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I collect gas masks, enjoy history, and have various militaria scattered around the room.

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Which would you rather use German tunic or Soviet tunic 1 year ago 47 votes 2 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Join the French Foreign Legion or Be some guy with bad teeth and wearing a soup bowl for protection 1 year ago 38 votes 2 comments 0 likes
Would you rather be This or Whatever this is 1 year ago 40 votes 4 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Join the Schutzstaffel or March into machine gun fire dressed like this 1 year ago 51 votes 4 comments 0 likes
Would you rather fight in World War 1 or World War 2 1 year ago 57 votes 2 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Wear a chemical soaked hood or Urinate on a rag and wrap it around your nose and mouth 1 year ago 39 votes 4 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Reunite Czechoslovakia or Keep the Czechs and Slovaks apart 1 year ago 67 votes 7 comments 0 likes
Who's a better actor Buster Keaton or Charlie Chaplin 1 year ago 60 votes 5 comments 0 likes
Mesothelioma comes quick and many old gas masks have asbestos in their filter canisters. Not to mention these are crusty and the seal is broken by around 100 years. Which is why my life expectancy is so low. Which would you rather breathe through? Richardson Flory Kops or Small Box Respirator 1 year ago 48 votes 3 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Collect only gas masks or Collect German items from both World Wars 1 year ago 69 votes 7 comments 0 likes

King_CreepaLot has posted the following comments:

I mean, it's KFC. 1 year ago  
I would've preferred Adolf, but sometimes we can't have nice things. 1 year ago  
By firing squad. 1 year ago  
My idol 1 year ago  
What's the point in camping if you don't bring snake repellent? 1 year ago  
Hard to choose, cold stuff is good, but fresh, warm, moist cookies are also great. 1 year ago  
Deutschland uber alles 1 year ago  
I've been reading up on the Foreign Legion and some other Frog stuff. Seems like a pretty awesome place to visit. 1 year ago  
FN and their cool gasmaskers 1 year ago  
And blonde hair 1 year ago  
I have 40 something if I recall. I hardly play them now though, it's all about gas mask collecting. 1 year ago  
Finland is so Finlandy. Plus the Winter War is cool 1 year ago  
I generally prefer less sweet sweets. If that makes sense. 1 year ago  
Swings are fun, though. 1 year ago  
Don't worry guys, I got this. 1 year ago  
Gucci gas mask bags 1 year ago  
I mean technically it's in the shape of an M43 1 year ago  
I can finally honor my family! 1 year ago  
"Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." 1 year ago  
Better dead than Red! 1 year ago +3
$50? Bump it up to 20 man 1 year ago  
Yep, the Zulu film. 1 year ago  
Why is he wearing an Assault Gun wrap 1 year ago  
Some people try and weasel their way out of questions like this and think there's a hidden third option. There's two tracks, trains don't stop magically, you can't save everybody. 1 year ago  
Happy birthday, have some conscription 1 year ago  
Why would Jews be helping? 1 year ago  
Flushed Away was all right, but Toy Story? That was the stuff 1 year ago  
Already crushed 1 year ago  
I jus' watch 1 year ago  
Good thing I don't know any of these people 1 year ago  
Hortler shouldn't have died that fateful day. 1 year ago +3
They probably wouldn't kill me then. 1 year ago  
I deserve all the gasmaskers 1 year ago  
Never forget 1 year ago  
Imagining an SS guy dabbing. 1 year ago  
Grab a random bottle of shampoo off the shelf, boom, you're done. 1 year ago  
Still get to be royal family living in a big house 1 year ago  
No wonder I love him 1 year ago  
Finland > Commies 1 year ago +2
Contact, Machinegunner, 200, South. I44 makes it even better 1 year ago  
Superior 1 year ago +1
Nobody ever wants to check a gas mask crate for valuables 1 year ago  
Mr Trump, that's a very nice uniform. Though the Iron Cross ribbon triggers me. 1 year ago  
