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I am just a girl that loves rabbits and owns an adorable Dutch Rabbit named Max

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    I would kill the ones with problems and end the suffering.. 7 months ago  
    What if it was someone who I hate just standing next to me. Xd 7 months ago  
    I just don’t want rubbish filling up valuable space 7 months ago  
    It doesn’t say you die in this one! 7 months ago  
    I will die peacefully and painlessly with my rabbit and my family dying the same death so nobody has to suffer the sadness 7 months ago  
    If you take the drugs away this would be tru anyway.... don’t judge meh 7 months ago  
    Omg... CANIBALS 7 months ago  
    I will see everyone again in heaven 7 months ago  
    I’m a fat rabbit lover anyway. I will pretend to be a rabbit and forget my past of all those yummy meals.. cri 7 months ago  
    The front. The front. Please 7 months ago  
    I will find out my enimy’s future. Then pleasure myself knowing their sufferings 7 months ago  
    I guess bc my son is my pet rabbit he did something naughty that probs makes this true anyway. 7 months ago  
    I find out everyone’s secrets... 7 months ago  
    Oh yeah, and make them confess why 7 months ago  
    I already have one... but a rabbit not a human xd 7 months ago +1
    I wanna go back and find my best friend when she was at my primary school and skip primary school misery with fake friends. 7 months ago  
    This is fun! 7 months ago  
    I live in Australia and it has everything you Canada lovers have, and it’s not true that there’s animals trying to kill us, I have NEVER seen a dangerous animal. 7 months ago  
    That head is so different from the body 7 months ago  
    I will give rabbits carrots! And hold them properly not like others... 7 months ago  
    My grandpa’s birthday is Boxing Day. 7 months ago  
    Lol you dogs lovers are killing dogs now 7 months ago  
    Lose my friend to marry them! 7 months ago  
    I am a rabbit 7 months ago  
    My son is a rabbit. 7 months ago  
    My bff already loves me 7 months ago  
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