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Would you rather Be a worm? or Be a wolf? 2 years ago 63 votes 7 comments 0 likes
Would you rather? Bang your blood cousin for $100 or Bang your sister for $1,000,000 2 years ago 28 votes 9 comments 0 likes
Would you rather? Eat crap once a week for a year? or Makeout with your mom for a week? 2 years ago 27 votes 8 comments 0 likes

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I know, but I don't have any worm pics and snakes are close relatives of worms. 2 years ago  
Misclick, thought it said YouTube... XD 2 years ago +1
I'm turning 13 in like, 5 months! 2 years ago  
WTF? 2 years ago  
I have an option A, but tons of option B, also. 2 years ago  
No. 2 years ago  
Run. 2 years ago  
It says head AND upper body, so I have a 50/50 of geting hit in the stomach, or the head! And I just wrote all that when I know I'm not getting noticed for explaining statistics! XD 2 years ago +5
Where's the LA Lakers? XD 2 years ago  
Lol 2 years ago  
Btw, the option B is my dog, Silas. 2 years ago  
Fvck you, kid. Call me an indyfag, you coksucker 2 years ago  
Mtn Dew, biatch! XD 2 years ago  
I'll be in jail in 10 minutes, but just say it quietly! 2 years ago  
I like being a man! I'll stick to bein' manly. :D 2 years ago  
I don't care! One caused 9/11 and the other caused a horrible health care! 2 years ago  
Find facebook on Google, ironic. Misclicked, too. 2 years ago  
I like golf. It's not fun watching it, but playing it? Hell ya! 2 years ago +1
Yep! 2 years ago  
Wat? That can't be true. :/ 2 years ago  
XP is earrape... so bad. XD 2 years ago  
Yea. 2 years ago  
Hey. Don't we all make that sound!? XD 2 years ago  
... if it's yours, you're paying for it. What the hell do you mean, "you don't have to pay"? 2 years ago +5
It's his rrrather acount name f***er, take a joke. 2 years ago  
Can't give up something I don't have! :D 2 years ago  
No. 2 years ago  
Dislike! 2 years ago  
I mean, it doesn't say "only once", but if it is, I'm down! :D 2 years ago  
K, again with the loopholes. 2 years ago  
It happens man! Probs won't happen anyway! 2 years ago  
Lol 2 years ago  
Rly? Okay... sure. 2 years ago  
I just backed myself up... srsly? You didn't read my whole comment? 2 years ago  
Bich... u get one or the other. Fuking call us idiots. Ur the f***ing retard. 2 years ago  
Horror! Bois! Luv it! 2 years ago  
Yea! 2 years ago  
Yea! And I'm poor anyways! 2 years ago  
Bich that's on the computer 24/7 right here... ^ 2 years ago  
Naw ur not the only. 2 years ago  
Ppl! Stop insulting others you pieces of f***ing shiz bull! I am so disgusted. Just believe your idea and stop critisizing others for their beliefs. Fukers 2 years ago  
Yea! 2 years ago  
Love bein a guy! Fuk yea! 2 years ago  
Right? It's awesome outdoors! 2 years ago  
You're a smart man... :) 2 years ago  
Ppl with f***ing loop holes. I say cockroaches, b/c when u think about it, they are hardened shells! 2 years ago  
Milf! 2 years ago  
42 y/o? Better be a model. ;) 2 years ago  
I am option 2 considering I'm 12... XD 2 years ago  
It'll be porn! XD 2 years ago  
:/ 2 years ago  
Shut up with the f***ing loop holes you dipshiz... >:( 2 years ago  
I chose B, because Quinn is my name... XD 2 years ago  
Thnx! U understand my point PERFECT! XD 2 years ago  
Man, I'm 12 and I masturbate at LEAST once a week... XD 2 years ago +1
Will people stop being shi*ty a$$ people getting a rise out of others?! :( 2 years ago  
Ur not alone. 2 years ago  
Yeeeeeeeeeeeeee 2 years ago  
26 hours... :D 2 years ago  
Tnx! :D 2 years ago  
You look like you've murdered before. You probably murdered Michael Jackson... (The Singer! OK?) 2 years ago  
The pacer test... 2 years ago  
Yea, misclick on my part... 2 years ago  
You are a retard 2 years ago  
SPAM! 2 years ago  
7 Day Veagan Challenge baby! Solves all yo problems! XD 2 years ago  
Pee on the person with the sting. It doesnt only work for sea urchins... :D 2 years ago  
Yea! I mean going blind is horrible! Cant see ANYWHERE! :D 2 years ago  
JUMP FOR IT! XD 2 years ago  
... XD 2 years ago +1
That's like asking, what would you rather do? Die or live? :D 2 years ago +3
MW2 came first, meaning worse graphics, because later games, mean upgrades! (In graphics, sound quality, etc.) 2 years ago  
https://www.rrrather.com/view/296#comment3931936 2 years ago  
Yea! 2 years ago  
Um... BIG PIC, doesnt equal advertisment... 2 years ago  
Ha! Same here brother! 2 years ago  
As long as the ass is big, and she's a nerd, I'm in! 2 years ago  