I feel lonely now 1 year ago  
Of course I support it!!!1!!1! 1 year ago +2
Difficult choice 1 year ago +1
I knew it 1 year ago +4
Gott mit uns kiddos 1 year ago  
Well of course 1 year ago  
Take the fake news out! 1 year ago  
I'd be the main character, a random reenacting weirdo who always wears a gas mask. 1 year ago  
May you rest in peace, Chris. 1 year ago  
If England's my city, Germany's my uniform 1 year ago  
I genuinely prefer the Sims 3 and 2 to 4. 1 year ago  
I enjoy the Frogs 1 year ago  
Buttons are shiny 1 year ago  
Easier to find both ammunition types where I live 1 year ago +1
That one has a gun and I've never seen the show. 1 year ago  
Then I will be killed for treason 1 year ago  
Congrats, now where's the question? 1 year ago  
I don't see that making you throw up. 1 year ago  
I'm already socially awkward and have no friends. 1 year ago  
Germany hated Jews for a reason... 1 year ago +1
It's the owner's choice, but generally you shouldn't do that. 1 year ago +1
They aren't human, so therefore should not be allowed to lead. 1 year ago  
Have no idea why I clicked it, but I did. 1 year ago  
What if what you know is a lie? 1 year ago  
Wore an M43 camping once. Turns out I don't like wearing stuff on my head when I sleep. Unless it's a gas mask. Those are always welcome. 1 year ago  
Mustard gas will cause blisters and burning as well as asphyxiation. Time to get rid of BLM 1 year ago +2
'Murica 1 year ago  
We must send in the elites to take care of the Blackocalypse 1 year ago  
Free stuff 1 year ago  
They're good sounds pretty good. 1 year ago  
Indeed it would 1 year ago  
Re-read Moby Dic for probably the hundredth time. Apparently you can't say the name of the book. 1 year ago +1
You thought you'd get me to talk 1 year ago  
I like elephants 1 year ago +1
Mein Fuhrer 1 year ago  
I'll eat the donuts too 1 year ago  
Can confirm 1 year ago  
Anything that's not Prussia, Latvia, pre-WWII France, or Czechoslovakia. America is acceptable 1 year ago  
The other guy is missing an eye 1 year ago  
and it's also a company that designs gas masks. 1 year ago  
Anarchy and you can't have people form groups? 1 year ago  
Honhonhonhon baguette 1 year ago  
I don't have a social life, this can't be 1 year ago  
Mink fur is mighty soft, although Marten is too. 1 year ago  
Time for National Socialism is rule this country cough cough 1 year ago  
Not really a huge fan of superhero movies. 1 year ago  
They can overpower you if in large enough groups. 1 year ago  
Better dead than Red 1 year ago +1
But ACME makes cool gasmaskers, why would I quit? 1 year ago  
Those people are pure cancer 1 year ago  
Clever 1 year ago  
Jews control everything and must be stopped!!!111!!!one!!1! 1 year ago  
Here I am still using Civ IV and V 1 year ago  
Lots of people want him dead, but he probably won't be. 1 year ago  
I mean, I hardly text 1 year ago  
Don't tolerate lying like that, probably a chat with her. 1 year ago +1
At least I could get down 1 year ago  
I enjoy Chinese knock-off movies 1 year ago  
Cold War mindset is seriously affecting Russia 1 year ago  
I'm an American 1 year ago +1
What if it's a Migo 1 year ago  
Probably couldn't lift the ball n' chain 1 year ago  
I enjoy poles 1 year ago  
At least take one gun. 1 year ago  
I mean, this is the only correct answer. 1 year ago  
I just checked my phone after a few days of it sitting there. 1 year ago  
As long as people use the animal fully. That's something the various Hunter courses around here say, use all the animal or get out. You can get heavily fined just by leaving it there. 1 year ago  
Everybody already thinks I'm some weird Nazi. Which I'm totally not, honhonhonhon French pigs cough cough 1 year ago  
Kids need some rules at the very minimum. 1 year ago  
I can't be rich, but I can manipulate people. Sounds good to me 1 year ago  
I feel like it'd help with bonding and such. However, we do it in front of the tv; usually talking about our day then. 1 year ago  
America? I don't know, but my glorious German heritage, jawohl mein herr 1 year ago  
