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We could simply forgive a child who is afraid of the dark, it's only tragic when men are afraid of the light.

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    Me, myself, I and my best friend.  
    Australia was having a debate on same sex marriage like - what the actual hell do you even need to debate on that?  
    It actually depends.  
    What the hell.  
    It says the 'ENTIRE' earth.  
    It's Summer here in Melbourne and it was pelting down rain a few days ago. Also a couple got struck buy lightning and one is in hospital and the other died. ;-; IT IS WEIRD HERE. Then again, it never snows..but whatever.  
    I feel like the only teenager with a life. ;-;  
    FOREVER? Okay you do realize FOREVER is...FOREVER. Right?  
    Already do.  
    My boyfriend would be kissing himself...  
    My crush would say no anyways.  
    Already do.  
    How smart you are isn't based off grammar or that. If you know how to fix something, you're smart.  
    I used to date someone online then I met them in real life. Was it a 56 year old man? No. It was a girl my age. ._.  
    If my crush loves me I would be famous, then again everyone would hate me...whatever! If someone did actually marry/date my crush they would be hated anyways. Crazy people....y know.  
    My best friend is a slut.  
    Trees ARE alive.  
    100000000000000000000000 people have the same crush as me. (;  
    My crush lives across the world from me, it's all gud.  
    To to all the straight guys: It clearly says your friend hate HIM. Lmfao.  
    It wouldn't be nice being 4 million years old...  
    "Physically never age?" What if you're only around 11 or 10? You probably wouldn't have love...  
    How old are you? You can have kids when you're not married..wtf  
    I don't listen to skrillex or that pop sh*t..  
    Yes you can  
    Well obviously because......  
    1 / 6 chance that I die.  
    That's why we have youtube...and spotify and other sh*t.  
    the sad part is that it was hard..  
    You can fix so many things tho...  
    If I chose my crush a lot of people would hate me because of their tradition and that I am not the same race as them but...F IT!  
    Remember: If you're immortal YOU CAN'T die. You are ALWAYS going to be alive and eventually, you will be ALL alone.  
    If you read the title CORRECTLY, it says "death cannot be avoided upon this knowledge."  
    I don't masturbate to girls vomiting in each other's mouths and sh*tting in their mouths.  
    Close my eyes.  
    You don't understand...  
    I mean, i'm a girl...  
    Wearing sandals today!  
    I'm a girl so it really doesn't matter.  
    I would rather have my butthole stay put thank you very much.  
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