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    does it matter  
    In soviet russia there is no room for love  
    In soviet russia you catch grandmother watching gay fetish movies +10
    In soviet russia Intel owns you +2
    In soviet russia womens beach volleyball watches you +5
    In soviet russia you turn your mother on +5
    In soviet russia love life fails you  
    In Soviet Russia Christiano prefers you +3
    yes it is  
    In Soviet Russia 5 puppies kill you  
    In Soviet Russia powers have you +1
    In Soviet Russia your pet gives up on you +5
    In soviet russia bodyguard wear a banana suit +1
    In soviet russia baby punts you +2
    In Soviet Russia Russian man marries you!  
    you can take the trash off of the candy  
    they are both equally retarded +5
    does it really matter +1
    beats have better sound  
    Xbox blows my dad +5
    I'd be very full  
    Pitbull would destroy Pikachu  
    it's electrifying +1
    Religion is too easy to talk about  
    Cartoons are cool +1
    Mike now or 25 years ago??? +3
    Jersey is full of a bunch of wannabes  
    does it really matter  
    FU*K OBAMA!!!! +2
    nobody in the US will choose Soccer +9
    break out the christmas lights b*tches +1
    who cares your dead anyway +2
    no I don't wanna be Peter Griffin +4
    they are both funny  
    I'd choose the test because tests are easy +2
    Oprah is the most powerful man in the country so duh I'd choose her +3
    they never said how long you had to sit on the grill and also never said wether or not you could protect yourself  
    I'm not asian so the dog is out of the question +1
    your right you'd eat the soul you fu*king GINGER!!!!!  
    I'd rather kill ppl +1
    we are all mentally handicapped in some way +9
    not if your driving 80 mph +1
    they are both loved by virgins across the world  
    I just killed 8 in my backyard  
    they are both BMWs and the black one is better +1
    why does it matter +2
    so either way your commiting suicide deaf +4
    everyone I know and love are already dead because I killed them  
    ya you could  
    what secrets???  
    whats the fu*king differance  
    hey sharkyy +2
    what does it matter your gonna be dead anyway +1
    HAIL HITLER!!!!!! +11
    AMERICA!!!!!!! +2
    reased up deaf guy  
    no you dont' +3
    puck because I'd be wearing a hockey mack  
    and don't forget free Diabetes  
    that would be weird as fu*k  
    I'd have fun it the Lobster tank +1
    does it really matter +1
    no it wasn't +1
    both are stupid as FU*K  
    FU*K THE ipad +4
    I gots crazy ninja skillz already +2
    if she was pregnant I would spend 9 months hoping the kid was BLACK because i'm white +4
    I WOULD!!!! +1
    I'm sorry but that's not football that is SOCCER!!!  
    Dogs are more dominent unless you have one of those pathetic small dogs  
    I'd try and get back together with my ex  
    Twitter??? they still have that???  
    I'm tired of having AIDS!!!  
    I believe I can fly...I believe I can touch the sky until I fall and hit the ground from a 22 story building +4
    Trains don't hit that hard  
    You can have facebook on your I phone +2
    Car accidents are fun +2
    getting rejected is half the fun the other half is going against restraining orders! +4
    too easy the horse sized duck!!  
    Ronald McDonald would rape you +3
    who cares???  
    who cares?  
    who cares? +2
    I dont' care who my fater is  
    who cares about scarring the litle children? +1
    How bout Jello shots +1
    Money will buy hookers! +3
    FU*K HEAVEN!!!! +2
    Bieber is not a man! +1
    what's the differance  
    already done both +1
    Einstein BITCHES! +1
    mmmm Bacon  
    Frog legs anybody???  
    I just saw Megan Fox DAMN YOU KARMA!!!!! +6
    face to face is better because you can tell them they suck to their faces  
    does it matter where you punch the car it's not gonna do that much damage +3
    ummm who cares?  
    umm who cares just as long as they aren't jumping borders into the USA  
    why is this even a question? +4
    hilbilly much??? +2
    you could cut the hair our of the doughnut  
    Neither matter +1
    I can tune out polka music if I lesten to HSM my eardrums will explode! +1
    whats so bad about ghosts  
    No kidding  
    sex si still awesome +1
    Sports are more important because they teach yo ulife lessons LOL  
    The Director gets better pay for doing nothing +3
    I'd rather watch LOL +4
    who cares?  
    actually they also have it in the Ukraine +2
    DIE ZOMBIES!!! +2
    they are both nonexistant  
    you mean lambo's are for wussy's  
    you mean the horse rides you  
    What kind of response is that??? +4
    so hoes or hoes +4
    Predator sounds like my neighbor  
    who cares?  
    appairently +1
    women can always get a job fakin orgasms with the guy below me!  
    you mean 5th story window +6
    you know that white basketball players are just there to keep the bench warm  
    your not Ron?  
    welcome to wal-mart get your sh*t and get out +6
    I'd be the tallest person either way  
    spanish women are HOT! +4
    I be that took a while to type +4
    Hookers love you for the right price! +5
    I've already had a ticket and it wasn't that bad  
    Jack Bitches! +3
    you can always buy hookers!  
    ha they said bang  
    YOU would still Have it dumbass  
    sombody likes giving Blow Jobs! +2
    yellow snow cones???  
    Micheal Jackson because he's still BLACK in the picture  
    Neither they both have queers as the lead character  
    I'm saying blue waffle because they have a pic of a BLUE waffle +1
    myself other person I really don't care  
    yum kitties  
    I already did earlier it wasn't that bad  
    my mom doesn't have her period lol  
    they both are delicious +30
    I have a question Who cares? +1
    Transporter has more balls  
    They both suck +1
    I know what you mean  
    no no it does not  
    I really don't care as long as chuck is still selling the coke under the counter +1
    whats the difference besides color  
    IT'S GOT A TURD IN IT!!! +5
    I can't stand my Bra it's always getting in the way  
    FU*K THAT!  
    LET'S PARTY!  
    Fu*k PETA +3
    I'm not Black so baseball +3
    who cares about me +2
    there is no difference +2
    you mean smaller +17
    Everythings bigger in Texas +3
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