ago  
Paint It Black and Sympathy for the Devil. 'Nuff said. 4 years ago +2
Everybody who kills is just a killer. Criminals, soldiers, hitmen-all of them. 4 years ago  
I'd go to both willingly :P 4 years ago  
It doesn't say the clone will hurt you, other people or animals. P.S. selfcest and incest are different things. 4 years ago  
Moonwalk. 4 years ago  
I wouldn't be surprised if I already am. 4 years ago  
Plenty to eat for dinner. 4 years ago  
Play the same game with a different character each time :) 4 years ago  
Well, that was a shocking experience. 4 years ago +95
Beating up Beliebers with a stick? Yes, please. 4 years ago  
It wouldn't surprise me if he already is. Bastard he is. 4 years ago  
It doesn't say what speed you have to do it at. Hit the bum at 5 mph. 4 years ago  
Have a break. 4 years ago +4
More to eat with a burger (usually) 4 years ago  
The famous person might be an asshole. 4 years ago  
They'd owe me big time for it. 4 years ago  
I could finally tell what idiot drivers are going to do. 4 years ago  
I identify as an Agnostic, fyi. 4 years ago +1
Silence is golden, but Duct Tape is silver. 4 years ago  
None of the above. Toyota Hilux or Nissan Cube for me, thanks. 4 years ago  
As long as it doesn't end up on iTunes. 4 years ago  
You are what you eat, and I'm no sheep. 4 years ago  
Sheep. 4 years ago  
It doesn't say the movie is awesome :P 4 years ago  
I seriously envy girls sometimes...then I remember periods XD 4 years ago  
Us 17% can go on a mass camping trip :D 4 years ago  
Sure, penguins get to slide on their bellies everywhere but I can get that with a water slide XD 4 years ago  
I'd be *in* that race. At the back, probably. 4 years ago +2
The pyramids don't have bodies in them-The Valley of Kings was made for the bodies. 4 years ago  
Ocarina of Time on the PS3 please. 4 years ago  
It's just an excuse for shops and restaurants to charge stupid amounts of money for a day. 4 years ago +2
Great. Now I want to change my answer. 4 years ago  
No more getting stuck in traffic. 4 years ago +1
vagina, as far as I know :P 4 years ago  
Yeah. We also call your first floor, the ground floor and your football, rugby. 4 years ago  
I kept wondering why you called them "Fries" then I realized that's what you call them in the USA XD 4 years ago +1
No. Just different. 4 years ago  
I actually hate the taste of pizza. Cheese, pepperoni, tomatoes, mushrooms-doesn't matter. I cannot stand pizza at all. 4 years ago  
I live in England where the legal age is 16 4 years ago  
It doesn't say you have to have rings and such in the piercings. 4 years ago +1
Was it as painful as they say it is? XD 4 years ago  
Neither. I like writing in Comic Sans. 4 years ago  
Safe from what? 4 years ago  
I've got my father's last name, but he's a dirtbag, so I'd change it to my mum's last name. 4 years ago  
I already have small tits. They're called moobs. 4 years ago  
Nah, I never fall over-I do random gravity checks XD 4 years ago +1
Bigger is better. 'Nuff said. 4 years ago  
No burglars are getting in my house XD 4 years ago  
If you can XD 4 years ago  
If I got rid of either, I'd be f*cking with nature. 4 years ago  
If she's happy with doing porn, there's no problem imo. 4 years ago  
It would ease a lot of pain. 4 years ago  
If limits are allowed, sure. 4 years ago  
Death is always painful to those left behind. 4 years ago  
Marriage is overrated. 4 years ago +4
I prefer Phil but whatever floats your boat. 4 years ago  
FSOG does nothing but portray BDSM in a bad light. The guy is NOT a dom; he's a run-of-the-mill abusive boyfriend. It pisses me off that so many people think that BDSM is like that irl. 4 years ago +35
I'd keep quiet about it unless I saw it again. 4 years ago  
I'd just think "He finally got the balls to do it." 4 years ago  
Forever Alone... 4 years ago  
"Being single wouldn't be so bad if you knew when it would end." 4 years ago +31
I just wanna be, wanna be loved. 4 years ago a Batman/Joker relationship? Bring it. 4 years ago  
Cheaters disgust me. 4 years ago  
You do realize that the dangers of online dating are shared with a blind date, right? 4 years ago +1
...with a penis and a beard. 4 years ago  
How can you be allergic to people? 4 years ago  
I can still give other people sex. 4 years ago  
I'd tell her to get the hell out of my house BEFORE I got violent. 4 years ago  
Like I can control who I fall in love with. 4 years ago  
Neither. 4 years ago  
