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Would you rather, Watch "Holmes" or Watch "Sherlock" (BBC version) 6 years ago 763 votes 7 comments 0 likes

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Yay! I love push pops, even though they make my hands super sticky :3 6 years ago +7
I love polo's questions ,but they seem to always make me hungry xD 6 years ago +8
I've always wished I could go to sleep on command :/ 6 years ago  
Wow that's really good, good job :3 6 years ago  
Sky wouldn't even think twice on this question, BUUUUUUDDER, SKY ARMY FTW!!! 6 years ago +3
You can watch tv on the Internet :/ 6 years ago +3
A huge stuffed animal or a night stand hmmm 6 years ago  
I don't think that's a deer. . .i could be wrong x) 6 years ago +6
I already know sign language if I pick the second can I still know that? 6 years ago  
. . .both :3 6 years ago +4
No. 6 years ago  
Im not sure, I don't know what that is 6 years ago  
Unless its Benedict cumberbatch's sherlock :D 6 years ago  
I always play outside alone with my dogs, cause my sister is *always* inside sleeping or on tumblr ._. She's lazy 6 years ago  
Gallon smash is risky cause there are so many cameras in the store, but I think the mirror thing would give me a heart attack x) lol 6 years ago  
I don't have that many songs on my iPod, so I listen to the radio or CDs 6 years ago +1
Yeah dude, duh 6 years ago  
I would lock my doors and call the police :/ and I wouldn't really care if the other person drove of cause I would get there license number first thing. 6 years ago  
Paper towels always get my hands dry, if there is both I air dry, then use paper towels :/ 6 years ago  
I could just lay down. . . 6 years ago +2
Cloud 6 years ago  
Yay Martin freeman x) 6 years ago  
Amarican sign language 6 years ago  
>. 6 years ago  
Good for you >_> 6 years ago  
David is waaaaaaay better 6 years ago +2
CRAP NOW I WANT CHEEZ-IT'S SO BAD >:| 6 years ago  
The B pic just looks like her eyebrows are blonde 6 years ago +4
Neither but one direction is better then Justin beiber 6 years ago +1
Go ahead and find if you care so much >_> 6 years ago  
I went to the newest posts thingy and it didn't have any comments so I commented "first" 6 years ago  
Oh sorry 6 years ago  
I have less then four friends and I'm perfectly happy :3 6 years ago +1
2000 6 years ago  
I'm a girl and I don't like makeup and I think people look better without it :/ 6 years ago +679
First. . .hmph 6 years ago  
First. . .hmph 6 years ago  
I was the first to vote on this 6 years ago  
Cupcakes seem to have more icing :3 6 years ago +9
Im already awkwardlyshy and very annoying 6 years ago +4
How original -_- 6 years ago +1
Read the authors commet 6 years ago +2
Would you rather what? 6 years ago +3
Who the hell says that? xD 6 years ago  
Same here :D 6 years ago  
When I can't go to sleep :D and on road trips and on airplanes :D 6 years ago  
What is a yuppie 6 years ago +3
Lol same 6 years ago  
Im pretty sure the last violent movie I watched was the hunger games, yeah I would die instantly xD 6 years ago  
>:| 6 years ago  
You must be a cat person, ether that or you don't have a heart >_> 6 years ago  
ASDFGHJKL IDK 6 years ago  
Life?* 6 years ago  
Jewelry can't hurt you but the food at that other place might 6 years ago +1
No it's adorable >_> 6 years ago  
My dogs used to let me and my sis dress them up in baby doll clothes xD and so did one of my dogs puppies :) they just fell asleep thats all lol x) 6 years ago  
Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes o_o I HATE IT WHEN PEOPLE DO THAT :/ 6 years ago  
It would be more exciting then a cliff x) 6 years ago  
:D edges are the best! Their all chewy and stuff 6 years ago +3
Neither 6 years ago  
Then why did you pick it. . . 6 years ago +10
Nether 6 years ago  
Actually it is also called a problem face :/ 6 years ago +2
Awesome face = epic face :/ 6 years ago +1
Poler bears are endangered so DONT kill them D: 6 years ago +2
They would sting you multiple times ya know :/ 6 years ago  
I don't think punching the car would do much damage xD 6 years ago +25
:D 6 years ago  
PASTA~~~~~~~ -Italy :3 6 years ago  
No school all the time, 6 years ago  
I like broccoli :| 6 years ago  
I LIVE IN CAN-LAND :D 6 years ago  
Lol 6 years ago  
If it was cooked the sure 6 years ago  
You are a sick person >:| 6 years ago  
Flatbrims look stupid 6 years ago +6
I meant to click the other one 6 years ago  
Nether 6 years ago +1
Why did I answer this? 6 years ago +43
Ew. . . 6 years ago +1
That poor dog :( he looks like he was abused 6 years ago  
:/ 6 years ago  
Jell-o is made out of horse and cow hoves 6 years ago  
I don't know the first one so I picked jenna 6 years ago +1
A bottle, it says right on the choices 6 years ago  
For some reason I thought the second one said trash can. . .ugg 6 years ago +180
I just moved to Canada and accidentally thumbed up xD 6 years ago  
I'm with you :) 6 years ago  
:P yup 6 years ago  
I lived in the desert before. . .yeah desert 6 years ago  
Benedict cumberbatch 6 years ago +1
You're* 6 years ago  
The most popular video game ever? Duh 6 years ago  
Same 6 years ago  
I like enya. . . 6 years ago +2
What about slendy o.o 6 years ago  
Wrong one :/ 6 years ago +2
So did i 6 years ago  
The glass would get in your blood and kill you but the coals hardly hurt if you are carful 6 years ago  
Same here I love mythbusters 6 years ago  
One time my parents got a huge bag of skittles for me and my friend cause we were having a sleepover and we ate all of them and I'm still sick of skittles to this day :( 6 years ago  
One time I ate 6 potatoes at dinner. . . 6 years ago  
Im a girl, I'm small, so when I'm at home I don't need a bra 6 years ago  
Me. . .:( 6 years ago  
Im on a iPad right now. . .and I agree x) 6 years ago  
Idk ether so I pick a random one x) 6 years ago  
I love and grew up with both 6 years ago  
Easy 6 years ago  
My grandma isn't annoying sooo 6 years ago  
You* 6 years ago  
Your* 6 years ago  
If you picked the first, you are not my friend :/ 6 years ago  
I don't care for ether, oh well 6 years ago  
I'm a girl. . .why did I answer this? 6 years ago  
Jomarc ether tricked 16% or users of misspelled Stanford 6 years ago  
I hate being alone, but then again what if they kill you? 6 years ago  
Why did I click the second one? xD 6 years ago  
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