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    PLL forevs!!! I love the new episode 1, of season 6!!! 4 years ago  
    It was´nt Germanys fault, but Hitlers! 4 years ago  
    It´s because, all the morons who answer these questions, have only heard about Mozart!!! 4 years ago  
    The egg, because the first chicken ever probably hatched out of its egg which was layed by the first chicken's progenitors (which were creatures similar to the first chicken, but no chickens by themselves). Problem solved 4 years ago  
    I can always loose weight! 4 years ago  
    It didnt say that i couldnt get into a new relationship, but the other one says that you have too be forever alone!!! 4 years ago  
    Lambo, duh! 4 years ago  
    I want a lambo! 4 years ago  
    I hate Germany, and PS. I´ve been there like 100 times, and i´ve only been in Switzerland 20 times! 4 years ago  
    Every person have a skull, it did´nt say anything about the skull not having any skin!!! 4 years ago  
    I would like too say, that i have a mac, and it´s the best computer ever!!!!! 4 years ago  
    Imagine knowing fx. that earth was just your imaginasion!!! Would be terrible!!! 4 years ago  
    Not to be racist, but imagine how many jews there would be on earth if it did´nt happen... Earth would be a terrible place! Because there were so many people of course! 4 years ago  
    More people die from car accidents! 4 years ago  
    Could you seriously kill 100 puppies? Easier to kill 1 average baby! 4 years ago  
    Just because you´re the hottest does´nt mean that you don´t have too be smart! 4 years ago  
    If you´re famous, you have almost all the famous people become your best friend?! 4 years ago  

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