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    I pressed on the wrong one !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  
    if I am poor and my boyfriend is poor I don't care but as long as he has a rich heart inside but I don't want to have a boyfriend that is rich outside and shows off to everyone but inside his heart he is the poorest man in the world. Even poorer inside that the poor africans inside their heart  
    Just hear the bad news to make you sad and then when you are sad hear the bad news to cheer you up  
    Oh SHOOT!!!!!!!!!! I pressed on the wrong one  
    does anyone else get the joke that the author made  
    I pressed on the wrong one by accident  
    THEY SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  
    I HATE OREOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  
    you can concentrete more and you don't get distracted and get everything wrong because you were so distracted  
    is there no in the morning or at night or both  
    they didn't say you can't cut it and get rid of it  
    I looked it up and it's called the cannibal attack  
    I m scared if I dive and then someone swims above me and I drown because that is like my biggest fear  
    I know because I know  
    It will take a long time and some people coudn't handle and died  
    It not easy to start then stop  
    It never said it can be gossiping about good things  
    My granma is never annoying  
    if the gift is bad it still means they tried and cared about you  
    I'm lazy  
    I'm lazuu\  
    all that matters is that you are poor but rich inside  
    dogs will get dry in 10 seconds but fat men with bad breath won't get thiner and have good breath in 90 hours  
    penguins are cuter and not mean but monkeys are mean and are not cute  
    if you control the world you can do anything so who said you can't make a democracy  
    i want to know the date of my death and then I can tell my mum and dad to do everything before that date comes so that when the date comes they would have finished everything they wanted from and with me  
    that is the only thing that i like and i spend a lot of time on  
    i would rather lose my my keys not my cell phone  
    i would LOVE the poorest and i would even marry him if only he was rich inside not also poor  
    who said the rich one woud'nt be hot  
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