Wat are you, retarded? That is the shtiest loophole I've ever seen, EVER. 2 years ago  
Fuk u ppl... spelling error, BIG FUKING DEAL! 2 years ago  
Dim lighting, plz! 2 years ago +1
Any questions? A'ight moving on! 2 years ago +1
Fooking wow... u ppl are dumbasses! (94 percent) 2 years ago  
Two Words- DAT ASS... 2 years ago  
Learn to love the girl that loves you! Ppl just don't get it... 2 years ago  
Srsly, f***ing sht... 2 years ago  
You are retarded! Ppl always say this and it's not true! Kys you fag*ot 2 years ago  
https://www.rrrather.com/view/2930#comment3931838 2 years ago  
I'd do the Michael Jackson twist move! XD 2 years ago  
Katherine... has glasses, looks hot... and same with me! I'd bang her! 2 years ago  
Saddening... child abuse... 2 years ago  
I'm already at option 2 irl! And I'm happy! 2 years ago  
My dad had a Burmese Python for a pet when he was in his early 20s. So I'd practically be following in my dad's footsteps! 2 years ago  
Lazy a$$ madafaka get off your a$$ and live life! 2 years ago  
And sex with a dog...? HELL NAW! 2 years ago  
Man... hard choice, but having sex with your sister/bro is legal... 2 years ago  
Hey! It didn't say I can't have her star in a porno with me... 2 years ago  
Love of my life! Plz! F family disaproval... :) 2 years ago  
XD 2 years ago  
Thank you! XD 2 years ago  
And your a sexist bastard! End of story! :( 2 years ago  
You're a retard! Fu*k you! Dic* 2 years ago  
XD Person was High af 2 years ago  
Finally! Someone knows something! 2 years ago  
Develop a love for the hated person! Jezuz you people don't look on the bright side! :( 2 years ago  
XD 2 years ago  
Thank you! Someone gets it! 2 years ago  
O.o 2 years ago  
Zombie Apocalypse would last for eons! World War III, probably 10 years! So Zombie Apocalypse 'cause of time. 2 years ago  
I can dodge faster than a bullet, a bodybuilder has nothing on me! :D 2 years ago  
BABY SHAMPOO! XD 2 years ago  
Toy Story has more MEMES... XD 2 years ago  
KITTENS!!! Plz! 2 years ago +1
WTF... XD I have no clue... 2 years ago  
Well, the grandmother will have experienced a longer life! Don't judge statistics... :) 2 years ago  
It is, blood rushes down from your head to fast, and then you get a SPLITTING HEADACHE... XD 2 years ago  
Lazy ass... 2 years ago  
Both are money losing questions! XD 2 years ago  
Sweet Jezuz!!! D: 2 years ago  
O.o Im done with the blood questions... 2 years ago  
Neither! Nope, Nope, Nope Nada, Nope! XD 2 years ago  
Um... who chose option A? This is a no brainer! XD 2 years ago  
1 shuriken will tear your ass in half! 2 years ago  
Romans SUX! They literally kick everyone of their land! 2 years ago  
My pjs are usually just a t-shirt and sweatpants, but I'm lazy... soooooooo... 2 years ago +1
Hiding gives you so many more opportunities! (I'm always the best hider.) XD 2 years ago  
I'll stand my ground and do what I always do! ;) 2 years ago  
Damn, hard one. But I'll stick to what I was chosen to be. ;) 2 years ago  
XD 2 years ago  
You, my friend, are the retarded one. You realise that 90% of what you learn in school, isn't needed in the real world. :( 2 years ago  
You sick bastard... XD 2 years ago  
I'd be scarred for LIFE. XD 2 years ago  
Where is the none button...? 2 years ago  
Srsly... 2 years ago  
People are retardad... 2 years ago  
Wow... retardad much? >:( 2 years ago  
Retard... 2 years ago  
Good at something I hate, cuz I could develop a love for it! :D 2 years ago  
Wow... 2 years ago  
Srsly? I'm not popular, but I fit in with pretty much everyone! It's a benefit! 2 years ago  
Meh... you people. 2 years ago  
Dude, it's $100, that's not bad... even for my poor ass. 2 years ago  
Difference, plz? 2 years ago  
Female, no doubt about it, no complaints. No one even try to debate it. 2 years ago +1
Srsly? There is no way I'll choose dinner! At least it'll be QUIET in there for once! ;D 2 years ago  
You people disgust me... I have black hair, but Jesus... 2 years ago  
Dreamland, here I come! :D 2 years ago  
Un-Tap plz? XD 2 years ago  
Phone, sometimes I don't text what I think... 2 years ago  
Poor animals... 2 years ago  
Flashlight people! I LOVE dark and scary places! XD 2 years ago  
Yea... no doubt... 2 years ago  
You guys... srsly? YOUR WORST ENEMY?!?! 2 years ago  
Damn... just befriend them! Plus, you have a bigger chance of survival that way! :) 2 years ago  
Yeah, I'd rather 2 years ago  
Well, I mean, I see stuff all the time, so it wouldn't make a difference... 2 years ago  
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