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LEEROY JENKINS GAMING! Hi, I really like this site and stuff :P YouTube: Everythingilike Gaming (kinda inactive)

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    Well. You should screw YOURSELF and keep YOUR OPINION to yourself, you hypocrite. And btw I'm not an atheist 2 years ago  
    Eeny meeny meiny mo... 2 years ago  
    Oops I picked an answer 2 years ago  
    Bigger beard 2 years ago  
    Read by reading other people's minds after they read what I want to read 2 years ago  
    Oops I answered this 2 years ago  
    Hax I'll bring em back 2 years ago  
    Huh 2 years ago  
    Not an adult 2 years ago  
    Imma boy CYA 2 years ago  
    Huh 2 years ago  
    Don't watch either 2 years ago  
    Gamez 2 years ago  
    Imma kill him when he go free 2 years ago  
    Duuh 2 years ago  
    Spooky ghost POKEMIN befriend me 2 years ago  
    What if your best friend is a celebrity. 2 years ago  
    Wrong one 2 years ago  
    Oh hard one 2 years ago  
    13 yr olds... Illegal for me 2 years ago  
    You die either way 2 years ago  
    Never herd of dis 2 years ago  
    one of my superpowers would let me figure out everything 2 years ago  
    Dumb quackstion 2 years ago  
    US president is the most powerful man in the world 2 years ago  
    Grandma gives me presents 2 years ago  
    soda is so bad 2 years ago  
    MCDONALDS SUX 2 years ago  
    Just picked number one 2 years ago  
    prankster gangster 2 years ago  
    I'll have it all... ALL THE KNOWLEDGE... ALL THE BOOKS... THINK ABOUT IT 2 years ago  
    I never have either 2 years ago  
    nobody ever finds me 2 years ago  
    PEE CEE 2 years ago  
    oops wrong one 2 years ago  
    wrong one 2 years ago  
    Lol wut 2 years ago  
    Oops I meant all of em 2 years ago  
    ALL OF ME 2 years ago  
    wrong one 2 years ago  
    IM NOT A GOLD DIGGA 2 years ago  
    I alredy am a man 2 years ago  
    I'm a boy 2 years ago  
    Already picked invis b4. Plus this time it's not as obvious you ahold pick it 2 years ago  
    I take away pollution with magical powers from question b4! 2 years ago  
    Just picked friends cus I'm a kid, adult me might pick B 2 years ago  
    Too hard 2 years ago  
    WEIRD 2 years ago  
    This was a really good one. Btw the top comment that says girls rule and stuff sux that's sexist 2 years ago  
    NOOO WRONG ONE 2 years ago  
    I read too much, wanna take a break from it for a sec 2 years ago  
    Just picked gay marriage because I think no gay marriage is wrong, I truly really couldn't pick any of them 2 years ago  
    Who's kadafi 2 years ago  
    I was faaancy when I was 10 2 years ago  
    I just picked my gender, I didn't know what to say 2 years ago  
    Alaska rocks 2 years ago  
    Stop the animal abuse... Picked it for the puppies. But everybody else can stop pollution :3 2 years ago  
    Lol be a Steve Hawking 2 years ago  
    what do they mean by stand. I just picked the first one 2 years ago  
    Not giving up the ipad 2 years ago  
    I want friends at the time being 2 years ago  
    don't know superbowl 2 years ago  
    yas 2 years ago  
    Just get YouTube to play the soundtrack 2 years ago  
    hate showering. Lol I just picked the most irrational one 2 years ago  
    Just picked the one I didn't know for once... Portman 2 years ago  
    Make a new law that gives me the power to make more laws. Get rid of the dumb laws, and make cool ones! Win win 2 years ago  
    KINDA DEPENDS... 2 years ago  
    Smoke weed everyday! But srsly don't do drugs 2 years ago  
    CHEEEEEESE 2 years ago  
    Mental hot people... Don't like it. Plus, I'd be so guilty looking at insane ppl and stuff 2 years ago  
    Oops wrong one 2 years ago  
    Half the people picked A for b00bs probably 2 years ago  
    What's firefox 2 years ago  
    Change into myself but better 2 years ago  
    Don't drink soda 2 years ago  
    Picked pirate bcuz jack sparrow 2 years ago  
    Rather be suffering but make sure no others suffer by me. But, a lot of beggars are thieves?... 2 years ago  
    I'm a gangster 2 years ago  
    BIG FAT DOGE 2 years ago  
    DUMBLYDOR IS GANDALF 2 years ago  
    Lol I'm a kid so wuuut 2 years ago  
    I dunno I'm like a kid I picked random one or cooler one 2 years ago  
    I picked the first one because I was too lazy to read them and take the time to understand them. 2 years ago  
    Guys, I know it seems like I picked animals, but that was a mistake. ANIMAL TALKING WOULD SUCK, THEYRE TOO DUMB TO TALK PROPERLY. THIS IS REAL SCIENCE 2 years ago  

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