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    I'm turning 13 in like, 5 months!  
    I have an option A, but tons of option B, also.  
    Fvck you, kid. Call me an indyfag, you coksucker  
    Mtn Dew, biatch! XD  
    I'll be in jail in 10 minutes, but just say it quietly!  
    I like being a man! I'll stick to bein' manly. :D  
    I don't care! One caused 9/11 and the other caused a horrible health care!  
    Find facebook on Google, ironic. Misclicked, too.  
    I like golf. It's not fun watching it, but playing it? Hell ya! +1
    Wat? That can't be true. :/  
    Can't give up something I don't have! :D  
    I mean, it doesn't say "only once", but if it is, I'm down! :D  
    K, again with the loopholes.  
    It happens man! Probs won't happen anyway!  
    Rly? Okay... sure.  
    I just backed myself up... srsly? You didn't read my whole comment?  
    Bich... u get one or the other. Fuking call us idiots. Ur the f***ing retard.  
    Yea! And I'm poor anyways!  
    Bich that's on the computer 24/7 right here... ^  
    Naw ur not the only.  
    Ppl! Stop insulting others you pieces of f***ing shiz bull! I am so disgusted. Just believe your idea and stop critisizing others for their beliefs. Fukers  
    Love bein a guy! Fuk yea!  
    Right? It's awesome outdoors!  
    You're a smart man... :)  
    Ppl with f***ing loop holes. I say cockroaches, b/c when u think about it, they are hardened shells!  
    42 y/o? Better be a model. ;)  
    Shut up with the f***ing loop holes you dipshiz... >:(  
    Will people stop being shi*ty a$$ people getting a rise out of others?! :(  
    Ur not alone.  
    Yea! I mean going blind is horrible! Cant see ANYWHERE! :D  
    Um... BIG PIC, doesnt equal advertisment...  
    Any questions? A'ight moving on! +1
    You are retarded! Ppl always say this and it's not true! Kys you fag*ot  
    Saddening... child abuse...  
    My dad had a Burmese Python for a pet when he was in his early 20s. So I'd practically be following in my dad's footsteps!  
    Hey! It didn't say I can't have her star in a porno with me...  
    Love of my life! Plz! F family disaproval... :)  
    You're a retard! Fu*k you! Dic*  
    XD Person was High af  
    Finally! Someone knows something!  
    Develop a love for the hated person! Jezuz you people don't look on the bright side! :(  
    Thank you! Someone gets it!  
    Zombie Apocalypse would last for eons! World War III, probably 10 years! So Zombie Apocalypse 'cause of time.  
    Toy Story has more MEMES... XD  
    KITTENS!!! Plz! +1
    Well, the grandmother will have experienced a longer life! Don't judge statistics... :)  
    Lazy ass...  
    Both are money losing questions! XD  
    Sweet Jezuz!!! D:  
    O.o Im done with the blood questions...  
    1 shuriken will tear your ass in half!  
    Hiding gives you so many more opportunities! (I'm always the best hider.) XD  
    I'll stand my ground and do what I always do! ;)  
    Damn, hard one. But I'll stick to what I was chosen to be. ;)  
    You, my friend, are the retarded one. You realise that 90% of what you learn in school, isn't needed in the real world. :(  
    You sick bastard... XD  
    Where is the none button...?  
    Wow... retardad much? >:(  
    Good at something I hate, cuz I could develop a love for it! :D  
    Srsly? I'm not popular, but I fit in with pretty much everyone! It's a benefit!  
    Dude, it's $100, that's not bad... even for my poor ass.  
    Female, no doubt about it, no complaints. No one even try to debate it. +1
    Srsly? There is no way I'll choose dinner! At least it'll be QUIET in there for once! ;D  
    Dreamland, here I come! :D  
    Un-Tap plz? XD  
    Phone, sometimes I don't text what I think...  
    Poor animals...  
    Flashlight people! I LOVE dark and scary places! XD  
    Yea... no doubt...  
    You guys... srsly? YOUR WORST ENEMY?!?!  
    Damn... just befriend them! Plus, you have a bigger chance of survival that way! :)  
    Yeah, I'd rather  
    Well, I mean, I see stuff all the time, so it wouldn't make a difference...  
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