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    Cancer already has treatments and cures that the government won't release. Sure, cure cancer, only to have the government take it away.  
    No. Some people don't know they have an STD.  
    I can do big time deals and pull off half a million every few months in natural weed and cocaine.  
    To me it's a plain and simple question. Kill 1 living thing, or 100 livings things.  
    Wrong is an opinion.  
    I could kill a Piranha +1
    With what weapon?  
    Super Saiyan can destroy planets by pointing nuff said  
    Kendrick Lamar +3
    3000 miles = taller than my country good luck.  
    She gon' die soon anyway.  
    My dad means nothing to me anyway.  
    Bum = too lazy to try and work.  
    Blake Lively  
    I don't care. Ferrari  
    Less people in 1800's America. Easier to escape.  
    There is another question on this site that asks would you rather be human or animal, so if I'm an animal it's okay anyway :D  
    Swap the Asians into answer two. Makes more sense.  
    Already had a taste of both.  
    Doesn't say I can't have a healthier pudding than the one in the picture.  
    The creator is a vegan.  
    The force...  
    Sex is harder on a Jet.  
    It says take the blame for a friend. It doesn't say your friend was actually guilty.  
    Tried mac. GUI = confusing and not responsive. CPU power needed just to run OS = excessive. Lack of compatibility = why the even?  
    Easy sex  
    Wait to drift into another galaxy. Wander around until an intelligent life form evolves. Tell them I am an immortal God. Tell them to once they have the technology to give me 100 hot wives. When 1 dies make another. When sun explodes drift until I find another galaxy.  
    ...french sluts  
    I don't care if I'm a dude, that dress looks hot. +61
    Men are fine with no hair anywhere. Bald head bald balls = awkwardly attractive baby/man  
    Green apples are worse for psychological issues. They have more acidic content too.  
    Grab chicken kill chicken problem solved :)  
    People who correct people on irrelevant things just shut up. Who cares about people typing stupid.  
    I've lived my whole life without much money anyway. If I don't win, it doesn't change anything. 5 times or nothing.  
    Either way someone is gonna kill me.  
    One last date with perfect breath?  
    Both are women.  
    I'd rather spend my life being happy rather than deal with more stress from schooling. I can make alternatives.  
    Seeing the future would be good too. I could see if that answer was marked correctly.  
    Not all Atheists believe in the Big Bang theory. Most of us actually just don't care... idiot. Just goes to show how aware you are of Atheism and what it actually is.  
    I could still have a penis. Glue doesn't have a penis. +1
    Yes. But if you don't struggle drowning is like falling asleep. Source: Survived drowning  
    vrum vrum  
    I don't care. I like highway road trips. I want to spend the next 12 years travelling around America.  
    An Acoustic guitar could use an electric simulator with any volume above 2.  
    Greed is not bad. The way you obtain it is. That's the difference.  
    If you are famous, you can earn lots of money. If you are rich, people will know about you and you will become famous.  
    Sure. In some aspects. But first of all, we can never be too sure until we've experienced both. I personally believe life would be easier as a woman. Although you get period pains and women's health related issues, men have health issues too. Without going into detail from all the different situations, you cannot escape the majority of issues presented with being a woman, because the same or similar issues are presented with being a man. We are all humans that get treated badly. We are all mortal.  
    My family doesn't care about me anyway. Negligent mother and psychopathic father. Both deserve a fate worse than death.  
    I'd tell them anyway. I'm just like "Hey. I thought you should know that I think you're really pretty and I was wondering if you wanted to hang out with me on Saturday?"... works almost every time. Confidence is key.  
    Why does trust look like a bunch of naked bodies around someone's hairy back? Very trustful orgy.  
    I've never had a serious relationship. Topic over now let's get on with favourite movies.  
    Marry a Horse and everyone hates you. Marry and hot guy and everyone likes you. Stupid question.  
    Starting to sound like adults version of The Wizard of Oz. +1
    Like means respect, respect means like. Both get you laid. +1
    I'd probably tell everyone first anyway. I'm just like "Yesh I think she's amazing wbu?"  
    Nothing works faster than speed. Party all night... and all day... and all night...  
    Mike Tyson I would go down nice and quick. Just make it fast Mikey.  
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