Make it quick and painless, while she's asleep. Then turn myself in. 4 years ago  
It doesn't say they'll love me back. 4 years ago  
If it's not plastic, it's still cool. But I prefer big boobs because it usually means big women. Best cuddles in the world. 4 years ago  
As long as I can choose the age range. I don't want a hj from a 15 year old kid or a 89 year old woman. 4 years ago  
A part of liking someone comes from respecting them. 4 years ago  
Double my height? She wouldn't fit in a double-decker bus. 4 years ago  
If there's no choice involved, the first. But I HATE people who cheat. 4 years ago  
I'd add in a dance routine for giggles :P 4 years ago  
In self defence :P 4 years ago  
I'm used to it by now. 4 years ago  
There's plenty of fish in the sea. 4 years ago  
I've learned this one the hard way. 4 years ago  
If he backstabbed me, I still have more money. 4 years ago  
Her needs before mine. Simple as :P 4 years ago  
She might be an a-hole. 4 years ago  
Nobody deserves to be raped (except rapists). 4 years ago  
This sums me up perfectly. 4 years ago  
Commitment. 'Nuff said. 4 years ago  
It's not my business who my son does the do with. As long as he's using a condom and consenting, that's all I need to know. 4 years ago  
It doesn't say how long you have to date them. 4 years ago  
The best things in life don't have a price tag. 4 years ago  
I'll admit it; I've had a crush on Katy since I was 15 years old. 4 years ago  
Nothing is more cowardly than dumping someone over text. 4 years ago  
*fap fap fap* Sorry, what was the question? 4 years ago +3
S! B! D! 4 years ago  
I've got the moobs like Jabba. 4 years ago +1
I don't have a sister, but if I did, and she was that hot... 4 years ago  
I'd shove a cactus straight up his asshole. That counts, right? 4 years ago  
Size isn't everything. 4 years ago +1
I don't have a sister, so cousin by default. 4 years ago +1
I can take it and give it just the same :P 4 years ago  
I'd go down fighting, hopefully taking them with me. 4 years ago  
Already done it. 4 years ago +1
Right, to clarify; you best friend does keep their current bf/gf, but they don't get anyone if they don't have someone already. 4 years ago  
No idea what BO is and I have bad breath anyway. 4 years ago  
I used to chew my fingernails and get infections a lot. Trust me; waxing is less painful than whitlow. 4 years ago  
Most strippers don't have plastic boobs, and I prefer natural women. 4 years ago  
Why not both? 4 years ago  
I already do. 4 years ago  
There's not much left to pull. 4 years ago  
Gloves. 4 years ago  
Doesn't say how big the glass piece is. 4 years ago  
If I had one, and we use birth control, I fail to see anything wrong with it. 4 years ago  
As long as it ain't plastic, it's cool. 4 years ago  
Agreed. 4 years ago  
Who knows? I might decide I like one of them. 4 years ago  
I can throw the trash can back. 4 years ago  
Kill annoying insects like houseflies or wasps. 4 years ago  
Comics are always better design-wise. 4 years ago  
I hope not. We've been at each other's throats about religion way too much. 4 years ago +2
Love can't be forced upon people. They have to learn if they love you themselves. 4 years ago +5
We have a bloody poltergeist in our house so defo yes. 4 years ago  
I wouldn't know which anime I'd want to be in most. 4 years ago  
Wattpad is full of nothing but hormonal teenage girls who only like werewolf stories and twilight fanfiction. And I speak from experience. 4 years ago +3
Why not a mix of both? 4 years ago  
Trick or treaters knocking or doors every month? No thanks. 4 years ago  
The DLC for New Vegas is better, especially Lonesome Road, plus it has an actual ending. 4 years ago +2
Roar is more uplifting imo. 4 years ago  
More cuddling material 4 years ago  
Everyone already thinks I'm ugly :P 4 years ago  
Without wishing to sound like a dick, Halo is just Battlefield with cooler weapons and vehicles. 4 years ago  
Humans are bastards anyway. 4 years ago +2
Some zoos only keep animals to breed because they're so close to extinction. 4 years ago +4
Sign language. 4 years ago  
I'm in York, not Leeds :p 4 years ago  
Just wrap myself in a load of bubble wrap beforehand. Solved. 4 years ago  
I couldn't handle the responsibility of ruling the internet so bunny-men for sure. 4 years ago  
I don't have a girlfriend so I think I've just created a black hole somewhere. 4 years ago  
Plants need love too, dammit! 4 years ago +2