I enjoyed the gas mask in Kong 1 year ago  
Kid seems like he's up to something 1 year ago  
As long as I have my STG44 and some DOT camo, I'll be fine 1 year ago  
Scheisse 1 year ago  
'Murican berries 1 year ago  
There's a massive 20 lbs Copper bullion in a store nearby. Nobody's bought it since it's been there, however. 1 year ago  
The nostalgia of the 64 1 year ago +1
His head is an edged blade 1 year ago +1
It's essentially High School Musical 1 year ago  
Family 1 year ago  
Top 0, noice 1 year ago  
I remember catching frogs, snakes, worms, etc 1 year ago  
Didn't know you could 1 year ago +2
I identify as an alligator 1 year ago +2
Either I sleep past it or somehow wake up before it goes off. I don't know how it happens, but it does. 1 year ago  
I'm in the negatives 1 year ago  
I prefer pickles 1 year ago  
A what now? 1 year ago +1
I can challenge you to that. 1 year ago  
They caused the debt. They caused WWI. They caused the Napoleonic Wars. They caused... okay I'm out of ideas now. 1 year ago +1
Explore them Zulu battlefields 1 year ago  
A'ight 1 year ago +1
Already do 1 year ago  
I mean, I suppose I'll pick this one. 1 year ago  
Deportation is key 1 year ago +3
Depends on the chores, I got paid for extra stuff. 1 year ago  
Deutschland Deutschland uber alles 1 year ago  
Not really skilled on cameras 1 year ago  
Depends if they want to die or not, I know plenty of people who don't want to be here anymore. 1 year ago  
"Make a rather question" It knows 1 year ago  
This was really difficult in all honesty, I enjoyed both pretty much equally. 1 year ago  
I do enjoy history 1 year ago  
Panzergrenadiere Lied 1 year ago  
I am pure evil 1 year ago  
Can't own more than 2 pets here, so it'd be out of luck anyways. 1 year ago  
Considering I'm my worst enemy... 1 year ago  
What 1 year ago  
Pine cones and SS uniforms 1 year ago  
Gotta feel for 'em 1 year ago  
I mean, it depends. If it's something major (IE, similar to WWII), otherwise I'd rather not have conscription all the time. 1 year ago  
Well duh, also on the shot choice. Are those WWI frogs? 1 year ago  
I may not have clicked it 1 year ago  
I mean, the bosses wouldn't be easy. 1 year ago  
My words exactly 1 year ago  
Why fight it 1 year ago  
I'd be wise to become successful 1 year ago  
This was actually a pretty tough decision. 1 year ago  
Tough decision, but I swore an oath way back in '33 1 year ago  
Heard the reason he's so popular is pretty much every other Russian politician is terrible. 1 year ago  
I enjoy realism, hence why I have a few older painting in my room. 1 year ago  
Windows 7 life 1 year ago  
I have no life, so there's no other place to go. 1 year ago  
Are you trying to describe me? 1 year ago  
But it's the flames that kill you, not the weapon. 1 year ago  
I already have enough lung cancer as it is 1 year ago  
That's kind of what I meant 1 year ago  
I mean, hey. Population control, I'll just make myself be in that 5% 1 year ago  
Isn't Coca Cola the most profitable company? Or did it lose all that fame 1 year ago  
Larger cupcake in my mind 1 year ago  
Who leaves their house? The sun is scary my man 1 year ago +2
A true classic 1 year ago  
I want to speak all languages, but I'm too lazy to even learn Czech 1 year ago  
I am inside 1 year ago  
Soviet tanks are pretty cheap, but Panzer IVs are pretty nice. Or better yet, an original, functioning WWI-era tank. 1 year ago  
If I owned a 5-star hotel I could expand it eventually. You can't make a White House Numba Too 1 year ago  
I like lots of music, but I listen to many songs people call 'violent' because they were used by the Third Reich. It's odd since a lot of the songs are from Prussia. I wouldn't call them violent or disturbing,, however 1 year ago  
I've got some strong SM64 flashbacks now. 1 year ago +1
What on Earth is the Big Bong Theory 1 year ago +1
Japan's got some pretty awesome history in my opinion. 1 year ago  
Be interesting to see what they're like without all the propaganda. IE, Pyongyang compared to everywhere else. 1 year ago  
