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    make a sand rectangular prism and stick an ipad onto it 6 years ago  
    im not high spiders actually have thoselong as its not poisonous and doesnt have those needle-sharp throwing hairs (tarantulas have those) 6 years ago  
    somebody better not f**king say yolo 6 years ago +1
    i like to turn around 6 years ago  
    **kick** oooh right in the destroyers of future america (if you know what i mean) 6 years ago +1
    assasinator time :3 6 years ago  
    only because of the name 6 years ago  
    peaches rot 6 years ago +1
    this might not be so long as i stll got morals 6 years ago +4
    your soul? never heaard of it 6 years ago +2
    already have that 6 years ago +1
    get all dem b*tches with my poetic stylings :3 6 years ago  
    just a side note, if something isnt bolted tight enough or you dont get enough electricity, you'd be sitting there in excrutiating pain for up to 120 seconds 6 years ago +8
    he looks at that sparkly fairy a lot more than 6 years ago +1
    easy fix: did you know that i think (insert sentence here)? 6 years ago +1
    i run really slowly 6 years ago  
    well if they can only go twice a week, might as well lol 6 years ago  
    would make a great pet 6 years ago +2
    oh thats not pee, thats my...uh...automatic croch cleaner 6 years ago +1
    i strictly forbid...oh wait this is america...pssh who cares :3 6 years ago  
    it is physically and psychologically for each and every person to be equal (aka same) in each and every mesurable aspect. IF that were so, everyone would have to be clones who does the exact same thing at the exact same time and in terms of freedom, everyone would have to be able to have acess to the exact same quantity of everything, right down to the last micron 6 years ago  
    would i rather what? 6 years ago +3
    whateve makes me happier :) 6 years ago  
    this is going to be *puts on shades* one hell of a ride YEEEEEEEA! 6 years ago  
    losing 1 brain cell = permanent brain damage 6 years ago +8
    alpacas are freaking awwesome 6 years ago +6
    there is so much bias in this question that is is halarious 6 years ago +2
    imma leave that much money on the sidewalk for you to "find" and see who da f*&* 6 years ago  
    anarchy ftw 6 years ago  
    b*tch can breath muthaf**king fire 6 years ago +2
    your muscles and skin will also begin to tear from your bones 6 years ago  
    could say the same about your brain 6 years ago +2
    sh*t clicked the wrong thing D: 6 years ago  
    yes im sure that it was your true love who created you and raised you up to be ther person you are today... 6 years ago  
    until they die too 6 years ago +4
    you could also start randomly doing something else very fast, if you know what i mean... 6 years ago +3
    power of mind control and use it on every rich guy in the world... 6 years ago +1
    last time i checked, they sold jellyfish meat in the supermarkets... 6 years ago  
    do it all the time :3 6 years ago  
    the was whould you rather eat... 6 years ago  
    my gf is someone else :) 6 years ago  
    didnt say how big the bar had to be :) 6 years ago  
    time to convince my parents to adopt an orphaned supermodel :3 6 years ago  
    dick hole could be refering to yours, if you know what i mean... 6 years ago  
    already ate a little piece of crap: my friend's cooking 6 years ago  
    time to get the neuralyzer... 6 years ago the form of cyanide pills :) 6 years ago  
    lets see you say that after giving a cat a bath 6 years ago  
    but you have to work for it... 6 years ago  
    only because i dont live in the US :3 6 years ago  

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