I have no problem admitting I'd do the do with She-Hulk, given the opportunity. 4 years ago +3
I know. There's Baptism, Jehovah's Witnesses and my knowledge ends there. 4 years ago  
Yeah. I find I can suddenly stratch my ears with my feet easily. 4 years ago  
I don't even like crackers. I much prefer Digestives. 4 years ago  
Since the current Pope is actually a decent guy, I think he'd support it. Were it one of the other Popes, however, I get the feeling he'd set them on the actual path of God pretty quickly. FYI, I'm an Agnostic with virtually no idea what I'm talking about, so don't hate me for expressing an opinion. 4 years ago  
I'd rather eliminate discriminating A-holes from the planet. Just round them up, stick them in a rocket and off to Mars they go. 4 years ago +3
I tossed a coin. 4 years ago  
Nope. Nor have I ever been kissed by anyone outside my family. Nor have I ever had a boyfriend/girlfriend (I can't work out what my sexuality is). 4 years ago  
I'm guessing both are true. 4 years ago  
Everytime I draw, I just end up drawing some kind of cartoon. Not even particularly good ones :P 4 years ago +1
I'd rather avoid war altogether but given those choices, I'd make them earn it. 4 years ago  
Dog's psychology is easier to get: if you can't eat it or hump it, pee on it and walk away. 4 years ago +3
I'd like to have ginger hair but the rest of me looks fine :P 4 years ago  
Lag is the worst enemy of all online gamers. 4 years ago +3
Both are talented musically, but Katy's songs are more inspirational and uplifting imo. 4 years ago  
I need a hero, to save me now. 4 years ago +1
I'd rather end world starvation. 4 years ago  
I broke a tonka toy when I was a kid. 4 years ago  
I'd rather be the groundskeeper. 4 years ago  
Can I just be a dog/wolf? 4 years ago  
God or Nick Fury? Hmm... 4 years ago  
I'd rather grab a gun and blow my brains out before hand. Failing that, I'll just strangle myself. 4 years ago  
Hmm...A bunch of freedom fighters with hidden blades or a black guy with a dog, a semi-lovable methhead and a retired bank robber, all of whom have special mystic powers? Besides, Assassin's Creed went overboard with Black Flag. 4 years ago  
Neither. I hate marshmallows. 4 years ago  
I seriously debated with myself for 10 minutes before tossing a coin XD 4 years ago  
She-Hulk is my favourite for...various reasons but Lady Deadpool is the best imo. 4 years ago  
Bones. 4 years ago  
Dante (DMC3). Jackpot! 4 years ago  
I haven't seen BH6 yet so I choose this by default. 4 years ago  
I'd prefer Bleach/Kurosh*tsuji (Black Butler) 4 years ago +1
You get a gold bar! *You* get a gold bar! EVERYBODY gets a gold bar :D 4 years ago  
Deadpool. 4 years ago  
So...merman or alien? Well, Ariel's sisters were cute so definitely Atlantis. 4 years ago  
I always hated sex ed because the teacher was such a tightwad. I get the idea if she was more open about it we would have enjoyed learning about it more. 4 years ago  
I don't want to be weak against water. 4 years ago +1
I know two male Sams and one female Sammy so :P 4 years ago  
Leonardo was also an amazing inventor. 4 years ago +1
Romione, Straubee and Phan. 4 years ago  
Talent is what you're born with. Skill is what you learn. 4 years ago  
It stopped in college, but scarred me for life. Now I flinch everytime someone makes a sudden movement towards me. 4 years ago +1
The cold never bothered me anyway. 4 years ago  
I'd rather stay as I am. 4 years ago  
Wearing awesome superhero shirts for the rest of my life? Sounds a major win to me. 4 years ago  
I want to get the rest of my life sorted out first. 4 years ago  
Everyone is special, just in different ways. Just look hard enough and you'll find that little bit of weirdness eventually. 4 years ago  
Religion just seems to end in fighting and violence. At least with business I can sort out disputes myself. 4 years ago  
Believe it or not, females are shown to be more empathic by nature than males. Plus I've only had female doctors all my life so a male one might throw me off a bit. 4 years ago  
Story time: When I was doing a PowerPoint presentation in secondary school, I threw up out of fear. That was embarrassing. I did one in college but got a hard-on midway through. That was awkward. You tell me which is worse. 4 years ago  
Popular group = peer pressure. 4 years ago  
Fat people are-statistically-happier than skinny people. Besides, both are dangerous if they get to the extreme levels. I think we should encourage people to be overweight, but not obese. 4 years ago  
