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I'm a 14 year old, easygoing, happy go lucky American guy. I like video games and Spaghetti(I'm Italian and French and Irish) books and automobiles. I'm shy and can be corny, but I am happy and I look at the glass half full. If your wondering from my comments, yes, my mom did die when I was 10 to ALS. Anyways, I also like writing. I'm a YouTuber (soon to be) in about a month(May 2014) I'm planning to post my first video on my channel SharpieSwichblade. I'll be doing things like gaming, vlogs, and the machinimas and podcasts and whatnot will be on a colaberation Channel not yet made. Comment, Rate, and Subscribe! Bye!

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    I feel that that option denies people of their human dignity, a God-given right  
    I know, right?  
    IM.... CATHOLIC! +2
    Y aren't u for gay marrige? People don't choose how they are made. U can't punish them for being themselves  
    Me already  
    Oops wrong one  
    Can and Mich (MOFY)  
    F u I'm not gay but wtf man?  
    Whats that 80s or 90s movie?  
    Bf=crush ; )  
    I think he's hotter, but I'm s guy  
    MEGA ABSOL! Or Absol, either way  
    F*ck what other people think  
    Never. Heard of 'em just picked the one with the naked people  
    Next person I see is either dad, gramma, or sister...  
    ANAKIN is caring, as he saves Luke  
    F 1d  
    I'm a guy, but #2 is hotter +1
    A hot girl would feel bad for me then we'd have sex ;D  
    Don't wanna get mugged...  
    At least Obama doesn't kill civilians, but that's about all that's better  
    I'm a guy ;D  
    Most things in school aren't needed in life  
    Me'a MARIO!  
    Hermione doesn't kill u if u do somehing wrang plus she's SO HOT  
    Already true :(  
    Then I couldn't take a car to the 1/4 mile  
    Money and no paperwork!  
    How about pull up THEN eject?  
    No school!  
    Don't real do hair or crap or real image cuz I'm a guy  
    Can't sing  
    After I get out I the coma some hot girl would feel back for me then we'd have sex  
    I'd wish for the things I want that are super expensive or can't be bought  
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