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    I'd be high asf XD 8 months ago  
    Oh hells yea, livin the life xD 8 months ago  
    Which seat do I take? XD 8 months ago  
    I've been friend-zoned back in 2015 anyways XD 8 months ago  
    Idgaf bout that. I'm only in it for the personality and happiness 8 months ago  
    Shit XD Didn't think of this 8 months ago  
    UNICORN!!! XD 8 months ago  
    I had no idea what the Holocaust was 8 months ago  
    Not leaving my internet XD 8 months ago  
    Who else hit last name XD 8 months ago  
    Same XD I feel so dead inside 8 months ago  
    Caribbean 8 months ago  
    True XD 8 months ago  

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    Awesome questions 5 questions 1 vote 8 months ago