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    lololololol 6 years ago  
    really 6 years ago  
    failures 6 years ago +1
    during reading class 6 years ago +2
    heck yeah 6 years ago  
    you smell that bi** 6 years ago +1
    9 months later 6 years ago +2
    happing to me right now anyways 6 years ago +1
    catholic talking 6 years ago +5
    i don't like that feeling 6 years ago  
    i need my arm room 6 years ago  
    look down there 6 years ago  
    easier life and i am a gentleman 6 years ago  
    i love the redhead 6 years ago  
    *freedom song plays* 6 years ago +1
    may the odds be in ur favor 6 years ago  
    yeah i'm drinking and driving 6 years ago  
    the old guy always wins 6 years ago +1
    At least i had it my way 6 years ago +1
    me smart with money 6 years ago  
    9 months later 6 years ago  
    U go bro 6 years ago  
    already seen one BURN 6 years ago  
    piggy 6 years ago  

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