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    Hot Dog  
    Theres a difference?  
    Dont drink. But my classmates who are actually 14-15 do drink. Society disgusts me  
    Didnt pay attention to the actual person, my asnwer was based on the characteristics  
    Why is this in the tech section?  
    ive moved on to chrome. firefox sucks  
    the most boring colors and gray +1
    how old are you?  
    i hate both. but ill accept those fake tattoos thate hurt like crazy when trying to take them off your skin +1
    my stupid aunt takes me around. shes too poor so my parents pay her so she can drive us around. and we pay for her gas money, rent, and for ehr to drive us. shes stupid and i hate her +1
    im in between both. not hot and not really smart. but im okay at both  
    not diarrhea though  
    a hot dog  
    omg the pain!  
    i dont like the right pic. they killed a grolar bear, which is literally not cool :'(  
    cricket? you kidding me?  
    im using chrome  
    But kill your dream boyfriend? your a sick person  
    Los angeles.  
    doesnt matter, had sex  
    Ya its so sad. I really wish i could play :(  
    nice. i would play but my mom took away my PS3 and its so boring!  
    theres no divorce if their is no marriage. so if no marriage then there no either  
    $50,000 is way more than enough. all i would buy is an xbox and food. thats all  
    Working in groups is more fun and it goes by faster  
    Then why didnt you answer?  
    lol same  
    blackrosebeauty isnt very good +3
    get it zombies is fun  
    yea. add me. awesomedumplings  
    i use firefox and safari  
    Who wants to play zombies with me on black ops 2?  
    the hell with anime +1
    i already have a PS3 so i would like to have both  
    i cant party. im horrible with girls and i wont ever drink which ill be pressured to do +3
    Oh geez  
    I love meat but i would prefer fuit  
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