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    Hug? Sure. 4 months ago  
    I don't like cities. EDIT: Small towns are SOOO much better!! 4 months ago still, it wakes u up in the morning. 4 months ago  
    they already know.. 4 months ago  
    How about.. skip! 4 months ago  
    Never seen it... 4 months ago  
    But.. but.. my name is Meliodas.. (get the reference, filthy weebs :) ) 4 months ago  
    FLAT IS JUSTICE!! 4 months ago  
    My Anaconda ate ME 4 months ago  
    I'm the youngest of 3, you don't have many responsibilities and don't get yelled at that much, but I have the highest expectations. 4 months ago  
    I don't have a gf nor a best friend, but if i DID then i choose right, because i only date those who i deem worthy. 4 months ago  
    No, love is war. 4 months ago  
    people are so thirsty now 4 months ago  
    someone already did... 4 months ago  
    oh, now that i read the part about getting caught doing both, left. 4 months ago  
    i mean.. you can try... 4 months ago  
    already happens 4 months ago  
    pAra-pAra-chute time (ara ara reference) 4 months ago  
    still, at like 2 mph, thatd hurt a LOT 4 months ago  
    haha, jokes on you, im lonely! 4 months ago  
    depends on the girl 4 months ago  
    This is what I've been doing for so long now.. 4 months ago  
    might as well be rich 4 months ago  
    Exactly like me. 4 months ago  
    Not left, because life isn't Your Lie in April. 4 months ago  
    ah yes, my dad is "darT vader" 4 months ago  
    might as well be rich 4 months ago +1
    Living forever has been so painful.. 4 months ago  
    I'm a male, I'd rather not.. 4 months ago  
    good think there's a skip button. 4 months ago  
    oops, i meant left 4 months ago  
    I'm not gay. 4 months ago  
    Person from Ontario, loopholes are what make these games better. 4 months ago  
    Y'all are messed up. 4 months ago  
    I don't wanna know what a human centipede is.. 4 months ago  
    skip! 4 months ago  
    could be anyone 4 months ago  
    If you eat real crap, then you have a high chance of getting dysentery, which can kill you, so I'd rather not. 4 months ago  
    No, I don't think I will... 4 months ago  
    Imagine going to a street race with a Chevy under a Bugatti body and then racing them and losing thousands... 4 months ago  
    As long as I'm not in Florida, I'll be fine. 4 months ago  
    There will be serious repercussion is you did that, the world's economy would be trash and the world would be even less united. 4 months ago  
    You will have a legacy. 4 months ago  
    My catgirls and waifus ares better than any game. 4 months ago  
    I don't like animals. 4 months ago  
    Sssskkkkiiiipp! 4 months ago  
    I already do the left. 4 months ago  
    Nintendo is the best one, but they're starting to be generic. Most of the games on it sucks, plus it's slow. 4 months ago  
    I haven't seen Castaway. Sorry to the people who I pissed off. 4 months ago  
    You'll bleed out and die faster, so you don't have to suffer as much pain. (If these were to be fatal) 4 months ago  
    My catgirls can finally be real!! 4 months ago  
    Even though Apple is overrated and overpriced, you can plan more anime games on it. 4 months ago  
    Only if Hawkeye was the one shooting it. 4 months ago  
    Firefox is slow and browser games run slower on it. 4 months ago  
    I'm fancy with my fork... 4 months ago  
    Neither, Shure is way better, the sound quality is amazing and it's well priced. (I only chose Beats so that I can see the votes) 4 months ago  
    They're p much the same thing. 4 months ago  
    I already sold my soul.. to the Irish.. 4 months ago  
    I'm a shut-in weeb. Now leave me alone. 4 months ago  
    I grew up with a canon, I still use it from now and then. It was the thing that got me into photography, and then I quit because I was getting bored. 4 months ago  
    Jokes on you, my computer is a Mac, it's like 20,000,000 lb. 4 months ago  
    I grew up with both, but mainly Armor games. 4 months ago  