Gaming helps hand-eye coordination. Movies just give you something to do. 4 years ago  
Dogs actually get excited when they see you. Cats don't give a f*ck. 4 years ago  
I already can control my dreams (to an extent) but I never spend that much time sleeping anyway. 4 years ago  
I imagine that taking each other's V-cards would just enhance the experience enough to make up for the bad sex. 4 years ago  
I have a life motto already: #Sayniah (Sometimes, all you need is a hug). Also, I imagine my last words will be "OH SH*T!" 4 years ago  
If there was no marriage, there'd be no fighting over gay marriage rights or other stupid things like that. 4 years ago  
Double Dash FTW. 4 years ago  
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. As long as she's smart, kind and loves gaming, YouTube, and cuddles, we can get on fine. 4 years ago  
I'm not fat! I just have more love to store! XD Seriously though, I'd take it *all* aside from the short part. 4 years ago  
I'd be able to show that I'm happy for my crush if she dated my best mate. I've spent most of my life as a fifth wheel anyway. 4 years ago  
It saddens me that people are shunned in real life so much that their only friends are online. I hope that you'll all find friends in real life sometime soon, because-unless you're a rapist or something-you deserve it. 4 years ago  
Why not both? 4 years ago  
Neither. I prefer Porthmadog. 4 years ago  
If they can't accept what makes you happy, they should never have called you a friend at all. 4 years ago  
I could finally catch up on all that sleep that the GCSEs made me miss out on. 4 years ago  
Give me a mask for the nude scene and I'm sold. 4 years ago  
To quote a WWE Superstar: "YES! YES! YES!" 4 years ago  
The lions have a reason for attacking; you're in their territory. The cats are just attacking you because they're evil. 4 years ago  
Caffeine is a drug, so if he's got a coffee habit that's not as bad as it could be. 4 years ago  
I hate showers anyway. Baths, b*tch. 4 years ago  
Tripping and falling is getting more common whereas dancing is pretty rare already. 4 years ago  
I already have a chauffeur and personal chef. I call her Mum XD 4 years ago  
I could sell the videos of dreams I hate. Had a bad nightmare? Send it to James Wan. 4 years ago  
It's a server some people like to play on. There's no mobs, but you're stuck in adventure mode so you can't break any blocks either. 4 years ago  
And she hasn't pulled any kind of idiotic stunts to get herself re-noticed. 4 years ago  
I'd rather have my driving license revoked. I'd deserve it if I'm stupid enough to do either of those things. 4 years ago  
As long as they're not plastic, they're cool. However, big boobs usually means big women, which means awesome cuddles. 4 years ago  
Hermione Granger. 'Nuff said. 4 years ago  
I'd introduce a law that gives complete equality; everyone in the UK (except illegal immigrants) would get equal rights. 4 years ago  
As much as I hate him, I couldn't bear to see him die (dunno if I've used the right bear). 4 years ago  
I'd jump out the window and do the most epic of somersaults before dying. Might as well go out in style. 4 years ago +2
I'd rather read the book, thanks. 4 years ago  
I belong in an asylum anyway. As long as it hasn't got Ruvik in it. 4 years ago  
I never seem to have to wait in line anyway. Maybe that's because I carry an MP3 player everywhere :P 4 years ago  
Just as long as I'm not using IE, I'm a happy man. 4 years ago  
I am ninja. You cannot see me. I shall protect my family's honour and slay you! 4 years ago  
Some things aren't meant to be known. Ignorance is bliss sometimes. 4 years ago  
Live on earth forever? Plenty of exploring to do. 4 years ago  
Even if you get caught, there's more things in prison than there is on the streets. 4 years ago  
Depends how far back, but Flight of the Valkyries is an absolute amazing classic song. 4 years ago  
If I see scary things that aren't there, that's already going to give me nightmares. 4 years ago  
Walk around naked; problem solved. 4 years ago  
There's no such thing as average or normal-we're all unique in one way or another. 4 years ago  
Work in customer service is hell for me, but if I'm a man-whore I know it's temporary. 4 years ago  
Anyone here watch Family Guy? Then you'll know why I'd stop the holocaust. 4 years ago  
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