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    Plenty to eat for dinner.  
    Well, that was a shocking experience. +100
    Beating up Beliebers with a stick? Yes, please.  
    It wouldn't surprise me if he already is. Bastard he is.  
    It doesn't say what speed you have to do it at. Hit the bum at 5 mph.  
    More to eat with a burger (usually)  
    The famous person might be an asshole.  
    They'd owe me big time for it.  
    I could finally tell what idiot drivers are going to do.  
    I identify as an Agnostic, fyi. +1
    Silence is golden, but Duct Tape is silver.  
    None of the above. Toyota Hilux or Nissan Cube for me, thanks.  
    As long as it doesn't end up on iTunes.  
    It doesn't say the movie is awesome :P  
    I seriously envy girls sometimes...then I remember periods XD  
    Us 17% can go on a mass camping trip :D  
    I live in England where the legal age is 16  
    Neither. I like writing in Comic Sans.  
    I already have small tits. They're called moobs.  
    No burglars are getting in my house XD  
    It would ease a lot of pain.  
    If limits are allowed, sure.  
    I prefer Phil but whatever floats your boat.  
    I'd keep quiet about it unless I saw it again.  
    I'd just think "He finally got the balls to do it."  
    Forever Alone...  
    Cheaters disgust me.  
    You do realize that the dangers of online dating are shared with a blind date, right? +1
    Like I can control who I fall in love with.  
    It doesn't say they'll love me back.  
    A part of liking someone comes from respecting them.  
    Double my height? She wouldn't fit in a double-decker bus.  
    I'd add in a dance routine for giggles :P  
    In self defence :P  
    I'm used to it by now.  
    There's plenty of fish in the sea.  
    I've learned this one the hard way.  
    If he backstabbed me, I still have more money.  
    Her needs before mine. Simple as :P  
    She might be an a-hole.  
    This sums me up perfectly.  
    The best things in life don't have a price tag.  
    I'll admit it; I've had a crush on Katy since I was 15 years old.  
    Nothing is more cowardly than dumping someone over text.  
    I'd go down fighting, hopefully taking them with me.  
    Already done it. +1
    No idea what BO is and I have bad breath anyway.  
    I used to chew my fingernails and get infections a lot. Trust me; waxing is less painful than whitlow.  
    Why not both?  
    I already do.  
    Doesn't say how big the glass piece is.  
    The cold never bothered me anyway.  
    Wearing awesome superhero shirts for the rest of my life? Sounds a major win to me.  
    I want to get the rest of my life sorted out first.  
    Everyone is special, just in different ways. Just look hard enough and you'll find that little bit of weirdness eventually.  
    Religion just seems to end in fighting and violence. At least with business I can sort out disputes myself.  
    Believe it or not, females are shown to be more empathic by nature than males. Plus I've only had female doctors all my life so a male one might throw me off a bit.  
    Popular group = peer pressure.  
    Fat people are-statistically-happier than skinny people. Besides, both are dangerous if they get to the extreme levels. I think we should encourage people to be overweight, but not obese.  
    Gaming helps hand-eye coordination. Movies just give you something to do.  
    Dogs actually get excited when they see you. Cats don't give a f*ck.  
    I already can control my dreams (to an extent) but I never spend that much time sleeping anyway.  
    I have a life motto already: #Sayniah (Sometimes, all you need is a hug). Also, I imagine my last words will be "OH SH*T!"  
    If there was no marriage, there'd be no fighting over gay marriage rights or other stupid things like that.  
    Double Dash FTW.  
    I'm not fat! I just have more love to store! XD Seriously though, I'd take it *all* aside from the short part.  
    I'd be able to show that I'm happy for my crush if she dated my best mate. I've spent most of my life as a fifth wheel anyway.  
    It saddens me that people are shunned in real life so much that their only friends are online. I hope that you'll all find friends in real life sometime soon, because-unless you're a rapist or something-you deserve it.  
    Why not both?  
    Neither. I prefer Porthmadog.  
    If they can't accept what makes you happy, they should never have called you a friend at all.  
    I could finally catch up on all that sleep that the GCSEs made me miss out on.  
    Give me a mask for the nude scene and I'm sold.  
    To quote a WWE Superstar: "YES! YES! YES!"  
    The lions have a reason for attacking; you're in their territory. The cats are just attacking you because they're evil.  
    Caffeine is a drug, so if he's got a coffee habit that's not as bad as it could be.  
    I hate showers anyway. Baths, b*tch.  
    I already have a chauffeur and personal chef. I call her Mum XD  
    I could sell the videos of dreams I hate. Had a bad nightmare? Send it to James Wan.  
    It's a server some people like to play on. There's no mobs, but you're stuck in adventure mode so you can't break any blocks either.  
    And she hasn't pulled any kind of idiotic stunts to get herself re-noticed.  
    Hermione Granger. 'Nuff said.  
    I'd introduce a law that gives complete equality; everyone in the UK (except illegal immigrants) would get equal rights.  
    As much as I hate him, I couldn't bear to see him die (dunno if I've used the right bear).  
    I'd rather read the book, thanks.  
    I belong in an asylum anyway. As long as it hasn't got Ruvik in it.  
    I never seem to have to wait in line anyway. Maybe that's because I carry an MP3 player everywhere :P  
    Just as long as I'm not using IE, I'm a happy man.  
    I am ninja. You cannot see me. I shall protect my family's honour and slay you!  
    Some things aren't meant to be known. Ignorance is bliss sometimes.  
    Live on earth forever? Plenty of exploring to do.  
    Even if you get caught, there's more things in prison than there is on the streets.  
    Depends how far back, but Flight of the Valkyries is an absolute amazing classic song.  
    If I see scary things that aren't there, that's already going to give me nightmares.  
    Walk around naked; problem solved.  
    There's no such thing as average or normal-we're all unique in one way or another.  
    Anyone here watch Family Guy? Then you'll know why I'd stop the holocaust.  
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