    What is Wordpress? BTW Tumblr is life. 4 months ago  
    What is AMD?? 4 months ago  
    Lmao with a Veyron, you can win almost any street race. 4 months ago  
    I have betrayed Android.. I'm sorry.. I HAVE to play my anime games... 4 months ago  
    Record because you can throw them at people. 4 months ago  
    You can download emulators for your Macbook and play basically any mobile games you want on it. 4 months ago  
    lmao im about to get on my 747... 5 months ago  
    living forever is so painful... 5 months ago  
    fb is hilarious 5 months ago  
    lmao im too ugly, nobody wants to check me out. 5 months ago  
    This would be hilarious and I don't want idiots running around being high. 5 months ago  
    no taxes.. they are scary... 5 months ago  
    I have a smart tv.. it's good for watching anime... 5 months ago  
    If you live in a mansion, you could rent out like 20 rooms and get millions. 5 months ago  
    THE ROPE WILL BE MADE OF HUMAN HAIR!! and it will be 1 micrometer thick... 5 months ago  
    band in a nutshell... 5 months ago  
    it doesnt hurt that much. 2 ph isnt THAT bad. lets try 0.2 now.... 5 months ago  
    still voted for eu 5 months ago  
    thats why its boring! 5 months ago  
    ppfffffffttt. 20 is NOTHING. 5 months ago  
    I'm fat and trying to get skinny. 5 months ago  
    oops, meant left. 5 months ago  
    I control the birds.. 5 months ago  
    might as well be rich. 5 months ago  
    Germans can hold their booze, Whites can't, so they won't be able to keep up. 5 months ago  
    i play both sax and violin lol 5 months ago  
    R8 is its an e-tron those are worth WAYYY more. 5 months ago  
    leg, i need my arms for gaming and instruments. 5 months ago  
    you can naruto run away :) 5 months ago  
    already have street smarts 5 months ago  
    me, my friends, and my ti-84 SILVER EDITION will go and do some random stuff! 5 months ago  
    i meant to click the one on the right. why wouldnt i want 100,000 dollars?! 5 months ago  
    IIISSSEEEEEKKAAAAIIII!!!! 5 months ago  
    isekai... 5 months ago  
    school systems in a nutshell~ 5 months ago  
    already am 5 months ago  
    already am 5 months ago  
    You can create and destroy black holes... 5 months ago  
    me watching anime 5 months ago  
    pffft. I'm a FLORIDA MAN. I wrestle crocodiles and alligators! 5 months ago  
    It's like this, imagine having a Toyota Camry in Dubai. 5 months ago  
    Snow. We get too much rain in Florida... 5 months ago  
    Epstein? I'm contradicting an earlier comment right now... 5 months ago  
    I already do! 5 months ago  
    Both already happen to me. 5 months ago  
    Kimi no Nawa IRL... amazing. 5 months ago  
    You'll see too much anime and you'd go insane. 5 months ago  
    You can still jump off. 5 months ago  
    Pirates have to deal with being stuck on the sea for months at a time, with a crew of smelly people. Also, I don't want to be hunted down every single hour, I'm lazy and like to sit around all day. 5 months ago  
    I live in Florida.. so... yeah. Aalso, I'm planning on being an anesthesiologist, so yeah. 5 months ago  
    There are somethings that are better left unknown.. also you'd go insane with all of that knowledge. 5 months ago  
    I'm already a master of every musical instrument.. (except piano and guitar :) ) 5 months ago  
    Already have a Mac 5 months ago  
    Which 19% chose Bieber? 5 months ago  
    I'm already a ninja... I'm Asian... 5 months ago  
    Kakegurui time. Yumeko Jabami, you're up next! 5 months ago  
    You mean Subaru from Re/Zero? 5 months ago  
    Call me a monster, but I'd take the billion. You don't just give all that money to people who don't know how to handle money. They rarely handle money, if ever. So I'd give $500 to 200,000 families. (I'm still greedy) 5 months ago  
    immortality has gotten boring.. 5 months ago  
    I would be a god if anything I drew became real. 5 months ago  
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