It'd be interesting to see Fantasia 1 year ago  
Yes, but I ain't disclosin' 1 year ago  
Depends on if I actually like them or not in all honesty 1 year ago  
I actually enjoy both of these, but if I had to choose, Zim. I enjoy the dark humor in it. 1 year ago  
If I can eat any other animal, I can tackle a dog. Is it because they're domestic or something? 1 year ago  
Laserstick 1 year ago  
Use a ton of force and you may get somewhere. Or it'll smash into pieces. Just get an old toy hammer from the 30's 1 year ago  
Friggin flies 1 year ago +1
*nevern't because grammerz 1 year ago  
Once upon a time.... Ypres, gas attack, 1915 1 year ago  
Done it before 1 year ago  
I hardly watch any popular YouTuber, therefore how would they know me. Fox would probably report that I'm some weirdo running around with gas masks. 1 year ago  
Pretty lights 1 year ago +1
Pretty sure the first bullet will end me. 56 just ensures nobody knows who died. 1 year ago  
Interesting question. Flood their home or drown them? 1 year ago  
More income which means more for the charity 1 year ago +1
I'm a better writer than artist, I'll just put it that way. 1 year ago  
What's wrong with Alaska? Great fishin' 1 year ago  
815 much? 1 year ago  
Is Fox actually propaganda? I'm sure there's an actual Right wing propaganda place somewhere. 1 year ago  
Put on the jumpsuit for super duper Fallschirmjager impression, fill the cup with flakes of asbestos mixed with water, offer it to her, then in 20 years if she hasn't died from Mesothelioma yet, use the brick. 1 year ago  
I love 19th and 20th century history 1 year ago  
If they're old pirates, count me in. 1 year ago  
Honestly, France is pretty awesome. But there's been quite a few terror attacks recently. 1 year ago  
As long as they ain't telling me that in Russian, I'll capitulate. 1 year ago  
I'd just like to say he's doing an all right job and I wish him luck. 1 year ago +2
There's only one true way to eating it 1 year ago +1
Better dead than Red. Bacon cheeseburgers 1 year ago  
A victim, not killed. Maybe I just got a musket ball stuck in my shoulder which caused me to die from infection years later. 1 year ago  
Do people still want to kill Trump? I was hoping it was just a phase... 1 year ago +1
Well, the only thing I'm good for is Horehound in the plants category. 1 year ago +1
Send in a few SS Panzer Divisions with Luftwaffle (heh) support and they're gone. Just like that 1 year ago  
Just going to imagine the colors all get inverted, just to add some spice 1 year ago  
Everybody knows that Cheeki Breeki conquers all 1 year ago  
Oh not much, just pretty much an entire shift. 1 year ago +1
Man, I already live in a place with a ton of caves. Can't say I love it, though. Going camping and just setting up by an old cave is pretty awesome. 1 year ago +1
It happens, but the stuff I do will never cause it. I do everything people think is boring. 1 year ago +1
Don't think bikinis are made for men, honhon 1 year ago  
I'd try to swim around in them 'taters 1 year ago  
Got that need for speed. I'm so very sorry 1 year ago  
Sour candy is the scheisser 1 year ago  
Williams is the superior human. 1 year ago  
I mean, I feel it's a good choice. 1 year ago  
He's what started it all 1 year ago +1
If I did go to Sweden I could get a free bracelet! 1 year ago  
I'd say he's doing all right, he's made some pretty dumb decisions though. 1 year ago  
If I could choose both, I would 1 year ago  
I've had it done before, but not by an expert. Let's see how they do 1 year ago  
That thing looks too comfortable for it's own good. 1 year ago  
Sometimes it's nice staying far away from things. As long as I have some food and water that is. 1 year ago  
I really don't get the point dog meat being worse than any other meat. Most meats are good. 1 year ago +1
I mean, if I didn't notice it before, I'd imagine finishing it. 1 year ago  
Some fine collectibles there... 1 year ago  
Isn't it obvious? I can live without chocolate 1 year ago  
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