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Welcome to the LiteralYUA account! I am a fujoshi/otaku human being and I am currently in the Yuri!!! on ICE fandom. I'd likely never get out of the fandom... I support the LGBTQ+ community and I am a huge yaoi shipper.

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    "All you need is love," ---The Beatles  
    I'm pan but being gay is fine lol  
    No it's DNA and genetics.  
    That's ironic.  
    HAIL HITLER haha im going to hell  
    My sister said "Harlem Style" lmaoooo  
    You can get AIDS if you are contaminated by someone with AIDS via blood, semen, vaginal fluids and breast milk.  
    What's the reason? There's literally no reason for "God" to create to separate sexes. We evolved and sexual identification is no excuse to criticise someone's sexuality. If anything, YOU'RE going to Hell for being hateful to people you don't even know. And you shouldn't be on the computer, because a gay man invented the computer and he fought in a war before he killed himself when they took him to a gay camp to get "fixed."  
    Don't forget the world is overpopulated.  
    You're taking away someone's rights because of their sexuality.  
    Don't insult gays, they're wonderful people. +2
    I don't want to see myself in the mirror anyway...  
    If I receive 1,000,000,000 dollars, then I could do the other.  
    I agree with you.  
    My sister's new toothbrush (it's still someone else's, right?!)  
    Goodbye, I'll miss you. Sorry that I'm about two years late. +1
    I'd run into someone I hate with my wheelchair and be like, "Sorry, didn't see you there."  
    I have no soul and I'm already short.  
    But they yodel at 3 A.M.  
    I'd be homeless so I don't get my butthole touched.  
    You can't become gay you're born gay darling.  
    If god hated gays, then why would they exist? Don't say it was the Satan's work because Satan doesn't care. If you actually put the time and energy to research why someone is gay you will find that is genetics and not choice.  
    Oh I see that you are against gay marriage. Tell me how it affects you personally.  
    Nice joke, but gay rights all the way.  
    The bible also stated that Adam and Eve had sex with their children, but I guess incest is okay?  
    You need to go get your grammar checked. You don't bring up the bible in this, it was written by man to control man under a belief of a man of someone you don't know exist.  
    Oh dear, history class...  
    Push them into the water 'cuz there are no rules  
    Did anyone else think about Persona 4 when the comment that the they wrote said "The sky is the limit!"  
    Last time I checked Pepsi wasn't a drug...  
    I clicked the second answer then I read the authour's comment and I just left it the way it is because I'm pansexual and my best friend is my crush.  
    I just want to see everyone else fail so I know that I'm not alone.  
    Aliens! Take me with you!  
    They spelled Micheal Jackson instead of Michael Jackson. +1
    I'd wish to be in an anime universe where I could jump from anime universe to another anime universe.  
    *Plays Marvin Gaye*  
    One thing about unicorns, you can be playing with it. And then all of a sudden, the unicorn accidentally stabs you with its horn. You die instantly.  
    9/11 because the Holocaust helped end the Great Depression and if we didn't have the Holocaust, then we'd still be in the depression.  
    Smart people lol  
    Just look at it this way, you only get free Starbucks for a year only, and you can get free iTunes music FOREVER.  
    I can't possibly do that, it's too cruel.  
    I'd give 1,000,000 to my family, 1,000,000 to charity, and 1,000,000 just for all the poor African families.  
    I can't be a doctor because if I mess up, the patient will die. And if I mess up as a lawyer, it won't be as bad as someone losing their life unless something extremely terrible happens.  
    I love both tattoos and piercings, yet I don't even have tattoos or piercings!  
    If you are tall, then being half your height isn't that bad.  
    Either way you'd be selfish.  
    You can be rich and famous like SOMEBODY...  
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