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I Love animals and I’m a fantasy person!

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Who would u date Sam or Dean 4 months ago 56 votes 5 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Be hungry forever or Be thirsty forever 4 months ago 80 votes 7 comments 0 likes

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Salt.... 5 months ago  
Whoever said yes is awful 5 months ago +1
I’m terrified of roaches 5 months ago  
Idk any of these 5 months ago  
*decorate 5 months ago  
I always decorTe 5 months ago  
Idh friends 5 months ago  
I Love to sing,it’s a personal hobby 5 months ago  
Cool 5 months ago  
Whoever chose a is a monster 5 months ago  
I’m a girl so win win 5 months ago  
Lol 5 months ago  
My Bio dad SUCKS my step dad tho...is awesome 5 months ago  
My friends mean everything to me 5 months ago  
I already did dis 5 months ago +2
I’m a night owl 5 months ago +2
Ask fam for help 5 months ago  
My mom 5 months ago  
I can still have my phone 5 months ago  
Hehehehe 5 months ago  
Lol I would ha e neither...then I saw “famous guy of choice” 5 months ago  
Wtf is that picture bruh 5 months ago  
I wanna charge my phone 5 months ago  
MONEY 5 months ago  
I just picked from the pics 5 months ago  
Yaaas SKYRIM RULES 5 months ago  
I a female sooooo win win 5 months ago  
Lol 5 months ago  
Tomato bath... 5 months ago +1
I’m already obnoxious...sometimes 5 months ago  
Cold and wet causes hypothermia.... 5 months ago  
Escalators are FUN 5 months ago  
That would actually be really cool 5 months ago  
None... 5 months ago +2
NEITHER 5 months ago  
*Agree 5 months ago  
Lol I aggre 5 months ago  
The water is salty,u would be invisible 5 months ago  
I a female so I win 5 months ago  
I weep everyday anyway,I is lonely 5 months ago  
I do that all the time 5 months ago  
I HATE clowns 5 months ago  
Head shot..killed without pain 5 months ago  
I’m already popular for my singing 5 months ago  
Bras are important.... 5 months ago  
I would like to be able to unlock my door plz 5 months ago  
Family comes first 5 months ago  
I already am smart! 5 months ago  
The monkey is soooo CUTE 5 months ago  
I have nightmares about drowning...No Thanks! 5 months ago  
More presents... 5 months ago  
I wear nothing but jeans 5 months ago  
I’m already a flipping owl 5 months ago  
Hehehehehe 5 months ago +1
Awwww still cute I have a one eyed cat 5 months ago +1
Food or my bf 5 months ago +1
Both 5 months ago  
Personality 80% looks 10% S.e.x 10% 5 months ago  
Imma freeze my enemies 5 months ago +1
Hehehehe “Oh,only one bed?” 5 months ago +1
:p 5 months ago  
I HATE soccer 5 months ago  
I’m insulted everyday... 5 months ago  
Butter is soooooooo goooooooood 5 months ago +4
Whoever chose A is Dumb af 5 months ago +2
I is a female 5 months ago  
FREEEE FOOOOOD 5 months ago  
Who the flip is Alex huebel 5 months ago  
Im a female 5 months ago  
I hate Pokémon 5 months ago +1
Lol 5 months ago  
Noooooo I wanted ggl 5 months ago  
Bugs r disturbing 5 months ago  
Lol 5 months ago  
Imma gurl 5 months ago  
I’ve eaten cat food before when I was like two 5 months ago  
Crap wrong one 5 months ago  
Worms aren’t crunchy...I think 5 months ago  
Both r disturbing 5 months ago  
Hehe me too 5 months ago  
Sorry but.... 5 months ago  
I can’t stand bugs 5 months ago  
Lol idk wat 5hese r 5 months ago  
I don’t like guitars... 5 months ago  
Flip u I’m mixed!!! 5 months ago  
Ew neither 5 months ago  
Both are amazballs 5 months ago  
Yaaaaas ppl 5 months ago  
I is a girl... 5 months ago  
I AM a girl 5 months ago  
So I can Give some to him 5 months ago  
I a girl 5 months ago  
Lol DART Vader 5 months ago  
I a girl... 5 months ago  
WTF that poor dog...THATS ANIMAL ABUSE 5 months ago  
The second option is extremely Disturbing !!!! 5 months ago  
I didn’t vote...... 5 months ago  
https://www.rrrather.com/view/22586#comment4465474 5 months ago  

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